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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Agreed!

    I loved the Switch port of Phantasy Star 1, and have heard such great things about 4, so last year I wanted to play through 2's story. I just turned on infinite health and no encounters for it so I could go through. Dungeons were still a nightmare, cannot imagine how that must've been to play with encounters and without maps in front of you.

    I just love the aesthetics of the series so much.
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  2. I finished Fatal Frame last week and kept on revisiting the PS2 horror gems, so I stated a replay of Rule of Rose.

    It's funny what you remember and what you don't from plays a long time ago. I absolutely remember the game being as clunky and broken combat-wise (the first two bosses are some of the worst gaming experiences I've ever had), but I don't remember the game being so brief in terms of chapters. And also don't remember the game truly just being a series of using the dog to search for an item the entire time?

    Overall, there's still no game quite like it and it's been a pretty enthralling playthrough, even if you can begin to realize it wasn't quite finished from even a story perspective now that time's passed.

    The teasing of a remaster/port earlier this year could be nice:
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  3. My memory of Rule of Rose is that the gameplay was such a slog to get through.
  4. Ooh, forgot about this! The first game was such a moment for me. The styling, the gameplay, the plot, the music!
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  5. Rule of Rose was one of my favorite games back then! That and Demento aka Hounting Ground. I don't replay them because I don't wanna ruin my memories of them ddd
  6. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! It's been around 10 years since I waited for a sequel and this day has finally come we win sometimes
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  7. I replayed Haunting Ground last October, and I'd argue that the game absolutely still holds up! Definitely the better of the two (and the more worthy of the inflated eBay prices), although the atmosphere of Rule of Rose is totally unique.

    It definitely ends up just being running back and forth for items while dodging enemies where possible. There's not even real puzzles to solve in it. That being said, my comment about the game being so short is probably a blessing for it as a result.
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  8. Wait whaaaat I just looked at the prices on eBay and they are crazy!
    I have two near mint copies of both of them in my garage... Let me put them on sale ddd
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  9. I said the same thing a few years ago when Rule of Rose was going for $200 and I sold my copy. Little did I know I could've made an additional $400 by waiting!
  10. Same. I did play with encounters, without infinite health, and without maps and yes, it was a nightmare but not quite as bad as I thought it would be. The worst part is the amount of grinding you have to do progress.

    As far as Tales of Vesperia is concerned, I recruited Rita and I love her. I love her design and voice acting but I especially like how she's so mean and doesn't give a fuck. Estelle seems so confused haha. She's easily my favorite character after Yuri. So far.

    I like what I'm playing, but the storyline is moving so slow. They definitely put a lot of thought into these characters but damn. Let's get things moving.

    I agree with whoever said that this game is JRPG comfort food. It's like that song that's a solid ass bop with no huge issues but feels pretty safe and tailor made for Top 40 Radio. It does have personality though.

    Going off of what I've played of this and Tales of the Abyss, it seems to me that Star Ocean has a considerably better game feel in combat but Tales's storytelling is astronomically better and everything outside of combat is more well built (though Star Ocean: Second Story did have a kick ass world to explore).

    Star Ocean 3's story is kind of embarrassing and I have not played the fourth game because I fear the voice acting so much.
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  11. There’s a decent copy of Haunting Ground in my local CeX for £55 and I have been so close in buying it.
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  12. Yuri is so refreshing, though it seems pretty clear that he's being voiced by two different actors and one is much better than the other.

    Estelle: Rita doesn't seem like the kind of person to steal.

    Yuri: Vouch for her innocence all you want but that doesn't prove her innocence.

    This is why I dig Yuri so much. He brings the wisdom. Estelle's logic was so fucking dumb in this instance. She knew Rita for like all of two hours. I love JRPGs with a passion but I hate that particular kind of bullshit from the naive characters.
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  13. That's because the PS4/Switch version of Vesperia includes content from the PS3 rerelease of the game, which never came out outside Japan, so the extra dialogue was never recorded in English. Yuri Lowenthal was the original Yuri VA, but he wasn't available for this new release so they had to get someone else. I think the new VA did a good job though, they generally sound pretty alike. And I agree Yuri is a really great character, a down-to-earth, intelligent anti-hero is a pretty cool change of pace from your typical JRPG protagonist.
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  14. Maybe my ears are just really sensitive. I do think the new actor is fine but he doesn't have the same gritty swag in his performance. Sounds a little goofier but they could have done worse.

    But yeah, Yuri is definitely a nice guy but he's not stupid about it and he's convincing instead of Mary Sue-esque. He has an excellent design too. Honestly, all the main characters do. It's a very good looking game.

    The world map is a little janky looking and I don't know why some people cling to world maps (it's obvious that they were born out of hardware limitations and nothing more) but it is a little comforting to be traversing one again. Chrono Cross, the last game I played, has a world map too (an extremely pretty one) but it doesn't have any monsters on it and it's small, so it feels pretty different.
  15. That was Troy Baker, Yuri wasn't involved with Vesperia.
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  16. Oh that's right, I get the two mixed up sometime.
  17. I think world maps still serve a function of demonstrating scale. You don't get the same sense of how big the world is in a game like Berseria, for example, which foregoes the world map.

    The worst, though, was that awful trend in the late-'00s or so where games were skipping overworlds in favor of menus. No thanks!
  18. I think one of the most clever takes on it all was SaGa Scarlet Grace, which did away with towns entirely in favor of a storybook-esque world map that would change as you interacted with. It's not something I want in every JRPG, but it was a really interesting turn.
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  19. Speaking of world maps, even if it might be seen as outdated by modern standards, I definitely think it's usually a much more enjoyable experience to have a world map with a variety of distinct locales you can visit than a huge open world where 90% of the map is basically just copy-pasted assets you need to traverse to get from A to B. It's a shame the latter has become the norm, because I feel like a huge map being almost seen as a requirement is something that can often be a real detriment to a game's story, gameplay etc.
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  20. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has been getting fantastic reviews so far, currently sitting at 88 on Metacritic. I remember people saying the Great Ace Attorney games were some of the best in the series too, I'm definitely looking forward to finally playing them.
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