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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Something no-one mentioned is if you get a PS5 you get a bunch of great games for free if you sign up for PS+

    Batman: Arkham Knight
    Battlefield 1
    Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles
    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
    Days Gone
    Detroit: Become Human
    Fallout 4
    Final Fantasy XV
    God of War
    inFAMOUS: Second Son
    The Last Guardian
    The Last of Us Remastered
    Monster Hunter: World
    Mortal Kombat X
    Persona 5
    Ratchet & Clank
    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    Until Dawn

    It's a pretty great deal, especially for someone who "missed" last gen.

    Personally speaking, I'd never go for Xbox over Playstation because even if the former might have its benefits, the Playstation exclusives are just way more appealing. Can't really justify buying a console where so many games I'm interested in aren't available.
  2. I can definitely see this logic, and I am very glad I bought a PS4 Pro late in the generation to take advantage of all the exclusives.

    But I think the Bethesda deal could change the maths a little. If Elder Scrolls, Starfield, Doom, Dishonoured and Fallout all become franchises that are Xbox console-exclusives, you’ll suddenly need to start considering which set of exclusives are more appealing.

    Also, side note but in terms of controllers, from best to worst:
    1. PS5 (mainly because of the adaptive triggers)
    2. Xbox
    3. PS4
    If you’re only interested in cross-platform titles, you’re probably best off playing them on an Xbox Series S for the cheap next-gen experience and the superior controller.
  3. Really I think I'd only be missing The Last of Us II, Ghosts of Tsushima, and maybe Persona 5 Royale. And probably the upcoming Horizon. Of course now I'm second-guessing nn.
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  4. While the "find the elementals" thing that Tales of Vesperia is currently pulling is cliche as hell, I must say that...

    ...the scenes where the entelexeia are reborn are very beautifully done.
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  5. I can't wait for Tales of Arise, it will my own first playthrough of a tales game and my BIG BUDGET jrpg itch has been at an all time high recently. I have experienced Tales Of Vesperia through watching my ex play it but he wasn't a very good, erm, I kind of was put off by the tales games for personal reasons until pretty recently, I figure the new one will be a unique and explosive way to reintroduce myself to them, and perhaps a gateway to play through older titles!
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  6. I did like Tales of the Abyss slightly more than what I've played of Tales of Vesperia (it felt way more focused and more unique), but Vesperia does have me wanting to play more Tales games.
  7. Fair enough, but since Starfield is the only big Bethesda game actually being released any time soon, that doesn't feel like that relevant a factor. Elder Scrolls VI will probably end up coming out on like 6/6/26 (half joking but Skyrim was 11/11/11 so I could see it happening), and a new Fallout game hasn't even been mentioned as far as I know, and there's no way of knowing whether they'll actually even be Xbox exclusives anyway.
  8. Dddd investments like Ninja Theory, Double Fine and Obsidian are far more exciting than Bethesda
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  9. Does the Tales of Berseria combat ever get any better? I’m low-key thinking of selling my copy
  10. Uhh... the Tales of Berseria combat is fantastic, what exactly is your issue with it?
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  11. This. Even though I liked the version we had Zestiria a little bit more.
  12. Eh, I think it’s a fair consideration if you’re not someone who upgrades regularly. If you want a console to be your main gaming machine for the rest of this generation (if there is ever another gen) then a game coming out in 2026 might matter!

    And as @joe_alouder rightly points out, I’ve completely overlooked the non-Bethesda stuff.

    I think my main point is just that the exclusive franchises as they are today aren’t the only thing to think about, because Microsoft have been splashing the cash.
  13. Ultimately I think both consoles are going to have a fantastic generation. Game Pass, smaller studio acquisitions and just a generally more consumer friendly approach swayed me towards Xbox but certainly there will be big AAA Sony releases I envy and minus niggles like paid next gen upgrades/UI features everyone who has a PS5 loves it. It’s nice to see all 3 companies offering proper competition this time around and hopefully the market will be better for it.
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  14. I've made it a point to buy all of the consoles when possible so I don't miss out on anything, after only having a Gamecube & Xbox, so missing ALL of the PS2 era. Since then I've had all of the home consoles from the Big 3 and I plan to do that again, but I don't know what will convince me to take the plunge with the Xbox & PS5. I feel like this current gen is taking so long to fully take off, but I guess that's partly because they still aren't widely available.
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  15. I haven't played Berseria, but if older Tales game like Vesperia and Abyss are so much fun to play, I imagine Berseria is pretty epic in that regard. The combat is one aspect of Vesperia I have all praise for. It does take a while to reveal the whole combat system, but that's not a problem for me since one of the charm of RPGs is the slow progression. When you're completely dominating a boss, everything just clicks so well.

    The story is taking a bit too long to get me into the final dungeon though. It feels like there's too many hoops to jump through. Too much filler. That being said...

    ...Patty's resolution with Seifer is a great scene. The moment when she's trying not to cry and then explodes into tears really humanized what previously had been a pretty weird character.
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  16. I can't believe just a few months ago I watched a playthrough of Alan Wake on a recommendation from a friend and now the game is getting a remaster. I will still play it though.
  17. The anticipated one-two punch of Tales of Arise and the new Kacey Musgraves album on Friday is literally the only thing carrying me through this work week.
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  18. Alright the Eastern Realm one kind of dragged on, but the top-down approach they took with the last Fenyx Rising DLC (the Lost Gods) is amazing, I'm betting alot of you who normally play those style of games would like it.
  19. I'm the same way, although I did skip xbone because my PC is inevitably always better and thus I probobly will never buy a microsoft console because of it. However, by now...I usually have the latest playstation system at LEAST and there is not one thing convincing me to try and track one down yet. My next purchase is the Switch OLED I probably will be really late to the game for PS5 all things considered. Its a very strange generation for consoles!

    My two cents is that Switch continues to just...have the most exciting and robust library, while the other two companies seem to have even more trouble then Nintendo getting a game out right now. At this point, go to the place with the games you want to play and forget about the hardware.
  20. Q4 really is dry this year huh? Aside from a couple of Switch exclusives (Shin Megami Tensei, Pokémon and Mario Party), there really isn't anything worthwhile being released after September. Not exactly a big deal since there are plenty of 2021 (and older) releases to catch up on, but it's still a bit odd.
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