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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I enjoy a couple of the Tales games but a lot of the plot points are recycled way too much from game to game. I get that it’s basically JRPG comfort food and that they are a staple of the genre but it’s like literally half of the games have the same ‘chosen one’ quest with a ‘two worlds’ gimmick thrown in for good measure. Hopefully Arise shakes things up a little.
  2. Is there a PSN username thread?

    I’d love some DBD, Fortnite and DOS2 friends :)
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  4. Is it editable? I saw that but presumed it was old as I couldn’t add anything :(
  5. Some Nintendo sites are reporting that Gameboy and Gameboy Colour games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online! Finally! Next stop GBA!
  6. Hopefully that'll include all the GBC Pokemon games, and Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons.
    Probably won't because Nintendo hates giving us classic games post-SNES.
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  7. It is editable, and it's not that old either, a lot of people used it last year because of Animal Crossing for example. It's odd you can't add anything, I just tried and it works for me.
  8. Do people know here still play Mario Kart 8? I caved and bought it and want some somewhat friendly racing buddies.
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  9. There is something a little formulaic about Tales in terms of the story (though I've only played two of them), but at least they do the formula thing with personality and lots of character interaction.

    I do highly value my two Tales experiences so far and I will play more of the series but from what I'm seeing, it's not really on Final Fantasy's level (and I have heard some people claim it is).

    I think my favorite thing about Vesperia is the visuals, which is not to discount the other things it does well. The art just looks so damn good. Maybe the visuals are not super detailed but I love that soft quasi-cell shaded look. It makes the game look highly attractive for its age (and it absolutely looks better than any Tales game outside of Arise).
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  10. I got Crypt of the Necrodancer and I kinda hate it? Maybe it’s just that my fingers are off beat, but it seems really hard. I can barely complete a full level.
  11. I really wanted to play Baldo but it looks like the game is full of bugs so I'll wait for some patches. ":("
  12. Does anyone else here play Genshin Impact/be interested in Co-op artifact/domain/boss farming?

    No? Just me? Okay.

  13. I've been doing a ridiculous amount of research for building a PC for myself and prices are still... crazy. Stocks are getting better but it's still going to cost me about at least $4500 AUD to build the spec that I want. Only 2 years ago I thought spending more than $3000 for a computer is a dumb thing to do but now I have no choice nn.
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  14. That's insane fffff I spent $1500 (CDN) for mine last October and it runs more than well enough for what I need. I'm guessing you're looking at the highest end stuff or are prices in Australia that fucked?
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  15. Both. I’ve been wanting to get either 3080 or 3090 for my graphics card but they each cost roughly $1800 (if you are lucky) - $2500 and $2900 - $4000(!) respectively. Techy stuff are always more pricey down under but recent shortage + cryptocurrency boom have made it even more insane. If you are willing to compromise and just go with mid-range PC you can probably get away with roughly $2500 for the whole thing, or even cheaper if you buy secondhand or older generation graphics card but that’s still really expensive for what you are getting.

    Case in point:

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  16. Yeah that's absurd. An RTX 3080 here in Canada goes for around $1000 which I think converts to about $1100 in AUD, so less than half of those prices.
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  17. I had built my small comfy couch HTPC Gaming setup for my TV in October '20 with a low profile GTX 1650, 16 gigs of RAM, i5 10400f and spent a total of 500€.
    I think the crazy price hiking started right afterwards.
  18. I finished "A New God" DLC for Fenyx Rising but I was almost ready to abort the mission. It's basically "here's 27 new vaults to do" and that's pretty much it. It'd be alright if the vaults were fun like most of the main game ones but these were all designed poorly and left them being more challenging than they needed to be simply because of the poor design and not fun at all because of it. Just frustrating and feeling like a task.

    Thank goodness "Myths of the Eastern Realm" is a lot better and the storyline feels fresh too.
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  19. Ok I’m sort of impressed?! I’m salivating at the thought with costume changes for MagiK!!
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  20. It’s happening
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