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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. It looks cute enough but I can't say the concept seems particularly exciting? I'm a lot more interested in WitchBrook.
  2. [​IMG]

    I haven't even bothered watching the last few, but I'm curious about this one since it's going to be exclusively about third party games. Can't imagine they'd do a third party-focused State of Play if there wasn't something good to show.
  3. The OG 95 one because that recent reboot was not it.
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  4. New rhythm game I'll never play because it will never leave Japan's arcades plus a brand new song by the legendary Naoki himself? I can't help but stan
  5. Call a spade a spade, the Uncharted trailer looks fucking dreadful, woeful characterisation, awful attempt at tone, literally NOTHING interesting about it. When the best attempt at humour is a below basic Scottish accent (a bad one at that) dragging you know you’re in for a rough ride.

    Apologies, I’m very drunk but you’d think with the reputation of video game movies and the reputation of the Uncharted series that this is the one they’d want to get right. But that trailer is just what the actual fuck? Who’s approved this? Bin it and never speak of it again bye girls x
  6. I’m not surprised but RDR2 has such an individualistic view of America. The story is half baked as a result. Kind of a bummer since the Wild West/turn of the century America is such great source material for a truly great game.
  7. NOT me seeing the title thinking we were finally getting a sequel to Chrono Cross.
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  8. I mean true but it has Tom Holland so I am still perched
  9. That Uncharted movie looks....abysmal.
    I feel like someone out there wants to make Tom the next Chris Pratt in terms of "popular loveable MCU actor who shows up in any kind of action adventure movie" but the issue is that Tom looks like a kid doing dress up in these movies and doesn't embody the roles he lands.
    Chris can't act for shit and he's a turd of a human, but at least he looks the part and that's most of the battle won.
    Tom has the benefit of a) being an actually decent human being and b) acting ability but he looks so out of place in all his non MCU roles since getting the part of Spider-Man.

    On the subject of Marvel, the Guardians game looks kind of cool, but you can only play as Star Lord? I'd rather have more option but hey ho. Will still likely pick it up.
  10. I guess that year delay worked out pretty good
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  11. I didn’t have a chance to play, but the multiplayer got rave reviews during the beta.
  12. Yeah, the more open world elements of the campaign, the insane amount of customization for your spartan, and the season pass system they will use to add challenges and collectibles to get said customizables to the spartan. This Halo will have the most replay value any Halo has ever had, which is coming from someone who logged at least 5,000 matchmaking games from Halo 2 thru Halo 5.
  13. I will go slightly off topic but does anybody know which keyboard is compatible with Playstation 5? I am getting tired of writing with the controller when I play FF14.

    I was looking at i8 Mini Wireless Keyboard 2.4ghz because something small would be great since I am not playing PS5 at the desk but I don't want to waste money if it isn't compatible.
  14. Took a bit (63 hours!), but I finally beat Tales of Acclaim.

    Overall, wig. Probably top-tier Tales for me--maybe my third favorite, behind Symphonia and Berseria. (Though it may usurp Berseria as I let it digest. Time will tell.) Very rarely do I finish a game and think, "Wow, that was actually worth the long wait." But lo and behold. I can even forgive some of the technical problems, like the pop-in effects and (admittedly rare) slowdown during intense battles. Everything was otherwise impressively polished.

    I think if they continue with this battle system and general formula for future iterations, which they probably will, they could stand to just do some tweaking. I found myself bored with how long it took to get through random battles sometimes, and I insist that getting Gald was just a tad too difficult. I appreciate the scarcity of it, because it does incentivize going out and exploring to find materials to sell or do side quests, but it got to be annoying putting in hours upon hours to farm for funds just to buy items. And the other result was that I never had funds to really dig into accessory crafting.

    The cast grew on me. Dohalim was my favorite, but I also enjoyed Alphen and Shionne's dynamic. Kisara surprised me by being quite charming by the end (once you get past her constant reminding you of her brother). Law and Rinwell can go choke on some Fruit of Helgan, though.

    I am salty that Vohlran ended up being one of the lamest main villains I've seen in a Tales game. No real backstory, no interesting design (let's be real, you could swap him out with half a dozen other JRPG villains), and he doesn't even die in an interesting way--he just disappears.

    The plot was interesting at times but didn't quite culminate into anything as well-thought-out as it was teasing the whole game. They basically pulled a Dragon Ball and did a spirit bomb at the end. The themes it tossed in along the way were interesting, there just wasn't enough to tie at all together, I thought. Forgiveness was a theme of this game, but I didn't think it needed to be highlighted as the theme of the game in the ending scene. I was actually much more interested in the idea of Shionne's lack of physical connection with other people. They could have swapped the budget for those ending action scenes and given me a more touching moment between Alphen and Shionne about that at the end.

    Anyway, it earned the glowing reviews, and the reviews that didn't like it I'm convinced just rushed through it. I can't imagine trying to play through this game in a week for a review. These lengthy RPGs are such personal experiences that take time to settle in. and I imagine I'd also dislike this game if I had to cram in day-long sessions just to finish it.
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  15. Finally got around to play Dark Pictures: Little Hope, and... they really threw away a potentially great story for what they ended up giving us huh?
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  16. The fact that they did that

    after doing the exact same 'twist' in Man of Medan is still such a choice.

    It does seem the new one switches things up, though! For $30 it's worth it for me to split a playthrough with my husband, even if they're not all as good as something like Until Dawn.
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  17. The fact they had a great story with 'a town is doomed to have the same faces live and die in similar fates over and over again' with the newest incarnations frantically trying to stop the cycle only to go for "it's all in your head" within the last 60 seconds... all they had to do was not have the dumbass plot twist and tweak one or two things and it could've rivalled House of Ashes easily.
  18. I just had to post this because I know there are alot of FF fans here and you might appreciate it (I had to look up who she was myself because I'm not familiar with the characters dd). My favorite Overwatch League pro Super (Matthew DeLisi) promised an amazing cosplay and delivered.

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  19. I thought Rinwell was very likeable, and the way she grew and changed over the course of the game, both in terms of how she viewed herself/her background, and her relationships with the other characters, was great. And she has Hootle. Law was the weakest link though, I didn't dislike him but he was definitely not as interesting as the other five, though I do think having a character like that was necessary for some of the more light-hearted and less serious moments of the game.

    I agree that Vohlran wasn't very interesting, there was probably no need to bring him back in the second part of the game, it kind of feels like they only did it because there needed to be a human antagonist for boss battle purposes.

    I did love the story though, the way the second part of the game goes all Mass Effect and turns everything you knew about the world on its head was brilliant. And I liked the focus on forgiveness, hope, unity, etc. You could argue it was somewhat like a more mature approach to the "power of friendship" thing, but it felt genuine, especially after everything the characters went through together over the course of the game. I thought it was very effective and even heart-warming. After how dark Berseria was, Arise being a bit lighter and more optimistic was an unexpected, but pleasant, surprise.
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  20. I need the rumoured Spyro 4 that is (or was) supposed to be announced towards the end of the year to get revealed at today's State of Play

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