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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I feel like Atlus tends to not announce new games until the next 'big one' is out, so I'm of the mind that we won't get a Persona 6 announcement until after Shin Megami Tensei 5 is released. However, with this, the anniversary, and Tokyo Game Show happening, I do wonder if we'll get any big announcements this month.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Lost Judgment FINALLY preloaded. I was hoping this wouldn't turn into another Trails of Cold Steel IV situation. SO perched to play when I get home from work tonight!!
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  3. I'm not planning on getting/playing it for a while but it does look really promising, and it got great reviews too, definitely one of the most interesting looking indie games released this year.

    They did say a while back that they had like 6 or 7 announcements lined up for the Persona 25th anniversary celebrations, right? I don't think Persona 6 will be announced quite yet, probably next year or so, but I wouldn't be surprised if we got some sort of spin-off. I'd be here for another Persona Arena game, or the fabled kart racing game dd

    I'm perched for this too, the first one was so good. Think I'll only start it after I beat Tales of Arise though, so not for a while yet.
  4. Did anyone here play Sackboy's Big Adventure? I found the special edition with the tiger sackboy plushie on sale, which is a bit tempting, but, while I love platformers/LittleBitPlanet, I'm not sure if it's worth it, especially as it's still fairly expensive and, from what I read, the game's a bit co-op focused and I'd probably just be playing solo.
  5. Yeah, I think some of those announcements were more minor things like concerts in Japan, but there's some games in there I'm sure. In Atlus fashion, I'm also presuming they'll be 7 announcements over the course of the entire anniversary year.

    I think we are due for a new Persona Arena game (and it actually feels like it's in the air for real instead of just Reddit rumors), especially since ArcSys' release of Guilty Gear Strive was earlier this year and the Granblue Fantasy Versus support seems to be nearing its end. Even a remaster of Ultimax with updated netcode I think would be a smart/easier move for them in the meantime since it's currently locked on PS3/360.
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  6. This is pretty intriguing

    I loved playing Klonoa 2 back in the day, I'd be very much here for a remastered collection.
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  7. I am still fairly early into the game, but I absolutely love it. There's something so charming, relaxing, creative and beautiful about this game, it made it the perfect game when I needed breaks from Demon's Souls and Dead by Daylight on the PS5.

    The price point is the only negative, but as a game I 100% recommend it if you're looking for something closer to the Nintendo experience on the playstation.
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  8. Okay the Mastery Challenges in AC Valhalla are the kind of thing that makes you want to become an online meme of the person destroying their television by throwing their controller into it. The fact that one of the Xbox Achievements is to get a gold medal in all of them. Umm, no thanks.
  9. Weirdest and luckiest gaming find for me recently. I bid and won on a pickup-only metal Dance Dance Revolution dance pad via Goodwill and had to drive 70 miles each way to get it. Ended up paying $18 total for it, and it turned out to be a Cobalt Flux Pro, and out of print and extremely highly rated pad that's been out of production for years and going for $500+ on eBay.

    Anyway, after an hour of DIY-ing a USB control box for it this weekend, I got Stepmania up and running with a near arcade-level controller! I work out five days a week and this was still the hardest workout I've done in recent memory.
  10. yeah I agree. Easily my favourite PS5 game so far. The soundtracked levels are a total thrill.
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  11. I’m hearing Kena: Bridge of Spirits is pretty lit (and prettily lit).
  12. Took a break with Assasin's Creed Origins and now I'm playing Curse of the Pharaohs DLC and I am gagged about how good it is. I'm loving the afterlife worlds and this dive into the religion and mythology of the gods of Ancient Egypt.
  13. I think I’m close to finishing The Last of Us. I just killed the pedo cannibal.

    Maybe it’s because I’m looking at walkthrough guides to preempt sudden heart attacks, but it’s getting a bit repetitive. Stock up, kill, move forward, repeat. I feel like it would benefit from more puzzles maybe.

    I’m curious how the second installment goes, but my nerves are so worn out I’ll probably take some time before jumping into it.
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  14. Part II has sections where it tries to be ‘mini open world’ and give you freedom to explore where you wish, which I wasn’t that fussed about. The story gets even better though.
  15. Yeah the ‘open world’ bit was my least favourite to be honest - the game is at its best on rails.

    Just be aware that Part II is about twice as long as Part I. I’d say the latter half of the game is much stronger though. Definitely worth it!
  16. It looks fantastic.

    Does Europe have a different release date? Somehow all swiss shops only say TBA eventhough it should have been released yesterday.
  17. Don't read the walkthrough guides, you won't ever need them imo; only in spots where you're genuinely confused where to go/what to do next. I just feel like the game is so story-driven, none of the usual upgrade stuff matters. Like other posters have said, Part II is even more iconic however it is more of the same gameplay wise.
  18. Part 2 really is a landmark piece of gaming
  19. The gaggery in the ToA fourth realm

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  20. Naur I’m pressed. Why do men need to control women. Ellie coulda saved humanity.
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