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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I didn't think Dual Destines was bad, but there's something kind off about it IMO. I doesn't quite feel like a Phoenix Wright game and the last case, while good, pales in comparison to the previous last cases.

    I actually liked Apollo Justice much better. It had a really dark feel to it and I though the last case with the painting studio and what not (I think it's called Turnabout Succession) was so mysterious and eerie.
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  2. Very much looking forward to getting back into one of the very best video game series ever created later this week

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  3. Subnautica 60FPS on PS5 and ME:LE on the same day. Productivity I don’t know her
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  4. Ni No Kuni is literally beating my ass ugh
  5. For a game that holds your hand so much and basically constantly tells you what to do, the actual battles were surprisingly difficult at times.
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  6. Completed Ghost of Tsushima and really enjoyed it considering I'm not the biggest fan of open world games! I grew quite attached to Jin by the end and the combat was a lot of fun once you unlocked certain skills etc.

    I loved both the serene moments in the game and the gore - more please!
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  7. Have I just spent 10 days of holidays replaying Witcher 3 even though I platinumed it 5 years ago? Absolutely.
  8. I really need to play it one day. I did try it out few years ago but stopped because I needed to finish something else. How huge it is and the fact that I didn't understand how leveling up works kind of stops me from going back to it but I do enjoy the lore, I actually read the books recently and I really like the Netflix series so I am sure I will go back to it eventually.
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  9. I have snatched Persona 4 on recent stream sale and this is my proper first J-RPG and im loving it a lot. I have done the first dungeon and im completely hooked on the story. I dont really like turn based combat but this is fine, mostly because how cool personas and their abilities look.
  10. New DualSense colors incoming. I've been looking to play It Takes Two and this might be what finally motivates me to buy the required second controller.

    EDIT: I'm a clown and just pre-ordered the artificially higher-priced red color.

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  11. Not me snagging the controllers before the console.

    Hopefully this means a “Midnight Black” PS5 is on the horizon as well.
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  12. But we need new console colours @Sony
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  14. I'm so freaking perched for Mass Effect, even though I played every of the 3 games like 10 times each. The pricing is a bit high though, but I'm not sure I will be able to hold out until a discount.
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  15. I'm perched too. I've been thinking about which class I'm gonna play as these last couple of days. Might go for Engineer this time, as my main playthroughs were as Infiltrator, Soldier and Adept if I recall correctly. I'm tempted to play on nightmare too, but then I remember how the Citadel DLC final boss was insanely hard on nightmare and made me have to change the difficulty after beating 95% of the game, and now I'm not so sure. I don't think it seems overpriced at all given it's three games, plus all the DLC, all with tons of improvements, to the point the first ME almost looks like a different game.
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  16. Now make a black PS5 you bloody idiots.
  17. Yeah, but at the same time these aren't remakes, only remasters of the 14-10 year old games.
  18. True, but they are more than just simple remasters, especially ME1. I do think for example Nintendo charging full price for three Mario ports without any real improvements was definitely overpriced, but in this instance it seems like a reasonable price considering all the improvements and the amount of content you're getting.
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  19. I will gladly buy this if it means they'll make another Mass Effect game that isn't Andromeda.
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  20. Oh there's going to be ME5 just like there will be a DA4. Bioware learned their lesson about branching off.
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