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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I think it’s been like pretty much confirmed it’s PC and Xbox exclusive going forward outside of existing deals made prior to the Zenimax acquisition. So Elder Scrolls Online/Fallout 76 will stay multi platform, Indiana Jones and Deathloop/Ghostwire Tokyo as well.

    It might not be too bad anyways if xCloud roles out smoothly as they’d be playable via the Cloud on other devices; not ideal, but another option and fairly low risk when there’ll all be on Game Pass anyways.

    I’m hoping that Obsidian’s Elder Scrolls looking one turns out well now they’ve got more budget, New Vegas with dragons would slap a bit
  2. Watching my man play mass effect

    I have no prior knowledge of the games nn

    the geth kinda ugly huh?
  3. I got it for the Switch for a similar price recently and I definitely recommend it. Very charming and enjoyable game, I always have a hard time getting into farming games but that one actually managed to hook me.
  4. I haven’t gamed in a long time but I just bought an Xbox S with a game pass. Does anyone have game recommendations for it ?
  5. I think the Paragon/Renegade system could have been done a bit better, there really isn't any reason not to go all Paragon or all Renegade other than role-playing, since that's what's most beneficial gameplay-wise, and going all Renegade just seems like... a lot. It feels like there's never really any reason to pick the "middle" option too. Something like the Dragon Age 2/3 dialogue system is definitely better, since there there's a bit more depth to that than just picking between the "good" and "bad" options.
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  6. Kinda, yeah, but at the same time there are situations that can be resolved only by having a lot of Paragon or Renegade points, like Miranda/Jack fight, for instance. I adore the system of rivalry in DA2, especially since no one will walk out on you, since it boils down to just both parties not sharing the same views on the situation.
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  7. Is it the Series S or just the standard Xbox One?

    For a good idea of like stuff to play I’ll kinda break down stuff I’ve enjoyed and give you a variety.

    Exclusives: Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Halo Master Chief Collection. These are all like amazing and Gears 5 is honestly such a showcase game it looks incredible and plays amazing.

    Gay ass cause we stan the genre here RPGs: Dragon Quest XI S, NieR Automata, Outriders, and you have your Skyrim’s, your Fallouts etc.

    in terms of smaller games there’s so many; Undertale, Outer Wilds, Dead Cells, Tetris Effect, Subnautica.

    Oh and GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 are on there now too.

    Honestly’s one of the best things in gaming right now and they add new games roughly twice a month and usually give good enough notice of when stuff is leaving that you can play it if you really want. And there’s no risk if you don’t like something! I’ve barely really scratched the surface here so take a few risks on interesting looking games
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  8. Omg thank you soo much!! This is amazingly helpful.

    I have the S series and it’s all a bit confusing as the last console I played was the 360 back in like 2006.

    I’ve downloaded crash bandicoot and Tomb raider to begin with (for the nostalgia) but the ones you’ve suggest all sound really good. Gonna check them out!! Red Dead redemption sounds like it might be up my street
  9. I was able to snatch a used PS Vita Slim for a decent price, gonna help so much with my retro backlog. Fingers crossed I won't brick it while modding it.
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  10. The Series S is such a great little machine. Especially with lots of games getting frame rate boosts (Shadow of the Tomb Raider being one of them!). And all the new Microsoft developed games will be straight on Game Pass which is hype
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  11. It's such a perfect device once you finish modding it. It's feels more portable than a Switch thanks to the size, but you still have two analog sticks so it's a step up from a PSP. And having a lot of the PS1 catalog available (legally too!) is such a monstrous bonus feature.

    I've been playing mine a lot again recently. I'd recommend a grip if you can get one online.
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  12. Mass Effect Legendary Edition getting a 11GB launch update, and another 11GB update today


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  13. EA consistently needing to deliver substantial updates instead of just giving a finished product on release.
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  14. I've beaten both Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal when they came out, and yet it was only today I realised Caroline & Justine's hats spell "OXYMORON"

  15. Ff apparently same! The Velvet Room really said

  16. Wait...what...?
    Neither did I until reading this post!
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  17. PS5 performance patch available now for The Last of Us Part 2:

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  18. Anyone else hyped for this? They announced it years ago but it wasn't really on my radar until a month or two ago.. I think maybe someone here brought it up some weeks back?
    Comes out next week. Looks fun. Pewd*epie did a 4 hour livestream of it that I suffered through a bit of and it does look pretty fun.
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