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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Nn I’m more or less live posting. Abby just got that good D. Good for ha. Trying to get through the hospital ASAP because I know it’s going to be a major struggle for me.
  2. Life is Strange: True Colours is really lovely. Nice to see the series on the up
  3. I am having a fuckin blast with Metroid Dread
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  4. I finished The Last of Us, and I think I’ll be ruined for the next month or so.
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  5. The Ground Zero Hospital - wow, what a moment. A moment most pleasing to me in Naughty Dog’s career.
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  6. Guess i'm going broke before Christmas! Genshin Impact was trending on Twitter yesterday with this new character. A change from the usual androgynous male characters.

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  7. I am still patiently waiting for Cyno, temptation be damned.
  8. I've only just found out Ashley Tisdale voices one of the main 5 characters in House Of Ashes, and I'm obsessed with how uncanny valley they've made her character look... almost like her.
    Like it's her facial features on someone else's face nn
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  9. Is he coming out during the patch that just launched or "sometime during the rest of the year"? I haven't been playing but have been stockpiling some Primogems (not too much) and the free rolls they gave out.

    I already have Venti, Ganyu, and Zhong-li, so I'm full on meta units and can just start pulling characters I like at this point.
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  10. He’ll most likely come out in 2.3, mid to late November. I’m trying to save as much primogems as possible but I’ll likely have to spend money. I got C1 Kokomi out of the blue. Everyone hates her because she’s not Meta but I love her design.

    I’m jealous of your Zhong-li. I have all the geo characters accept for him.
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  11. My Yae Miko primos are sweating.
  12. Honestly, Zhong-li's shield ability is probably so good that it made me a much sloppier, worse player overall.

    I got him before his buffs were made, so it was such a nice surprise later on when he became (arguably) overpowered.

    I'm so out of the loop, probably about 2 patches behind. Is Kokomi the new healer type?
  13. Yes she's a new healer but some of her kit can work as an offensive applicator. Somewhat similar to Fischel with OZ. Her burst is somehat powerful so you can use her as a sub DPS during that limited time.
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  14. I can't stop thinking about The Last of Us Part II. The way anyone who dislikes it gets it so wrong.
  15. Yas militant TLOU stans rise up rise this is the beginning
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  16. I'm watching some negative reviews, and the way men violently refuse to experience emotion is genuinely deranged. Please seek therapy.

    Also the gag of them all looking up to and seeing themselves in Joel and realizing he's infallible. Not to mention their complete inability to let women decide their own destiny. Ugh. Girls, I'm heated.
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  17. I would tell you to avoid r/LastOfUs2 because it was full of toxic psychos obsessed with hating the game… but they orchestrated some weird shit against a YouTuber and shut down. An absolute kiki.

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  18. Meh, I've just never been enamoured with the... morals (I guess?) TLOU2 forcefully beat to death with a spoon. Like... yes, massacre countless people but because you spared one at the very end we learnt violence and revenge are bad!

    This video summed it up for me pretty much (even if you don't agree it's still funny):
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  19. Nn the fact their review was the best one.

    I don't know. I didn't read it that way at all and thought its strength was the moral ambiguity.

    Like, Ellie wasn't thinking about morality at the end. She just realized that killing Abby wasn't going to end her suffering. She didn't really get a fully "sad" ending either, since 1) she lived and 2) she was able to move on.

    If anything I read it more as a comment on individual agency vs. social structure/environment. Everyone got so wrapped up in the post-apocalyptic, dog eat dog situation they were thrown into, but in the end they realized how miserable and pointless playing along was. Abby wanted to spend her energy ending the whole thing (by joining the Fireflies and presumably finding a cure), while Ellie kinda just walked away from it all (literally, now that I think about it).

    I think we're the ones projecting any morals on the game. I honestly don't think the game did much moralizing because everything was so grey.
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  20. I…honestly do not understand how some people find TLOU Part II either preachy or spoon feeding. I think it’s done a marvellous job at just presenting these extreme situations and individuals for what and who they are and leaving answers up in the air for people to decide. I never got the impression that it was trying to moralise or imply that a certain notion was better or other one worse. Just a really effective observation on human behaviour.mp3
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