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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I know I’m really late to the party, but I finally completed Red Dead 2 after not playing it for quite a while. The two-part epilogue was longer than I expected. Arthur’s last ride was beautiful. The credits at the end were, surprisingly, a highlight for me. Seeing Mary at Arthur’s grave was just heartbreaking. It really is a stunning game from start to finish. The storytelling and character development were amazing. I did a lot of exploration, but since it was such a big game, I skipped collecting a lot of things for the sake of completing the story. I’m definitely going back and doing it all over again so I can do more hunting and exploring. Hands down, one of the most amazing and fulfilling gaming experiences I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy.
  2. After 80 hours and three save files (because I’m insane and just randomly decided 20-30 hours in that I didn’t like the look or the class of my Wardens on first two saves) I’ve finally finished Dragon Age Origins main campaign nn.

    The fact that I still have Awakening, 2 and Inquisition to go through.
  3. Skip to Inquisition, it’s all about Dorian.
  4. Awakening and 2 are great as well though!
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  5. Oh I know. But Dorian though.
    His relationship Tarot card is my phone case nn.
    I need to go back and play the earlier ones again.
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  6. It's tempting because it's been years since I played DA:I and I've never played Trespasser DLC! But the completionist within me deems that I need to create a world state from the scratch by actual playing each games.
  7. Finished Luigi's Mansion 3 (aka the main story, not all those gems) and that was fun.
    Now rushing through Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu to give these games back to my colleague, I borred them I think about 18 months ago, rip.
  8. Never got into Origins much, but 2 and Inquisition are masterpieces.
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  9. Okay girls. I kinda hate Persona 5 Royal. It's not the gameplay, since I'm like 30 hours in already, but the premise and stories just don't hit for me. It's giving teenage psychobabble melodrama, but without sufficient camp to engage my faggy sensibilities.

    Also the gender politics are bizarro. Poor Ann is just constantly getting abused nn. Honestly if I could play as her and kill all the men I'd enjoy it a lot more.
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  10. I’ve not played it but knowing this thread you are gonna get eviscerated beb.
  11. Makoto did not ride in looking like hell on wheels serving rock chick in the house to be declared ‘not sufficiently camp’.
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  12. To be fair, I've only completed two palaces (waiting for the third to pop up). But so far I've only gotten weird sexual objectification (of Ann, constantly), horny teenage boys (the teacher...), a boring gay character, and heterosexual romance.
  13. Finally sent my Joycon in to get the drift fixed.
  14. The story is kinda bad yeah
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  15. I loved Ann as much as the next cig but my fave part of P5R was the “bromance” (ick) between Joker and Ryuji and pretending they were gay for each other nn
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  16. I genuinely don't see any criticisms towards the P5R story that can't be leveled at JRPGs as a genre. Outside of a few questionable implications about sexuality (that were thankfully altered a bit in Royal) the only fault of the storytelling is that it's long, but that's kind of the series' 'thing'.

    If this isn't camp I don't want to be gay anymore

  17. Fair enough. I think you’re right that it’s more a critique of JPRGs in general. I expected I’d feel this way but wanted to try it out.
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  18. To be fair, Ann being objectified does make sense in the context of the story, because her being seen as this exotic beauty due to being mixed-race, and the way she gets treated because of it, and how she overcomes it, is a big part of her character. None of the rest of the (fantastic) female cast, which I guess @theelusivechanteuse probably hasn't met yet, get that treatment.
  19. I don't disagree that it's relevant to the plot but it's just...a lot. Kamoshida basically tries to rape her, Ryuji and the main character try to pimp her out, she more or less agrees to pose nude...despite being underage, her confidant is Lovers (with a "Sexy Technique" ability to boot), and everyone is constantly objectifying her (Morgana, Ryuji, Yusuke, Sojiro, etc.).

    But I also have issues with the treatment of the Shiho and Sadayo, at least so far. Watching three horned up teenagers degrade their homeroom teacher (albeit arguably unintentionally) was painful. I don't know. I think there is a difference between representing reality and exploitation and the game veers toward exploitation imo. I'll see how things go though, obviously.
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