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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I didn't even play the DLC the first time around, so I'm excited for that.
  2. None of it? The series had a lot of really great ones, you're in for a treat.
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  3. Me making my character Adept for the 5th time in a row

  4. No I came into the series late actually, as the first three had already been released when I started. I just never got around to tracking down any of DLC packages, so this will be a nice new experience.

    I also love that they've upgraded the character creation which is one of my favorite aspects of video games in general and being able to carry that creation through the whole series is going to be lit.
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  5. My Shepard to the whichever ME1/2 heterosexual love interests I end up picking as soon as I start ME3 and Kaidan becomes available

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  6. Playing as anyone other than FemShep...can’t relate
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  7. Why not both? In BioWare games I usually pick a male protagonist first and then a female on the next playthrough or vice versa, the games are meant to be played multiple times so no reason not to do that (no denying the FemShep voice acting is miles better though).

    One thing I've never managed to do despite playing the ME games a bunch of times is go for Renegade instead of Paragon. I've tried it, but I always give up before long. Being an asshole to everyone for no good reason just doesn't sit right in my spirit.
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  8. The voice acting in general is timeless. Even someone like Captain Anderson, who I became so engrossed in that when the actor who I had never seen before in my life showed up on a TV show I shockingly was able to instantly recognize him from the video game I hadn't played in years prior - just from his voice.
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  9. The way Subnautica PS5 upgrade removed my 25 hours save file.

  10. Adept is the gayest class in Mass Effect series.

    Adept > Vanguard > other tech / bio class >>>>> Soldier

    Also, now there’s a chance that ME3 Multiplayer can be included later on, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do decide to release full next gen version some time in the future. I’ve probably played the entire series like, 4 times already so I’m not in rush to play it right now so I might actually wait for that one.
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  11. See, I usually play this games making the decisions as I would do in real life, meaning that I would be closer to Paragon. Still, I've never knew until recently, that apparently very little number of people overall played as Renegade. I kinda get it, but I wouldn't equal playing Renegade to being an asshole, it's more in lines of being ruthless to me. At first glance some major decisions can feel like you're just being a dick, but I believe that Bioware managed to make them look like two sides of a coin and sprinkle in information that suggest that not one decision is truly the "correct" one.
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  12. This is iconic but
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  13. I caved in and bought Mass Effect, dddd.
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  14. Doraemon: Story of Seasons is on sale on EU PSN for only €12.49 and I'm very tempted. The artstyle is beautiful.
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  15. I'm so excited for Mass Effect arrive. I'm thinking Soldier for 1 so I never have any reason to use the Space Racist, then boss 2 and 3 as my main man Vanguard charing around like a biotic cannonball.
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  16. The DLC to Valhalla is so pricey, what on earth. Is Ubisoft just super greedy or are DLCs normally this expensive?!
  17. $24.99 is about standard for standalone DLC, as it will have many hours of additional gameplay. The 'season pass' at $39.99 covers all current and future DLC content, so if you plan to play them all it could save you alot of money. There will probably be at least one more big DLC if not more.
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  18. More leaks seem to have Starfield on lock for the end of the year which means The Elder Scrolls VI is next for major Bethesda RPGs hopefully
  19. Nn the way my faith in Bethesda has absolutely plummeted in the last decade. Like hopefully Starfield and ESVI are good, but I certainly won’t be holding my breath.
  20. Can't wait for Bethesda to announce their games as only PC and Xbox, leaving me unable to play them....
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