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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. He


    Wait, Nintendo dropped Bayo?
  2. BTG


    What does Tomb Raider Anniversary even refer to this time?
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  3. I’d take a stab and say SMTV and Bayonetta 3 would be Switch time exclusive and then release on PC a year or so later. I won’t be surprised if they pull a Fatal Frame though and appear on everything with Nintendo in the copyright/credits.
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  4. Chrono Cross remake?! I wonder if by remake they mean cheap mobile/PC remake or, y’know, actually remastering it.
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  5. Why does that read like all the devs are like "well we can't actually make new games because we just end up delaying them and delaying them into eternity, so let's just find something people liked and re-master it instead".
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  6. FF9, Resi 4, HL2, Mirrors Edge, Bioshock…I’m dead.
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  7. A disclaimer from some of the articles:

    While the leaks pertain to GeForce NOW, this doesn't mean that the games will have ports to PC. In fact, only some (if not a very select few) of the games might get a PC version. Additionally, while the listings may seem genuine, it's worth noting that this doesn't mean the games are actively in development any longer.
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  8. If it was a new Mirrors Edge I'd be right there with you but since I literally 100-percented'd everything and explored every corner of every level in both games, I'll pass on a re-master of either them.
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  9. I am so bored of remakes and remasters. Some new ideas please!
  10. Absolutely loved Life is Strange: True Colours. Definitely my favourite of the games so far.
  11. I'll be a bit salty (though still excited!) about a true Chrono Cross remaster because I just completed yet another replay in July. I guess it will take awhile to come out though.

    Still adoring the aesthetics in I Am Setsuna, but the battling has felt a little bland. I'm not very far, however, so it could very well blossom. And it's not necessarily the mechanics. Those are very Chrono Trigger (feels a lot slower though), so it's technically sound. But the enemies so far are very dull. Where's the flavor?

    I also hate how you have to sell materials to get money. All they are doing is making the player jump through an extra hoop.
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  12. Re: Tales of Arise. I’ve got to the second lord in the ice city and the combat is so much fun. I was a bit irked by the CP system at first but it isn’t all that bad. If you do the side quests and explore properly you shouldn’t really run out of Gald or gummies. I found the stock limitations a tad frustrating, though.

    The story has started gearing up and I’m enjoying the change of pace compared to Tales games of past. Nothing groundbreaking but a breath of fresh air.

    These characters, though! I don’t get what everyone is raving about. The MC is so fucking dull. He’s literally like a 1000 JRPG cliches meld into one. Give me a character whose personality isn’t made of cardboard like Yuri from Vesperia any day. The only one I have warmed to as of now is the mage. I guess the biggest thing for me is the constant mistrust between the party members. It’s understandable given the context of the story but it doesn’t make for a fun experience when they’re squabbling and at each other’s throats every 2 minutes. Feels like the game was given massive upgrades in almost every section but the camaraderie from past games is sorely lacking.
  13. As you said, it does make sense given the setting and the characters' backgrounds, it's a lot more realistic they'd start off being distrustful of eachother than being close friends from day 1, though there's no doubt in my mind everyone will continue warming up to eachother as the game progresses. It's not like there being conflict between party members is anything new to the series, in the older games the party members didn't all like eachother from the get-go either, but still ended up feeling like a group of friends further down the line, and I imagine it'll be the same here.

    In other Arise news:


    The fastest selling game in the series, we love to see it. Berseria also just passed 2 million, which is great considering it did a bit worse than previous titles when it came out.

  14. Didn't think this was still coming this year, so this is a nice surprise. It looks really great. And really gay too, judging by that trailer nn
  15. Kind of jelly at y'all who get to play Tales of Arise. I really need to get myself a PS4 (right now I have a Switch, PS3, and Wii U). I plan to play Tales of Symphonia, then Xillia, and then I'll probably be ready for Arise. But I'm almost wondering if I should play the other PS4 Tales games before Arise, especially because it's so much better presentation-wise (Berseria and Zesteria's art style and overall visuals look extremely bland in comparison). Berseria has the most interesting premise in the series IMO, so I want to play it. Zesteria...not so much but I do eventually plan to have played the entire series.
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  16. So I went to a retro gaming night last night at a bar and played this old gem! I always feel like only me, my brother and sister remember Rival Schools, so am curious if anybody else played it.

  17. I unfortunately missed out on Rival Schools, but I did manage to snag Project Justice for the Dreamcast a few years back. It quickly became one of my favorite Dreamcast games!
  18. The dad in The Last of Us could raw me. Like. Okay Beefcake Hunter.
  19. Have you played Part II?

    Wait, I know you haven’t because you just got a PlayStation. All the best.
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  20. Yeah hoping to finish the remaster in the first 14 days of my Plus trial nn.

    I actually think I might like the Xbox set up with Gamepass more than the PS5. So I might play all the big exclusive titles (mostly PS4 games I’ve never played), and then sell the PS5 and switch to Xbox. We’ll see.
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