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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Okay that Braccus Rex battle is just MEAN. But I made it on my first go thanks to Bairdotr and her elemental arrows.
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  2. DeathLoop serving acclaim. I can believe it
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  3. I'm mostly glad it's finally out so I don't to hear about it in every presentation anymore nn. Though overexposure aside it actually does look pretty cool.
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  4. Of course haven't played Arise, but one thing that was a bit annoying in Vesperia was how they would keep hammering a certain character mannerism over and over with no subtlety. How many times does Raven need to talk about how old he is, especially when he's not even old?
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  5. Ddd it’s basically one of the only exclusives for PS5 for Q4 now so…I get it. Plus Arkane have always underperformed so I’m glad they’re getting a push
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  6. Im only about 12 hours in but I'm also loving the exploration, battle system and story. Does this game remind anyone of Xenoblade Chronicles? I love that the story has two protagonists and Shionne is becoming one of my favorite JRPG gals. The anime/manga interludes are so well done and makes me take in the story more. I'm really taking my time with the game and soaking everything in.
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  7. Although it's linear, some of the grassy plains footage from Arise does indeed look a lot like Xenoblade Chronicles.
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  8. I'm still early in the game but Shionne definitely gives me gay icon vibes. Her aloofness and no-nonsense attitude are a bit iconic, and it's the perfect counterpart to Alphen's more earnest and emotional personality. The two protagonists really complement each other super well.

    I agree the skits are fantastic too, they're a great way to learn more about the characters/story/world, and there have been some genuinely funny ones too. They've always been one of my favourite thing about Tales, but the dynamic manga/comics style they went with this time around makes them look so much better than they did in the older games.
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  9. It's easier to focus on one character than do one with 4 or more. Plus, Wolverine can easily exist without being set at Xaviers. You can do Weapon X stuff, The Hand, and so many more villains without even dipping a toe into being at the mansion.
  10. But why not a solo STORM, PSYLOCKE, SHADOW CAT, JUBILEE, MAGIK, MOONSTAR? There are other X-Men characters that have interesting solo stories worth telling too (and much more visual appealing power sets).
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  11. I would prefer those more too but they have less of a name. Blame Fox for making Wolverine even more important over all the other more interesting mutant characters.

    Trust me, an Elektra game would be so much more entertaining and fun than Wolverine. Imagine taking on hits while also trying to uncover what The Hand is doing in whatever city the game was set in.
  12. Wolverine honestly makes sense as the choice for a beat-em-up game, despite him not being the most exciting (or gay rights) mutant there possibly could be. I'm not sure Storm would work as a solo open world game character as much as I am obsessed with her. Lightning and wind isn't very button-mash friendly. I feel like it only works in XMen Legends or Ultimate Alliance because there's more of an ensemble cast. But having just her and only her to play as... I don't know how it'd work out.

    I actually would've loved to see them make a Black Panther game instead of Wolverine if any popular Marvel hero was on the table to be used.
  13. Spider-Man is great but I just don’t really want Insomniac turning into a team that only work with established franchises. They made their name through bold, creative titles and don’t want that to be lost
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  14. I kinda get the impression that, after launching a bunch of new IPs over the last few years, "bold, creative titles" aren't really Sony's priority anymore? All upcoming first party titles are either sequels, remakes or Marvel.
  15. That is true. Although they have cut publishing/exclusive deals still for games like DeathLoop, Ghostwire, Kena and Returnal so there is still some intent (even if the former 2 are awkward in their situation)
  16. There was a big Nvidia leak which they've revealed to be true.

    Square Enix:

    • Chrono Cross Remaster
    • Final Fantasy Tactics remaster
    • Final Fantasy IX Remake (possibly just a reference to the recent remaster)
    • Tomb Raider Anniversary
    • Kingdom Hearts IV

    • Resident Evil 4 Remake (previously rumoured)
    • Street Fighter 6
    • Dragons Dogma 2 (previously rumoured)
    • Monster Hunter 6

    • GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas Remasters (previously rumoured)
    • Bioshock RTX remaster
    • Bioshock 2022

    • Mirrors Edge RTX Remaster
    • Untitled Respawn Game
    • Titanfall 3
    Bandai Namco:

    • Tekken 8
    Curve Digital:

    • Human Fall Flat 2
    Devolver Digital:

    • The Talos Principle 2

    • Crysis 4
    D3 Publisher Inc:

    • Earth Defence Force 6

    • Bayonetta 3
    • Judgement

    • Catherine Full Body
    • Shin Megami Tensei V

    • Batman: Arkham Knight RTX Remaster

    • Half-Life 2 Remastered

    • Project FPS
    They've said these titles are speculative and not necessarily confirmation but that just reeks of playing it down to save face.
  18. See y'all in 2026.
  19. I’m an hour in since I only downloaded it yesterday on the Series S but I stanned the moment she put her pastel pink hair up in to a Ariana ponytail moment. Turning looks and stunting pretty. Queen.
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  20. This feels... generous dd.
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