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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. This may be a dumb question, but when you buy eShop/PS Store/etc cards online from a store, do they actually mail you the physical cards, or just send you the codes? I'd never done that before, but I've been buying a few cheap ones these last few days since there's this black Friday promotion that involves making a purchase every day, and while I already have the codes, I'm just wondering whether I should also expect the physical cards in the mail or not.
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  2. On Xbox Store, you buy the game, it automatically adds the game to your account permanently, no code. It is now there on your machine to install. They do not send me anything.

    If I walk into Wakmart and buy the card with the code, I go to Xbox Store and enter the code and it adds it to my account.

    It sounds like PS gives you a code upon purchase without just adding the game you purchased to your account like it does for Xbox. Either way, as long as you have the code that is all you need for digital purchases and I doubt they mail anything.
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  3. Maybe it wasn't clear, but I didn't buy these from the Nintendo/PlayStation stores, I'd have just gotten the games directly if that was the case, I bought them online from Fnac, which is somewhat like Walmart. That's why I'm wondering if I'll be sent the actual cards or if they just email you the codes.
  4. I think you just get the codes. I would assume they are generated at checkout
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  5. Yeah, that's what I thought, though the store says the orders have been sent through the national post service, but I'm not sure if that's actually the case or if it's just an automated message even if no actual physical item was sent. It doesn't really matter either way, I was just curious about it.
  6. Thank you for the detailed review. And for sparing my time.
    The studio consists of two people from what i gather, so i'm not super surprised that there had to be compromises. Too bad. The art style and OST *are* beautiful though.
  7. Yes, they're from my town! That's why I hyped this project and bought in on day 1, but as it is it's kinda unplayable. I'll let you know if there are some changes in the future.
  8. Playing all games at 60FPS is fantastic, but I have to say the highlight of my first day with the PS5 have been the adaptive triggers of the controller. It feels amazing to play RE Village with them, and even though I have many other games to try, I kept coming back to the Mercenaries mode just to get that sensation. I checked the list of PS5 games with that feature and I bought Metro Exodus for 12€.
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  9. Aww that‘s cool. And thank you.

    I felt like this project was so worth rooting for, but it seems they might‘ve needed an investment/ more manpower from a bigger studio to create something truly magical. Hope they found their audience though.
  10. I’m so glad I took a chance on Guardians of the Galaxy. The movies really put me off then as a team but damn this game makes them feel like a real team and family. The story is so strong and the harmony in combat is great. I’m loving how you can still give commands to the other members and they bring something different to one another.
    The script is also fab, the mix of comedy and drama feels correct and there is none of the odd pacing and sharp tonal shifts present in the movies.

    tl:dr I am Groot?
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  11. Two questions for you all: 1) Is RE: Village scary? For reference, I found The Last of Us scary/stressful but fun, but I've never played a Resident Evil. Also considering the RE: 2 remake. 2) Am I crazy for considering buying Call of Duty for local (couch/splitscreen) multiplayer? I want a survival game for me and my boyfriend, but they seem rare nowadays (though Back 4 Blood had that capability but apparently it doesn't).
  12. Don’t support Activision by buying COD
  13. You'll be fine with RE Village and 2 if you were fine with The Last of Us. Village is divided into sections, some more action-heavy than the other games but also one in particular is definitely more terrifying.

    RE2 is more balanced between action and horror. A tiny bit more scary than The Last of Us I would say, but not to the point of Village.
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  14. Ugh I didn't realize they were associated with (or the same as?) Blizzard.

    Anyone have a rec for (local) split screen online multiplayer? Something more survival-y and adult, ideally.
  15. Witcher 3 is 80% off on Xbox's huge sale, so I grabbed it. Time to find out what all its rave reviews were about.
  16. The entire police station in RE2 remake is quite terrifying, I loved being able to relive it all again completely fresh with modern graphics. I've played the original probably 1000 times over the years, never gets old.
    It's a shame what they did to RE3 remake, such a wasted opportunity to expand on what was already a short (but great) game.
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  17. Snagged Tales of Arise on sale this weekend and Shionne is hitting a specific pleasure center in my brain typically reserved for Sailor Moon.
  18. Finally got around to starting the PS4 version of Psychonauts today, in preparation for the sequel, and I'm really impressed how well the game holds up. The graphics show their age of course, but the striking art style makes up for it, and everything else is still fantastic, the gameplay is really smooth for such an old game, and I'd forgotten just how good the writing and voice acting were. Really enjoyable to replay the game after all these years, since I'd only played it once back when it was released, especially knowing there's a sequel to look forward to after I beat it.
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  19. The sequel is everything the original wanted to be and more. A complete triumph
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  20. After Tales of Vesperia and playing a little bit of I Am Setsuna, I again got too depressed to play games. But I'm feeling like I'm ready to get back into them. However, I found the first few hours of Setsuna pretty boring and I'm debating whether to give it a few more hours or drop it for Tokyo Mirage Sessions. I love the atmosphere of Setsuna but somehow the battle system is not really that fun despite being Chrono Trigger-like. The enemy designs are so uninspired.

    I do feel like it would be more fair to the game to give it a few more hours because RPGs tend to have slow starts. At the same time, I usually really like the beginning stages of a game, when the game is setting everything up, so...
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