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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I warned you bitches. I've literally had to unplug my PS5 to avoid playing Genshin on it. Waiting for my copy of Tales to arrive Friday!!
  2. Nn right now I’m running Yanfei/Ningguang as my main DPS depending on what elements I need with Sayu/Fischl/Bennett as back up.

    Buuuut I’m having a hard time resisting the urge to just throw away money until it gives me Baal.
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  3. After reading all the drama about Baal and how Mihoyo nerfed her to purposely not work with Beidou I'm pausing giving Mihoyo more of my coins. I hope they fix that interaction or finally give electro units a buff.

    Kazuha has been a revelation and made me enjoy the game more. Such a fun character to play. I usually main him with Hutao.
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  4. Honestly… do it. And Fischl? Bennett?

    Our minds. (They’re sooo good.)
    I’m torn between wishing for Hu Tao or Ganyu, if Mihoyo does in fact re-run them later this year.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I'm FINALLY finishing Yakuza 3. In chapter 10, completing the Okinawa hostesses, finished the locker keys, and FINALLY about to be done so I can move onto the next game. Please don't tell me there's 20 hours worth of story left. PLEASE.
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  6. I think they are both great characters and very OP. Ganyu especially carried me a lot once I got her. She's a little more complicated to play with her charge attacks but she dishes out so much damage. Hutao is great at just hack-n-slash mindless play. Does a ton of damage with a crappy 3 star weapon. The funniest character in the game. Her dying animation is hilarious...the sound she makes!
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  7. Fff are all the Yakuza-games guilty of this? I thought I was on the final chapter in Yakuza 7 for like... five chapters, constantly teasing "this is our final battle".
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  8. There are two more chapters. And you better brace yourself for the next one, that's all I'm going to say.
  9. I loved Ghost of Tsushima and am enjoying the DLC!! Not usually one for open world games but the scenery is gorgeous and combat is fun. Plus you can pet the kitties on Iki Island!
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  10. I'm still struggling to decide what to play next after BOTW, so naturally I'm considering getting an entirely new system nn. I watched a trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 and that's basically what I want, but I only have a Switch.

    Any buying advice for Playstation or Xbox? I had a Playstation 2 years ago, and I've played on friends' Xboxes (360 and One, I think). I'm partial to the Playstation, but really don't know the difference between the various 4 versions or the 5. I'm not an intense gamer, but given Covid continues to beat on, I'm basically looking to sink a lot of hours into a few games.

    Also considering going the PC route, but I've only got a Macbook Pro (2016, 2ghz, 8GB memory), and I take it that isn't strong enough?
  11. It probably depends a lot on your budget, the games you’re interested in, and whether you care much about being ready for when actual next gen titles start landing.

    The main draw of the PlayStation is its exclusives (God of War, The Last of Us, Ghosts of Tsushima, Horizon), and right now the only exclusive I can think of that is only playable on PS5 is Returnal.

    The main draw of Xbox is Game Pass, which is excellent value and Red Dead Redemption 2 has been on there previously, so will certainly roll around again. There isn’t really any need to get a Series X, though Series S is fantastic value so it’s better to get that rather than a One S or One X.

    You can even get a Series S bundled with Game Pass so that you basically pay nothing up front and like £20.99 per month for 2 years. Given Game Pass is £10.99 itself, you’re getting a next gen console for £240.
  12. Welcome sis!

    As far as console gamings go, both PS5 and Xbox X are stellar choices. PS5 is mostly known for their high quality, movie-like exclusive series and wide range of JRPGs. Xbox X has generally a better performance when it comes to cross platform games, and benefits from GamePass (it’s like a netflix, but for games), but lacks in system-selling exclusive games compare to PS5 and Switch. If you are already partial to Playstation brand then I’d recommend going with PS5, but you can’t really go wrong with either.

    In terms of PC gaming, Mac has a very limited gaming ability and it’s not built for it. You can still technically play some games on it but you will suffer from a poor performance overall. Best way to do it is to build a gaming PC for yourself or buy a prebuilt gaming PCs. Do bear in mind though it can be very expensive to get in to the PC gaming scene now as prices for parts (mainly graphics card) are going up with the rise of cryptocurrency - ethereum to be specific -, global silicon chip shortage etc.
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  13. Apple computers are never really for gaming. Definitely need a Windows OS for that. PCs are also > than laptops and consoles because with PCs you can buy new parts and upgrade. Of course, PCs are more expensive than consoles, but you'll always be able to upgrade to play the latest and greatest.
    Consoles- really the only difference between Xbox and Playstation is if you care to play exclusives of one more than the other. Xbox has Halo, Sea of Thieves, and most likely a lot of upcoming Bethesda games. Playstation has Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Final Fantasy 7 Remake. (You can google and look up full lists for both)
    The other thing is that Xbox has their Game Pass which gives access to a while library of games.
    Playstation has monthly free games, but the selection is smaller and a bit more hit or miss.
    Both consoles are also backwards compatible so you can play games for the previous console on the newest console.
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  14. The Xbox Series S is a bit of a wonder machine if you don’t have a 4K TV. Especially if you’re more fussed about playing a variety of games vs frame rates/resolution
  15. BTG


    PS5 is still the choice for me this gen.
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  16. He


    So, can you play all Xbox pass games on the Series S? It seems like such a good deal.
  17. Yep! Basically a 1080p focused next gen console vs 4K. Maybe there will be some limitations down the line but it’s a fantastic machine that’s really small, almost silent, and perfect if you’re after a console that’s offering you access to Game Pass without dropping a massive amount on a brand new tv/4K capable console. The only downsides I’d say are the relatively limited memory and the lack of disc drive
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  18. I'm a Sony girl and probably always will be, because I buy consoles based on what games I want to play rather than vice versa. The Persona games are what got me into video games and most of those are PlayStation exclusives (there are two 3DS exclusives and one that's PlayStation and Switch), so result.

    The advantages of the PS4 Pro over the Slim are a bigger hard drive (really nice if you're playing games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake that take up over 100GB); the ability to capture video in 1080p instead of 720p, if you're into that (I am); and improved video resolution (I don't have a 4K TV so can't really speak to this one).

    The advantages of the PS5 over the PS4 Pro are further graphical improvements (apparently) and speed. The latter is the reason I bought it, because there are few things I hate more than endless loading screens (The Witcher 3 is especially bad for this), and I have to say, the fucker is fast. Even playing from discs, the improvement is really noticeable.

    The disadvantages of the PS5 compared to the PS4 Pro are a smaller hard drive and weaker VR support, at least for the time being; Sony is working on a successor to the PS4-era VR system. There are also a few PS4 games that dont run as well on it (I have a Lara Croft game that has horrible graphical glitches on PS5). And of course, price and availability. If you're concerned about Blu-ray support, PS5 drops support for 3D Blu-ray via the VR headset (which is an additional purchase for the PS4 anyway) but adds support for UHD Blu-rays.
  19. Hmm maybe I'll go with the Xbox S. Great price and the partnership with Bethesda is appealing. Plus Game Pass, though I may only use that intermittently.

    How do you purchase old games with the digital only format? Do you have to purchase them all through an online shop or something (e.g., no secondhand I take it)?
  20. Correct. Each platform has its own built-in store, like the eShop on Switch.
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