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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Yeah, I was feeling like random battles were too easy early on, so I upped the difficulty, and it was worth ti because the 1.25x SP you get in moderate mode really adds up.

    The fish you get early on aren't particularly valuable, but once you have better fishing rods/bait you can get some valuable ones easily. I thought the fishing minigame was really well done, because while usually that kind of thing is very reliant on luck/grinding, you actually have a lot of control which fish you get in ToA (because of the bait/button combos and each area only having a handful of fish types) so it's not hard at all to get the ones you need/collect them all (and the skits you get after getting each of the rare fish are pretty cool).
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  2. Despite the heterosexuality, Uncharted 4 is kinda fun. It's a lot prettier than I expected too.
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  3. I signed up for 3 months of Playstation Now to try it, I can finally replay Fallout New Vegas!
  4. I like that they put some games on there that you can download as opposed to streaming. I wish the library had some more heavy hitter PS4 titles but, it's not bad.
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  5. BTG


    The best game of all time is actually the #187 in the official GameJustuce rate classic, Until Dawn.
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  6. Until Dawn was the first game I tried after signing up and I ended up basically completing it in one long sitting I was obsessed.
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  7. Ok but, the best game of all time is actually the #1 in the official GameJustuce rate classic, Final Fantasy X.

  8. R.I.P. @Animalia. *sobs*
  9. I love smacking Seymour’s smug face with my sword whenever I replay this game

    … wait

  10. Whew the way this soundtrack never fails to make me want to strike some weaboo gay pose before I lift weights… iconic I fear
  11. Screaming. This looks horrendous.
  12. He... just isn't Nathan Drake. A hideous miscasting.
  13. I feared this wouldn‘t work.

    Isn‘t this some kind of prequel? Why use that plane scene from the third game.
  14. Yeah, I can’t get past this.
  15. I'm nearing the end of Red Dead 2, and while I'm enjoying it, I can't help but laugh that it hasn't received the same ludonarrative dissonance and emotional manipulation criticisms as TLOU.
  16. He looks like a Nathan Drake cosplayer at Comic-Con ddd.
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  17. All of Tom’s none MCU projects certainly are…choices
  18. Wait, how much have you been playing this cause that campaign is long nn.
  19. Well that certainly looks like a videogame movie.
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  20. The Sonic movie stays unbothered
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