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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Annapurna is currently doing a showcase of new upcoming games and I’m just eagerly waiting for the inevitable reveal of Outer Wilds DLC..


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  2. Not them announcing the game of the year for 2022 already!!!!
  3. I am so fucking excited for this. And it’s coming so soon!

    Outer Wilds is such a singular experience, and I am kinda worried that I’ll never get that again.
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  4. Finished Scarlet Nexus. I'll reiterate that it's definitely worth the purchase if you're looking for an action-RPG with some meat to it. Especially if you just want something to tide you over until Tales of Arise is out--it has a similar flavor with the fluid combat and the way you build relationships with the other party members. Would also recommend to anyone who watches anime and enjoys shows like Psycho-Pass.

    Pros: Interesting scifi-heavy story concept, even if it is convoluted; an engaging cast of characters; flashy gameplay with a pulsating sense of momentum; looks pretty sharp in 4K, despite some noticeable pop-in and repetitive environments; and, aside from some drawn-out exposition, it mostly does a good job of valuing the player's time and offering ample save points and stretches of time to play at your own pace.

    Cons: I don't really have any idea what happened with the story, after 28 hours of gameplay; there were way too many ideas thrown into the narrative and the game suffers for it (unless they're planning to explore some of these threads in a sequel); the way you use items in battle is inconvenient; and there wasn't enough equipment variety, making equipment upgrades a matter of how much money you have.

    I think the reviews had this game pegged right. It's a good game that will probably have a great sequel.
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  5. Horizon is delayed until Q1 2022
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  6. Oh well, gives me time to secure a PS5 and a decent TV I guess! I’m not so fussed about rushing to get one and putting myself through telegram stock notifications nonsense now so this actually comes as a bit of a relief.
  7. PS5 Stock U.K. is a really good Twitter account to follow in trying to get one
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  8. Obviously frustrating but I’m a bit relieved that the current stock situation with consoles means they can delay rather than rushing it to meet a holiday deadline.
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  9. I think it's quite a relief this year is slow when it comes to new releases. The only new games I've bought were Resident Evil Village and It Takes Two. Some smaller games on sale as well, but I appreciate having time cleaning up my backlog.
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  10. The more PS5 games that get delayed the more I appreciate Nintendo's approach of just announcing things when they're ready. Nintendo's been good about not overpromising these past few years.*

    *Yes except for Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta.
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  11. I was still not that sure about the game (especially as it was kind of giving me God Eater/Code Vein, which weren't great from what I played), but after reading this I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it. Will probably get it on sale sometime.
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  12. Continuing to enjoy the Abandoned speculation even if it does turn out to be a new IP. However if it a Konami made MGS and that means Bloober are making a new Silent Hill then that will be disappointing!
  13. The rumour is Bloober is doing Silent Hills and a Japanese developer is doing Silent Hill so there’ll be two versions
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  14. At least we'll get 1 good game!
  15. I really liked Rita (from Tales of Vesperia) when she joined because use her shamelessly mean attitude was entertaining even if she's the kind of person I'd despise in real life. But she's become too much of a bully for my tastes. She needs to keep her hands off of Karol.

    When Yuri messes with Karol, it's good natured fun. When Rita does it, it comes across as abuse.
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  16. RJF


    No character interaction in Vesperia evolves. Everyone treats everyone the same way to the end. It’s so damn repetitive.
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  17. deserved x
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  18. It's been a while since I played it, but I'm pretty sure that's not really true. Maybe in some skits, since a lot of those are unrelated to the story and can happen at any time through the game, but not in the story itself.
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  19. Speaking of Tales, they recently released a couple of new trailers and new info about side activities like fishing, farming, camping, cooking, sidequests, skits etc in Arise

    I'm glad they're putting so much attention into all this stuff, these smaller things are definitely a big part of what makes the Tales series so great.
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  20. I feel like I'm kinda overfed with Arise before it's even been released.
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