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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. What a lame "celebration", the guys' expressions in the thumbnail really say it all. Then again, it wasn't realistic to expect any effort to be put into this after Activision moved Toys For Bob to Call of Duty support.
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  2. To celebrate a birthday with... dropping that they will be dropping something. Pffff get your marketing together.
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  3. BTG


    Aren’t we a little bit beyond Project Eve’s jiggle physics in 2021? It was very

  4. I was genuinely too busy gawping at the hair physics to notice ddd.
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  5. In case anyone didn't know, if you sign up to be a Halo Insider (for free) by the 14th, then on September 24th you'll be able to play the next Halo Infinite multiplayer demo.
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  6. Are any of the girlies playing Life is Strange: True Colours already? I'm in the mood for some overly earnest emotional blackmail but idk about forking out for it just yet.
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  7. It looks cool but it seems a bit overpriced to me, I'm not planning on getting it until it's on sale.
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  8. Y'all I just got a PS5 from the direct sale nn. I had 1 min in the waiting room off the bat. Gay rights!!
  9. So I took off of work for Tales of Arise, but mostly ended up cleaning and running errands all day instead of actually playing. Flop Tales stan?

    But, love the opening cinematic and how character-focused I can tell this is going to be from the introductory scenes. It's also much more gorgeous to look at in this fire area than it was in the demo, which I thought was a little bland. Only gripe is this almost comically obvious pop-in? I don't even know how it's so bad, given that I'm playing on PS5 and the game was made with last gen in mind.
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  10. I got an email saying my shipment of the Collector's Edition has been delayed for a couple of weeks (apparently due to pandananarama-related issues at the distribution center), so they sent me a download code for the PlayStation Store, totally unprompted. Which I just find so classy and refreshing compared to, say, Universal still not having shipped my Wannabe 25 tape weeks after they were supposed to with absolutely no communication about what's going on. I really wish more businesses (across all media dd) would do the same, and it certainly gives me a good impression of Bandai Namco as a business.

    In other news, the Chloe and Rachel figures that were available with early physical copies of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm are available again in Square Enix Rewards, so I snagged them! Super excited - I never expected them to actually come back. I got a Rise of the Tomb Raider steelbook and replica letter from Trinity too, which is only part of the deluxe package, but that sells for literally $1000 so this is as close as I'm ever going to get. The Shadow of the Tomb Raider metal art card I saw before is gone, but hopefully it'll be back eventually like the figures.

    I'm waiting on True Colors until there's a deluxe physical package, because I'm sure one will be coming in a few months as happened with the last three fucking games in the series. And Lord knows I have more than enough games to get me through till then.
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  11. After flying around town i’ve tracked down a ps4 copy of Tales of Acclaim for later in the evening and have been playing Warioware all afternoon with some close friends.

    phew wig!!!! See you on the other side!
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  12. I have a feeling it's not fully optimized for the PS5 yet. Hopefully the've been working on a patch that'll be delivered soon. I'm just a little overan hour in. The character design in just gorgeous! I also love how animated the characters are. Expressions are great and I love how their mouths actually sync while they talk. I've only played in Japanese so I hope it's the same in English. Gamplay so far seems satisfying.
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  13. If anyone's curious or has never played a Tales game before or whatever, this new trailer does an extremely good job of showing what Arise is all about and going over all the different gameplay elements

    I'm finally going to start the game in a bit, really looking forward to it.
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  14. Finished the main story of Horizon Zero Dawn this morning, after coming back to it after a year or so of not playing. What a game, I adored it. Great story and Alloy is a fabulous protagonist. Some really great side characters too. I got a bit emotional on the last quest when you see all those you help come to help out with the final battle.
    Final quest suitably hard but not so hard you get frustrated. Was glad to have the outfit from the power cell quest though, lifesaver.

    Going to start the Frozen Wild DLC now.
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  15. I gave up on Horizon. The world is gorgeous and the gameplay was fun, but I tire of open world games so quickly and I found the story pretty goofy.

    Started playing Control and the gameplay is excellent.
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  16. I found it a bit goofy to start but it picks up fairly quickly and I like how all the side stuff feeds into the main game in one way or another.

    Decided to give the DLC a miss for now and instead starting Divinity Original Sin. The second one is so good so I figured I'd try the first.
  17. After playing Tales of Acclaim for a few hours:

    The game looks gorgeous. Tales games have always been aesthetically pleasing, but the production value really is on another level on this one, it feels very Final Fantasy-esque, albeit a bit more stylised. Both the environments and characters look really impressive, it honestly might be one of the best looking JRPGs ever? It's really is nice seeing the series get such a glow-up.

    The story really grabs you from the get-go and is quite intriguing, I'm definitely curious to see where it goes and, and the sci-fantasy setting is quite interesting too. Unexpectedly, the two protagonists and the dynamic between them are really great, the skits and whatnot really help flesh out the characters, even very early in the game. The way I already care more about these two characters after a few hours than the whole FFXV cast after beating the game... Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the party.

    The combat is snappy and quite intuitive, and I like how enemies hitting quite hard and healing being limited makes you actually have to dodge and pay attention to what you're doing rather than just being on the offensive 90% of the time. I imagine there are still a few systems left to unlock, but it's very fun so far.

    In summary

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  18. I'm replaying Tomb Raider Anniversary for the zillionth time and it indeed is one of my favorite games ever.
  19. Or maybe an Elektra appearance... please and thank you.
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  20. Yeah I have to echo the praise for Tales of Arise-ing Metacritic Score. It feels like a real level up moment for the series in a lot of ways. Visually obviously, it finally feels like they gave the art direction the graphical polish it deserves for the first time since probably Vesperia. The story (thus far) has started very strong without falling into the usual exceedingly slow start that a lot of the series has while still giving you plenty of opportunities to get to know the characters without sacrificing the pacing of the story. Combat takes the fast paced flashiness of Berseria while actually making you strategize and manage your healing. I’m so glad it’s getting more of a push and good reviews, because this feels like a real turning point/breakthrough for the series so far.
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