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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. 1. All the humans are evil and miserable but all the robots, at baseline, are good. Not even benign or indifferent, but decidedly good. Like okay.

    2. The robots already have a lot of emotion and empathy on their own, but given the player controls them, everything they do is basically mediated by a human. So I’m not sure how we’re supposed to glean any ““philosophical”” takeaways about ~what it means to be human since the line between humans and robots is blurred by design in the game.

    3. Any piece of media about robots and humanity that ignores capitalism is a flop. What the robots and humans really need to do is join forces and destroy whoever or whatever economic conditions made the robots in the first place.

    I was intrigued but so far it’s coming off as “teenage boy learns about mortality and empathy for the first time.”
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  2. To be fair this is an apt description for all David Cage games!
  3. Oh wow he seems like a real piece of shit.


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  5. There‘s is a PC (Win) version, if that‘s an option for you!
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  6. It’s only a timed exclusive, so it’ll be on Xbox maybe next year.
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  7. I've never gotten into PC gaming, I'm an Xbox exclusive for now.

    This is promising, thanks.
  8. Does anyone play Knockout City?
  9. Scarlet Nexus and A.I. Somnium Files hitting game pass did a little for gay rights
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  10. Persona 5 Royal arrived in the mail.

  11. See you in two months.
  12. Time for my regularly scheduled Persona 5 Royal is the best turn based RPG of the century post. Sorry to the other girls, that's just how it is!

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  13. So is it worth having any hype for any big news from Tokyo Game Show? I haven't kept up with any rumors or anything going into it.
  14. I just found out about the new Touhou pack for Muse Dash, and as a big fan of both, I am emotional.

    Ughhhh these songs, Bad Apple And Cirno's Math Class are classics in the fandom (plus they kept the pv aesthetics for Bad Apple and I LOVE it). Some well-known doujin circles and even rhythm game classic Night of Nights!!!! Moreover, a playable Reimu???? Sorry, Buro, it was good while it lasted.

    The only thing I missed was a song from Toho Eurobeat, but still. Definitely satisfied with the new pack!
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  15. Arcane, a League of Legends animation show, will come in November.
  16. Well, there weren't really any big news I think. TGS hasn't really been the place for major announcements these last few years, Japanese devs usually reveal their big games elsewhere.
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  18. Glad I didn't buy TLOU Part II since it's coming to PS Now tomorrow.
  19. My copy is still sitting unopened along with Hitman 2, which was featured in PS Plus last month. Suddenly the Koons is me.
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