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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Started NEO TWEWY and I'm pleasantly surprised Minamimoto is already playable on Day 1. Legend.

    Also @ Brazilians, Grand Chase Classic will be available on steam at midnight, but only four characters (Elesis, Lire, Arme, and Lass) will be playable at the beginning.

    Gladly Arme-main, so not an issue for me

  2. Wasn't he one of the reapers of the original game? Does that mean the NEO is a prequel?
  3. Agreed on menus but world maps, for me, have the effect of making the world seem smaller.

    Perched, though still have to play Ace Attorney 6. Dual Destinies was okay but it kind of dampened my enthusiasm for the next one.
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  4. No it's definitely a sequel. At the very beginning of the game you get Neku's outfit and there are multiple instances of characters saying "a new game" or "another game"
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  5. The way Flight Simulator looks incredible though. Proper next gen experience all around
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  6. Do y'all prefer action RPGS or turn-based?

    I like a good action RPG, but I definitely prefer turn-based, partially because you can sit back on the couch with turn-based systems whereas you have to have your full attention on many action RPGs. I tried to play Tales of Vesperia in a relaxed way and got sonned by a fairly early boss (it was a canine-like monster in the woods). I also think turn-based systems tend to have more depth and strategy.
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  7. The way something like Dragon Age: Inquisition did their game maps, that's the happy medium even though I love huge open worlds too.

    By the way, they're saying DA4 in 2023. D:
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  8. It's a sequel - which makes me even more curious on how we are able to play with him right away. Can't wait for the explanation.

    Meanwhile, finished day 3 and

    nagi fangirling over sho is such a MOOD dddddd that's me.

    and on an unrelated note, prince's longer hair suits him so much
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  9. Interesting!
    To me it all depends on my mood and the combat system in play. I do like both a lot though. And as for Vesperia, the boss you're talking about is usually the very first one you find yourself stuck on.
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  10. Don't worry, that boss's difficulty is an exception in that game. The rest of the battles were pretty easy, I thought.
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  11. Good to hear that boss is not the norm! I did beat him but man. The struggle was incredibly real and I think I was very slightly overleveled.
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  12. I like both but I generally prefer turn-based because they're usually more varied and interesting mechanically, while action ones can easily just boil down to hitting things till they're dead, and also the former usually place a higher focus on strategy than reflexes, plus they're just more relaxing to play.

    I do think games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, FF12 and Xenoblade Chronicles where you have a bunch of connected large open maps are more enjoyable than ones with a massive open world map. You still have that sense of freedom and exploration, but it makes it so each area of the game feels more unique and purposeful, instead of having a bunch of cool places surrounded by kilometers of empty space.
  13. I liked Dual Destinies a lot, but Spirit of Justice is definitely better. The fantasy setting really makes it stand out from the other games in the series, and the story is just more memorable and interesting.

    That said, it's not you have to play it before the Great Ace Attorney games, I don't think they're connected. I really hope the Great Ace Attorney games do well and we get a remaster of the second trilogy sooner rather than later, hopefully followed by a brand new title.
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  14. Dead By Daylight update postponed for the Switch when all I want is a Laurie with nicer hair.
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  15. This is pretty cool, and there are a lot more stats when you click on the image. What surprised me the most is how popular Vanguard is, I think it's the only class I've never played as. Having to get close to enemies in a shooter just doesn't seem very appealing to me. Also surprising Earthborn is by far the most popular origin, since it's the most Renegade-aligned one and people generally go Paragon.
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  16. Vanguard is an absolute blast to play as, especially in ME3. It’s still rough around the edges in ME2 but Biotic Charge is incredibly fun.
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  17. The setting in Spirit of Justice does look extremely cool and it seems it would make things fresh.

    Dual Destines was a good game by itself but I thought it really lacked the feeling of the first four games.

    And I hated the end of the last case, which was quite good otherwise. I loved that the detective was actually the killer, but they ruined it with that "I can wear all faces because I have no face" bullshit. How am I supposed to emotionally invest in that?

    Yeah, the Great Ace Attorney game does look pretty standalone, but I have completionist tendencies unfortunately.
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  18. I've heard the story in this one is a mess, but I skipped the Wii U version and the port looks gorgeous.
  19. I have to give Tales of Vesperia credit for Estelle being a pretty good character. That archetype has so much potential to be terrible and they swerved that.
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  20. Wait- I just beat Osail in main Liyue story arc (Genshin Impact etc.) and WIG.

    The cutscenes were kind of amazing - not bad for a free game.

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