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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. For using shapes? They are references to traditional Korean kids games, doubt Sony would have any chance of winning that lawsuit.
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  2. Companies have filed lawsuits over sketchier resemblances. But I didn’t know they came from Korean kids games - thanks!
  3. Yesterday I managed to grab the plushie edition of Sackboy: A Big Adventure for just 26€ (which has to be one of the best gaming-related deals I've ever come across) and also finally picked up my Sonic Colours Ultimate pre-order, since the physical release was moved back to October 1st. A good day to be a platformer fan.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Atelier Sophie is getting a direct sequel!!!

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  5. I loved Ryza 1 (first Atelier game, also know it's a bit of a push forward for the series), so I just went ahead and grabbed Sophie 1 on sale on the eShop as a result of this announcement. Looks great!
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  6. Atelier Sophie was cute, but it's far from one of the best games in the series to me, and a direct sequel years later feels a bit random/unnecessary. I would rather have another Dusk game, now that was a really excellent trilogy and a world I'd love to see more of.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Sophie was definitely not one of the best games, but it was still one of my favorites. The mystery of Plachta was so much fun to uncover, and I'm over the moon excited that she gets another story. If they can find a way to shoehorn in Firis and Liane and other characters from that trilogy, that would be a dream come true.
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  8. Who here has an Oculus Quest? Is the Walking Dead title worth getting?
  9. I started The Last of Us Part II, and while I don’t know too much about the backlash, and I’m only 90% sure I know what happens…I feel like I already understand exactly why the gamer bros were pressed and it’s ironic af.
  10. I look forward to hearing if it’s what you think it is!
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  11. The fact I never played part 2 of Last of Us and just opted to watch walkthroughs instead.
  12. That’s not how I thought it’d go down. I’m shook ladies!!

  13. Dddd… welcome to the Fighting Game community, girl!
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  14. I agree with you, but the PlayStation shapes are actually trademarked. It's why unofficial controllers always use different symbols.
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  15. (As far as I understand) they are trademarked as a whole and in their particular order
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  16. I’ve reached the forest and heading toward the hospital. I’ve read about what awaits me…and…I don’t know if I can do it girlies. The stalkers are too much.
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  17. It was practically a given at this point, but it's nice to have officially confirmation: earlier today, the devs just said that a Yakuza: Like A Dragon sequel is currently in development and they hope to be able to show it sometime next year. The first one was easily one of the best games of 2020 so I'm very much here for this.

  18. I'm intrigued to see how the games will look.
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  19. Naur I still have to wait for the scary part. This story though. Wow. Maybe the best ever in a game?
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  20. The way I know this is Last of Us 2 because of this. The HOSPITAL. Full horror
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