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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. There…was no point to the Capcom conference.
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  2. "So that's a wrap"

  3. Is this the worst E3 in recent history?

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  4. It’s not been a good E3 but they’ve been clear this is to get the show back broadcasting before it’s proper return next year. We’re in a pandemic that has massively affected global development.

    If Nintendo do a good job tomorrow then 2/3 main big hitters will have had great shows (obvs Sony haven’t turned up). We’ve had years where we’ve been lucky to have 1/3 deliver ddd
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  5. Useless stream but Monster Hunter Stories 2 continues to look like an incredible JRPG serve for the Switch.
  6. It's all been kind of downhill since all the big companies stopped caring about even really having a conference. They seem so indifferent on it. Which is a shame because it's a pretty hype event if they have things to show off.
    Glad Sony didn't waste my time, when clearly if they had anything to show they'd be there.
  7. I’m sure Sony have things to show but it’s a safer bet holding their own event or more in depth looks at titles than showing their entire hand at once.

    it’s a bit weird that 2 of the big PS5 exclusives this year are from Bethesda ha
  8. The Microsoft conference was a bit of a serve to be fair so I’ll call E3 a success if Nintendo doesn’t fumble their conference (though I’m sure they will nn). Lots of good looking indies at the smaller showcases as well.
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  9. Just gimme the Switch Pro please.
  10. I am interested in that interactive adventure 12 Minutes but it sucks it isn't available on Playstation. I will wait to see if it gets a release in the future, but if not, hopefully my laptop will be able to handle the game.
  11. Not the Dead by Daylight Racoon City stage getting pulled as soon as it was released. A mess. And I’m here for it.
  12. The line-up of exclusives for Switch that I'm interested in keeps on growing... perhaps when Switch Pro is released.
  13. "Hades" comes out for the current consoles in August. YAS. Soon everybody is going to be converted.
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  14. He


    Oh wait, I thought that direct was Nintendo's E3?
  15. Guilty Gear Strive really is going to be That Girl of this year's fighting game releases, huh?

    It's like Street Fighter 5 but 1) not boring as shit and 2) not sanitized for eSports.

    A shame that Granblue Fantasy Versus never got its time in the sun due to COVID and terrible netcode, but GG Strive is fantastic and I'm happy for the success. Also, poor Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown for releasing 2 weeks before this.
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  16. new Hellblade 2 teaser. No concrete gameplay but so excited to see what they do with it
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  17. The way this game is looking even more amazing with each reveal. The use of colour for each member in the party is truly a chef kiss moment. I’ve never played Tales series before but the art direction of this entry alone is enough to make me play it.
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  18. It's been a while since I've been this excited about a new release.
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  19. Screaming
  20. Tales is a fantastic and very underrated series, so I love seeing Arise grabbing the attention of people who have never played a Tales game before. It really does look excellent, and I hope it manages to bring the series to a new audience.
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