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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Not sure how to feel about the Saint's Row trailer.

    But Saint's Row 3: Remastered is currently free on the Epic Store if anyone is interested.
  2. Nico from the Runaways (rumors are that she'll be in the Dr. Strange sequel). I have no idea what the game is about but I'm perched. The fact that we Magik besides overused Wolverine (as X-Men characters) is a nice surprise!
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  3. On one hand, it does look like a game I'd love to play and one I'll definitely be getting. On the other hand... that ain't Saints Row. It looks like the title was more of an afterthought for an easy sell as I don't think there was a single reference to this group of people being called the Saints in the trailer?

    I seen a comment that sums it up perfectly: "This looks like a cw adaptation of the third street saints"
  4. Looked like Niko from The Runaways to me.

    EDIT: Oop, @Macsun was faster.
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  5. I just finished Mass Effect LE and it has traumatised me yet again :(
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  6. BTG


    Monthly reminder that Parasite Eve invented camp.

  7. SQUARE not remaking Parasite Eve is so disrespectful.
  8. Has Gotham Knights been delayed too? I was looking forward to it, I want to play with Jason Todd so bad. Take that how you will.
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  9. I think there are copyright issues, since it's based on a book. But yeah - just a proper sequel (that disaster for PSP doesn't count) would have been so nice.
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  10. It was pushed to 2022 a few months ago or so.
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  11. Bummer. It looks really good.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I feel like we have this discussion about every 10 pages or so, but can anyone give me a list from best to worst of the Assassin's Creed games?
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  13. This will depend on who you ask but in my opinion:
    • AC2*
    • AC Brotherhood*
    • AC Origins
    • AC Unity (yes)
    • AC Odyssey
    • AC Black Flag
    • AC Syndicate
    • AC Revelations
    • AC Valhalla
    • AC3
    • AC1
    Did I forget any titles?
    I haven’t played AC2 or Brotherhood in years so it’s probably mostly nostalgia speaking and I am not sure how they’d hold up today (but there’s a remastered Ezio trilogy so that would be a good place to start). I recently replayed Unity and loved the parkour so much in it, bring it back Ubi.
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  14. I've seen a few lists and discussion and they're always quite different from each other. But generally, the Ezio Trilogy, Black Flag and the three newest games (Valhalla, Odyssey, Origins) hover around the top and are the most talked about.

    I would play or watch all the ones with Desmond first (AC1 + Trilogy + AC3) for the story as it's pretty good.
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  15. I would say Assassins Creed 2 is the best overall but my personal favourite was Syndicate. I also enjoyed Black Flag. 1 has aged terribly and 3 was a boring slog. I have played all the newer games but always dropped them due to how bloated they are.
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  16. As someone who got the platinum trophy for Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla I'm a bit biased but I'll still have to say those 3 >> the old non-open-world ones
  17. Odyssey is my personal favourite, followed by Black Flag and Syndicate. The latter is a good way of combining the way the older games worked and introducing the more RPG qualities of the ones that followed.

    I think you forgot Rogue, which I really think is a solid game. Playing on the "other" side was a nice touch.
  18. I only played the following but I would rate them as follows:

  19. While I think it's a very enjoyable game, I'm gonna need Tales of Vesperia to end pretty soon. There is no reason why it needs to be as long as it is and I badly want to move onto something else. Persona 4 was almost twice as long as Vesperia will probably end up being but it feels like it justified its length a lot better because the writing is more vital and sharp. There's a great story somewhere in Tales of Vesperia but it's absolutely smothered by the writers' failure to self-edit.

    I'm also really tired of Estelle not being in my party. Raven is okay at healing but he just doesn't compare.
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