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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I feel like I'm kinda overfed with Arise before it's even been released.
  2. As long as you still buy it x

    I don't actually watch most of the trailers etc, same as with any upcoming game I'm really looking forward to, as I think going into games more or less blind and being surprised is more enjoyable than already knowing everything there is to expect, but I figured these two were worth sharing since they show a side of the game that hadn't really been explored much yet.
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  3. Seeing as they seemed to have upped the budget for this installment of the Tales franchise I would’ve liked for the voice acting to feel a little more.. natural? dd I feel like they hire from the same small pool of anime VA’s for each installment. I guess I’ve become used to Xenoblade and Dragon Quest where there’s a plethora of different accents which adds a little more immersion to the game.
  4. Death’s Door is SO good

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  5. It's wild Psychonauts 2 is actually coming out this month, it's one of those games you just got used to being in endless limbo. What next, Beyond Good & Evil 2 getting a release date?
  6. Well, she's started playing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 again for an entire weekend.

  7. Oh I forgot to mention that console-crossplay has been active on Overwatch now for a few weeks, so anybody on Playstation can look for my Blizzard tag 'Crazymage' (Xbox is DJ HA2E) if they want to ever play, I'm usually in between 1700 and 2300 SR and one of the best Pharahs you'll ever play with at that rank. (I also play Soldier, Ashe, Symmetra, Mei, Torb, Reaper, and Junkrat. I try to play McCree and Sombra too, but I'm amateur-hour at those right now.)
  8. it’s good escapism, nothing more for me!
    Since I can’t be on a beach playing volleyball and all..
  9. So I’ve been playing Crash Racing in classic mode recently and the game is so hard?? Like I don’t ever remember the game being so difficult, the AI is so stacked to win it’s unfair. Hitting them with a power up does nothing
  10. The rubber banding is ATROCIOUS.
  11. Yes!

    Also, the addition of number-based grinding (Excitement Levels and Owner Level) in Xtreme 3 has been a whole new layer of compulsion for me. It's so relaxing.
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  12. Not this being a genuinely sincere and sweet thing to hear. Especially after a really shitty week or 2 for gaming

  13. I tell you I hate that damn horse riding competition in Dragon Quest XI. I need to win the Platinum race to get the final sword for Hero and I'M OVER IT. Watch me drop the damn game and go to Youtube to see how it ends.
  14. I mean, you can just skip the race if you can't beat it, it's not like you need to get the final sword. Dropping the game over something that's totally optional is a bit much.
  15. Per Tales of Vesperia, Rita is really starting to get annoying. When you're first introduced to her, her sass is clever but now she's just ragey all the time and has lost all her wittiness. That being said, her secret love for Estelle is some cute character development.

    Is it just me or do the towns feel extremely small? I love how the world looks and feels but I'd like to explore more of it.
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  16. Dddd that was a bit much, but I had tried something like 10 times and always ended up at second place. BUT after writing that post I finally won the race and got the final weapon!
    Now, I don't know how to approach the last fight. I'm at level ~80 with all my team, do you think it's enough?
    I have tried twice but he kills me in a few turns. I don't know if I should gain a few more levels or if I'm using the wrong tactic.
  17. Happy to report my performance on Demon's Souls has been vastly better than on Bloodborne.
  18. Oh, on the topic of Bloodborne, I am proud to say I finished the game! I did everything, even Chalice Dungeons (Defiled Amygdala, I HATE YOU!) and DLC content. I honestly thought I will give up on Orphan because he is a bit insane but somehow I defeated him. In the end I guess I was probably OP because Pthumerian Queen and Wet Nurse weren't that hard, I beat Queen on my 2nd and Nurse on 1st try.

    I was still a little confused what is going on but I found a recent video that sums everything up nicely so I think I understand the story now.
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  19. I have finished DQ XI S! WHAT. A. RIDE. I loved it, even though it was wayyyy too long for me.
    Now I want to play some survival horror before going into Baldo.
  20. I have so much respect for you. I lost so many years of my life to the second boss, I figured I would never be able to finish the game.
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