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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Haha thanks! Which boss, Father or Amelia? I struggled a lot with Amelia, I actually had NPC for help. The beginning is definitely hard, I was stuck in Central Yharnam so many hours. I will check other FromSoftware game but I am not sure about Sekiro, a lot of people say its very hard.
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  2. Father Gascoigne
  3. He


    Bloodborne has one the steepest learning curves, but it gets much more manageable as you are able to level up frequently. I would say that happens after you leave Central Yharnam for the first time.

    I did use NPC help whenever I could.
  4. Bloodborne’s opening 5 or so hours are by far it’s worse and almost deliberately obtuse. Cross that hurdle and you’re in for a great time. Though it’s a shame there’s less players to summon for help these days
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  5. I agree, after the hurdle its much easier. I am weird in way that I felt like cheating when I asked for help, I only asked NPC for Amelia and Watch Dog in Defiled Dungeon. I had one play session with a friend who joined me through Gascoigne, sadly we never played any more as he passed away. In a way I finished everything for him because this was one of his favorite games.
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  6. Today I was looking for a new game and noticed that I had bought Bayonetta 1 & 2 last year without actually ever downloading them. So here I am, playing Bayonetta!
  7. Having taken time off for other games, I have just finished the main story of Assassin's Creed Valhalla and am in tears. A really emotional ending I thought. I still prefer Odyssey overall but this was a great game and I loved the story. Time for the DLC and other side stuff I have not done.

    Also, are we going to
    have Basim as the next baddie or is he the new protagonist? Either way I like the way his story is unfolding and his wolf t-shirt is legendary.
  8. aux


    I've been going through a huge classic horror video game binge. I recently finished Resident Evil 7 and really enjoyed it - I do think it has its flaws, particularly towards the end of the game, but honestly, it sparked a huge interest within me to seek out the rest of the series. In a spur of the moment thing, I ended up getting all of the mainline series games on Steam, so hopefully I'll be playing all of them soon. I'm onto play Resident Evil 8 next, which I'm really excited for, as from what everyone says, it fixes a lot of what made RE7 slightly boring (the lack of enemy variation for starters). After I finish RE8, I'm going to try and play REmake 1 and so on. I'm really excited, particularly to play RE4 which is the one I hear people consistently praise - plus, Leon looks hot as fuck in that one.

    Alongside my interest in Resident Evil, I finally decided to seek out copies of the first four Silent Hill games and play them myself. After watching @fatyoshi play the second game on stream a while ago, I've been aching to play them myself. I found a copy of Silent Hill 2 for the PS2 at a super reasonable price, borrowed my boyfriend's PS2 and fuck... what a game. The controls took some getting used to, but God is it worth it. It's been a while since a game has left such an impact on me. I haven't finished it yet, but the atmosphere in these games is just unparalleled. I've also managed to snatch a copy of Silent Hill 4 - The Room for the original Xbox so hopefully I'll be able to play that one soon-ish, after I get my hands on a second-hand original Xbox. I'm currently searching for copies of Silent Hill 1 and 3 that won't break my bank account, but I'm in no rush since I have such a massive backlog of games now.
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  9. Theme of Laura is still one of the best pieces of music I’ve ever heard. The wistfulness, sis.
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  10. Sounds like you're in for a ride, good luck! Just don't get the HD collection of Silent Hill 2-3, they're often considered among the worst remasters ever ddd.

    If you want to dive in even further, Alan Wake sounds like it could be up your alley. And if you're really brave, the Forbidden Siren-games are genuinely terrifying.
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  11. I've beaten every boss in Blooborne save the final few chalice dungeon ones and platinum'd Dark Souls and let me tell you I hated Sekiro. Not only for its absurd difficulty, but because it's not like Dark Souls and (admittedly to a lesser extent) Bloodborne where you can find your own playstyle preferences and have different builds. Sekiro has one path to victory you have to perfect and I really didn't like that.
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  12. aux


    Honestly, the entire soundtrack for the whole series is just phenomenal. I’m not normally a soundtrack kinda gal aside from a couple games but whew, these ones are something truly special. “Theme of Laura”, “Love Psalm”, “Promise”… these are classics, and that’s only on the second game! Truly one of the greatest soundtracks ever.
    I have access to the HD Collection through PS Now but I’ve avoided it for that reason. I played a tiny bit of it just to test it out, mainly because I wanted to stream it on Twitch and that would’ve been the easiest way to do so, but my God, I don’t understand how the original game looks a hundred times better than the remaster.
    I’ll keep these in mind, thanks!
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  13. While it does have a lot going for it in terms of storytelling, the pacing in Tales of Vesperia feels pretty off. For instance, there's a part where the party is trying to activate a ladder and it seems weird that they dedicated a whole cutscene to that.

    Also, for every great skit, there's probably two pointless ones.

    I heard this game is 50ish hours and it really doesn't need to be.
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  14. Also, not Patty being the second most likeable character after Yuri. I hated the shit out of her voice at first, but she's so fucking weird and unfazed by everything that she works as a character.

    I love Judith's voice acting but the fan serviceyness of her is slightly annoying; I'm never a fan of when a story tries to force how sexy/attractive a character is on the player. Raven is pretty good I guess. He adds some flavor but I'm thinking that his inclusion in the party will make more narrative sense later.

    They really dropped the ball on Rita. She's gets more and more annoying as the game goes on.
  15. Highly recommend the Fatal Frame games if you're burning through older horror games! If you've got a PS3 1–3 are all available on PSN for $10 each (in the US at least), and they're porting the Wii U-exclusive one to newer consoles later this year.
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  16. Fatale Frame 3 is amazing, I highly recommend it!
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  17. I finally put a 100% on Immortals Fenyx Rising and since I'm going to wait for Xbox Add-On sales for the DLC for that, Valhalla, and The Outer Worlds, I may take the dive and get Mass Effect Legendary and play that next.
  18. That's a really sweet homage!

    I've been enjoying Demon's Souls so much I might go back to Bloodborne after I finish this game (if I'm able to). Demon's unlike other Souls games has an easier entry point if you go down the magician route. I am about to beat the 4th boss (didn't do it this AM because I got betrayed by the camera), and so far it has not taken me more than 2 or 3 tries to do anything.
  19. Thanks, I really miss him and I'm having a hard time coping with it knowing he would still be if he just went to the doctor and saw he had ulcer.

    I bought Demon's Souls actually, I plan on doing that after FF14. I have to say camera was an issue even in Bloodborne, it sucks when it goes in such weird angles when you have lock on and yet you feel so lost without it. If they ever remaster it like some rumors imply, they need to fix that.
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