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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. You’re in for a ride with Part II. Best video game story ever to me, beats even Part I.
  2. Whew I’m straight up envious of anyone who hasn’t played The Part II yet. An experience.
  3. Deathloop is so much fun, I'm having a blast with it.
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  4. Such a gem! Thankfully Capcom hasn't forgotten it entirely: they just added Akira from Rival Schools as DLC to Street Fighter V this month.
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  5. I don't know if my anxiety can handle the rest of The Last of Us nn.
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  6. What section are you at?
  7. I’m in the woods headed to a new place. So still pretty early. I don’t mind killing off the military, but stealthing on clickers, especially with the flashlight…ugh.
  8. Soon I'll finally be able to play Ni No Kuni 2 guys I am shaking.
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  9. I just hit the generator at the hotel and…nothing happened. No stalkers, no Bloater, no key card. I’m literally stuck.
  10. A plot hole in Tales of Acclaim that's bugging me...

    Currently in the middle of the Cyslodia arc, right after the execution scene. So, I'm supposed to believe that Ganabelt was able to organize and lead a whole resistance movement in the week-ish that's elapsed since Alphen emerged with the burning sword? I know it's a JRPG and suspension of disbelief is par for the course, but the sense of time in this game is hard to grasp.
  11. The resistance had been going for years though, nowhere is it implied it only started recently. Ganabelt didn't create it, he infiltrated it to keep tabs on the organisation and the rebels in general, not just because of Alphen and Shionne. I'm pretty sure the guy who takes over had been in the organisation for a longer time, he mentions there being at least one hideout Ganabelt wasn't familiar with.
  12. Ah. Maybe that just hasn't been explained yet. The way Alphen and co. reacted they seemed to presume the whole sneaky operation was just to lure them to Cyslodia.
  13. Try restarting from the last checkpoint.
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  14. This did it.

    Y'all...I nearly cried. I can't handle the flashlight in the darkness and evil running around.
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  15. Rinwell being sent to Calaglia to ask for Alphen and Shionne's help might have been a trap (I'm actually not sure/don't remember whether the game actually ever confirms or denies that was the case, but they'd go to Cyslodia anyway so it's not like it made much difference), but that definitely wasn't the sole purpose of the organisation. It's also mentioned there had been multiple raids in the past, which is why they had multiple hideouts, with different members only being aware of some of them, so they definitely had been active for a good while.
  16. I had to take a break from the game at that point dddd you’re not alone.
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  17. Any Age of Empires fans here who've tried the open beta of Age of Empires IV? I gave it a spin mostly to see if it runs on my computer (it ... sort of does if you like a mega-minimalist look!), and while everything feels very much like Age of Empires, it honestly just plays like a reskin of the second game with some quality-of-life improvements? It's a weird feeling of "I'm enjoying this" mixed with "Why does this even exist?"
  18. Just dug out all my old handhelds and they all work perfectly! My poor Gameboy Advances though. My original and SP have been used and abused. I was checking my advance playtimes for backloggd and I put 395hrs into Pokémon Emerald as a kid, whew!

    I might mod them, has anyone ever modded an advance before?
  19. Has anyone checked out Eastward yet? I wanna know if it's as good as it looks.
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  20. Finished the main story of Divinity Original Sin and absolutely adored it. Gone back to the second one again now.
    It's so much easier just killing the skill book vendors in Fort Joy isn't it? Rob the books off their corpses and save coin.
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