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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Naur I’m pressed. Why do men need to control women. Ellie coulda saved humanity.
  2. Sis you have a big storm coming in Part II nn.

    +also don’t forget to play Left Behind DLC!!!
  3. So I dropped Baldo. It's cute, but way too frustrating. It's basically a puzzle after puzzle type of game, with no storytelling or character development, nothing. I spoiled myself the ending and decided to stop playing because I can't stand a 60+ hours game which ends with a 10 seconds final cutscene, which basically consists in
    Baldo waking up at the sound of the school bell.
    Now I can't stop thinking about Lost In Random since it was posted on here ddd I want to play Ni No Kuni II but I can't afford 60€ for a game right now.
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  4. Was watching a streamer play Kena: Bridge of Spirits which is a PS exclusive (sad face for me) but I figured I would mention it here since the game looked beautiful and like a Zelda-type game for anyone looking for that kind of game out of a new release.
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  5. Rob


    It's a digital only release for now with the physical having just been announced for November hence the release date confusion. I'll definitely pick this up at some stage (and reviews have been great) but will probably wait for a sale as my backlog is so big.
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  6. Where are my fellow Red Deadunties? Where can I get a cute horse and clothes?
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  7. I'm also recent to Red Dead and would happily accept some general advice because I tanked my in game honor real quick nn.
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  8. I noticed greeting people increases honor, so I try to greet everyone I encounter. I also try to help the random people that come up/need help. If they turn on me or try to steal my horse I kill and rob them, and it doesn't mess with honor. I'm so used to going wild and fucking everyone up in GTA, but the bounty system more or less disincentivizes that behavior.
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  9. Not Sean in RDR2 reading Arthur for being apolitical, saying no politics is politics. Woke king!
  10. Getting my honour up towards the end of story mode on my second playthrough was brutal, more because I can be quite trigger happy and there's only so much walking around greeting people I can take without getting bored.

    In other news, I think Rockstar have broken Red Dead Online again - at least on the Xbox One. I was in the stable and Caoba was now called Amaranthine and vice versa. The name swaps happened with other horses as well. It's as though they fix one thing and they break seven other things in the process that don't get fixed for months on end.
  11. I loved White Arabian, you can get him early in the game at Lake Isabella. I had him for the entire game.
  12. Coco Peru playing Red Dead:
    White girls with too much money in elementary school:
  13. I’m trying out Horizon Zero Dawn and…I hate it so far.
  14. Is it because of the stealth? Because that gets me every time I try to play it. I just am not a fan of bow and arrows. I feel like everythings a bit hard to kill- but I assume it upgrades later and you can decimate everything easily?
    I don't know, I like the world, the visuals, the characters and the story is interesting to me. But the combat is just not my fave.
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  15. Sorta. I think I'm burnt out on stealth, and I prefer close combat in general. Doesn't seem to be much room for that.

    Also, while the world is interesting I guess, the lore comes off cringey and the animation is kinda shit. The dad character was like stuttering throughout the entire tutorial, and his goatee was disappearing in his bearskin.
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  16. I just finished playing Paradise Killer, and holy shit that may well have been one of the best video game experiences I’ve had…maybe ever?

    I didn’t expect to come away feeling genuine sadness.
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  17. Me and my friends went through a phase of recommending this to each other, a hidden gem.

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  18. Ugh the soundtrack is so iconic.

    I’m curious, did you
    convict Sam and Lydia? I felt so bad doing so, horrified when LLD gunned them down, then absolutely awful when I realised that they were the only ones on that side of the room that were dead when I could have just pinned it on Yuri.
  19. I’m a few hours in but I think Detroit Become Human is shit.
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  20. Literally spent a few hours on it and realized it just wasn't for me and was wondering what everyone else was seeing in it.
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