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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I started playing Final Fantasy 14 last month as a way to kill time during my job search. Just checked my in-game playtime and I’ve managed to put 250+ hours into it already ddd
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  2. I think for me, a key thing is that 'playable Ellie' and 'cutscene Ellie' are essentially 2 different people - Playable Ellie can cheerfully kill people (and dogs!) in the most brutal of fashions but Cutscene Ellie isn't fazed by death whatsoever unless it was someone who died in a cutscene. It doesn't take those 2 worlds and put them together like the original TLOU did.

    The ending just leaves me cold at the end of things. If you're gonna make a game about how actually growing up in a post-apocalyptic, finding out you had a chance to save the world but the person you trust most in the world intervened without your say and wiped out a whole community just to spare you, and then having that person brutally killed in front of you before you can truly make amends with them fucks you up... maybe don't let the character casually massacre everyone she can like it's GTA but suddenly have a conscience because of another random death the moment a cutscene hits.
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  3. Put the rest of this post in a spoiler!
  4. I wish I could get into it. I don't really binge play games. I only play games a few times a week for a few hours at a time. And MMOs are such a time commitment. I also really want to speed through Realm Reborn base game story and get to, what I keep being told, is even greater stories in the expansions. But it's just such a time commitment and I play on console so it's a bit more clunky to me.
  5. What cut scene deaths are you talking about? Genuine question. I can only think about Nora, Owen and Mel. It didn’t seem like Ellie cared much about Owen. And I don’t think it was out of character for Ellie to be shook after killing an unborn baby. So really only Nora is potentially incongruous, but even there it’s unclear what exactly happened after the scene cuts. My understanding is Ellie got particularly nasty in killing her, and it subconsciously got to her, manifesting physically as shakes. Delayed, sure. But is that not a normal human response?

    I don’t know. I’m trying to give the ludonarrative whatever argument the benefit of the doubt but I don’t see it at all. Or at the very least I don’t see how it’s not endemic to video games period.

    Weird sexist stuff aside, a lot of the criticism still boils down to: “it wasn’t what I wanted and therefore it’s bad.”
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  6. I think I’m with you on this. Even if it didn’t get everything right, even if it veers a little close to mindless violent revenge at times… it is still an absolute narrative feast, and miles ahead of any other video game.
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  7. It took me a couple tries before it clicked with me. It’s pretty boring until around the Level 15 quests when you start getting dungeons. But, I will agree that it doesn’t REALLY pick up until the end of Realm Reborn/start of Heavensward. It’s absolutely fantastic from then onward, but yeah most people who play the game will say A Realm Reborn is a bit of a “right of passage” to the really good stuff because it is a bit of a slog.

    Also, if you play on console but don’t like controller setups, you can use keyboard and mouse on console too!
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  8. Oo I didn't know that. Although I don't have a wireless keyboard as I only have a laptop. But that's good to consider.
    Yeah I think if I was someone who played like all day all the time I could power through Realm Reborn and get to the stuff i'm more excited for. But it's just tough. Especially when it's also $15 a month and I feel the stress of making that subscription worth it.
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  9. If you want to give it another shot but aren’t sure about the price, if you make a brand new Square-Enix account you can play through Heavensward and level up to 60 in the free trial with no time limit! There are some things you can’t do, like join a Free Company or sell on the Market Board, but if you want to just try get through A Realm Reborn without the stress of having to pay it’s a good option! It’s actually what I did, I didn’t buy the game until I was close to the end of ARR and found a Free Company I wanted to join.
  10. Regarding Tales of Arise ... I'm convinced these reviews claiming to have beat the game in 40 hours were just lying. My party feels underpowered and I'm 48 hours in with at least a couple hours to go.

    This game does not make advancing your party easy. The stress I have over getting enough items and earning gald.
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  11. I dont think I know a better game than The Last of Us 2
  12. I hated The Last of Us Part 2 ddd
  13. It took me way longer than 40 hours. I think when reviewers give those kinds of times for a RPG, what they mean is "it takes 40 hours if you rush through the story and ignore most side content", which I guess makes sense for a reviewer in a hurry, but it's probably not how most people actually play.

    I actually liked that, unlike most JRPGs, you don't just start swimming in money after a certain point in the game, it feels more balanced this way. I usually always had enough to craft the next tier of weapons as well as buying a few healing items, but I didn't really bother with making fancy accessories until the end of the game. One thing you can always do is sell a few monster materials for some extra gald, because if you chain battles, you'll end up getting way more materials than you actually need, especially if you also have someone with an accessory that increases drops. The artifacts are really worth collecting too, since you can double the amount of exp, SP and CP you get after battles if you get all of them, though the ones that give the biggest boosts are rewards for some of the hardest sidequests, though they should be doable around the time you're in the final dungeon.
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  14. Red Dead Redemption 2 would like to have a word with you.
  15. Well I can think of games I'd personally love more but narrative? Writing? Gameplay? Terror? Acting? The Last of Us 2 just captures it all.
  16. Tales of Arise is…really not gripping me. I’m unsure if it’s the overly formulaic plot structure or lack of levity in the early game but it’s just a SLOG
  17. How far into the game are you? I totally get what what you mean about the plot structure being formulaic, because at one point it really feels like you're just going to do the same thing five times, but things take an unexpected turn in the fourth area, and I'd say the story really kicks into high gear from then onward. And, not to spoil anything, but there's a lot more to the story after you beat the fifth lord. The last few hours of the game, before the final dungeon, really had me glued to the screen.

    There are plenty of typical Tales lighter moments too, but they do happen more later in the game when you have a full party and the party members start getting closer to each other. I think the party members, the way they grow over the course of the story, and the dynamics between them are extremely strong in this game. Some characters, like Shionne, are great from the get go, but even Kisara, who starts off a bit one-note and plain, ends up becoming a hugely likeable character and an important part of the group. It's honestly one of my favourite JRPG parties ever.
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  18. I don't know how those reviewers beat the game without doing side quests and grinding, is the thing. The game makes it damn near impossible to skip all the side quests. If you did, you'd be really lacking in gald and SP.

    And I mostly agree. I just think it could have been balanced a little bit better. Make the orange gels a tad cheaper, something. I've been grinding battles with the extra items cooking effect, to sell more materials, but even then it doesn't seem to be enough. I certainly never have enough extra gald to actually bother with accessories. All of my funds go to replenishing item stock after bosses kick my ass.

    I'd say this game has been 75 percent total joy and 25 percent absolute slog. I didn't mind the formulaic bits in the beginning areas, but after beating Vohlran, when Dohalim's all like, "It's only just beginning!" I started to feel irritated. The next five hours after that was just grinding battles for me and getting through endless dialogue. I'm now in Lenegis and things are getting interesting again, but I'm definitely just ready for this to wrap up.

    And the party is OK. I think Alphen, Shionne, and Dohalim are all great. The other three are dead weight, narratively. I think it says a lot that the most interesting thing about Rinwell to me is her owl.
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  19. What difficulty are you playing on? I started on normal but changed to moderate a few hours in, and the extra SP you get from battles definitely helps makes your party stronger, and random battles are still fairly easy, and even bosses aren't that much harder I think.

    Another thing that really helps with gald is fishing. Some fish sell for a bit, and it's not a particularly hard or time consuming thing to do.
  20. Looks like it's set to normal. I didn't realize you get extra rewards from upping the difficulty, so maybe toggling it to moderate for random encounters isn't a bad idea. Thanks!

    I tried doing that for a bit but decided I wasn't making much more gald than I would by selling items, and at least that way I'm simultaneously getting exp. and SP.
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