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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. My favorite video game reviewer, Tim Rogers (previously of Kotaku), makes incredibly in depth (and quite amusing) reviews, and he just released his Cyberpunk review... But it is actually a Choose Your Own Adventure Review... Which currently has 8 parts total, all of which range from an hour to 2 hours.

    ...Am I about to watch a 9 hour review series about Cyberpunk?
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  2. Oh I had just stumbled on this today, I was tempted to dive in on his Final Fantasy VII remake review, but his style of talking isn't something I like to have on in the background so I'll have to watch it with my full attention at some point.

    Side: he mentioned he makes 10k a month on patreon to produce these and that... shook me a little haha. Being A Personality Of An Industry can become so lucrative if you play your cards right.
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  3. Same!!! I need new Spyro so much. Even though i have a mixed feelings about Crash 4 (great ideas and execution for the most part but way too difficult for no reason) i have faith Spyro 4 would be awesome as long as they stay true to to original trilogy spirit.
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  4. Tim Rogers has legit industry clout and prestige (fully earned) so yeah he can get away with the more…self indulgent excess of his content
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  5. I'm honestly not sure what's wilder to me, that someone could come up 9+ hours worth of stuff to talk about a single game, or that that's something anyone would want to watch in full.
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  6. Dddd his 3 and a half hour Doom review is much more designed as a musing on both the game’s impact and personal relation to the game than standard review. This is the guy whose Metal Gear Solid 2 review basically helped to massively shift games journalism towards more in depth and considered reviews
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  7. I was chatting to a friend about this and my unfamiliarity with the idea comes from my discomfort with listening to one person‘s uninterrupted opinion for that long.

    I’ve always been more engaged with multiple viewpoints bouncing off eachother, I find it hard to keep focus with one person talking for so long.

    Despite this, I don’t care for most podcasts ddd, multiple voices or otherwise.

    I am intrigued by long form reviews though. Sure, 7 hours may seem too long, but the more common ten minute reviews are probably a tad too short.
  8. His Tokimeki Memorial review is incredible if you have six hours to kill ddd. He's been in the industry for decades and he's not on a time crunch, so he goes really in-depth on research and mechanics in a way that most standard outlets don't have the resources for.
  9. Ooh, I stan long video essays so let me quickly subscribe!

  10. Starting in 10 minutes.
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  11. Let's go girls.

  12. I can't wait for battle royale to die as a genre.
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  13. Aside from Spyro 4, I'd mostly like some FF16 news. But there are a lot of cool games coming out in Q1, so would be nice to just see a bit more of some of them.

    Is this the first time they've done a State of Play focused solely on third party games? At least I can't remember it ever happening before.
  14. That ofk trailer was the most cringeworthy thing I've ever seen ff
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  15. Death’s Door is a fantastic Souls/Zelda inspired title so I’m glad it’s hitting PlayStation
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  16. A fighting game with a staggering... eight playable characters?

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  17. Yeah, I'd been wanting to play that, best thing about this presentation so far.
  18. OMG!!!???????
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  20. He


    That wig on the Star Ocean character…
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