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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Should have done that from the start.
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  2. Really! Sony and their bonehead decision making. If they were smarter they’d have also made a successor to the Vita. Now the Switch, Steamdeck and possibly future iterations of portables from Alienware and the like will put the kibosh on that.

    The only reason the Vita failed was Sony.
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  3. The Vita bombed too hard to make any successor a safe bet. Especially when Sony as a whole relies so heavily on Playstation
  4. I got Metroid Dread for my birthday and fuck I hate the E.M.M.I.
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  5. The Vita does remain incredible. I treasure mine.
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  6. It’s The Game Awards tomorrow so expect maybe a gag or two? We got Mass Effect, Perfect Dark, Dragon Age and others last year so would be nice to see some nice teases.
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  7. I'm hoping Spyro 4 gets announced, unless it ended up getting cancelled (or the rumours about it just weren't true). The rumoured Chrono Cross remake/remaster would be nice too. Would love some concrete news about Dragon Age and Mass Effect too, aside from "they're coming within the next few years", and about FF7R-2 and/or FF16 too.
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  8. Wig at Halo Infinite turning things around in 12 months and getting an acclaimed campaign. Really happy for the team that a next gen punching bag managed to prove people wrong
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  9. If this supposed Chrono Cross remaster actually happens I think I might just pass away.
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  10. I think it’s basically confirmed so here’s hoping it’s like…a good remaster and not one of Square’s rougher efforts ddd
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  11. Yaas! Got my Shin Megami Tensei steelbook priced matched since it’s on sale everywhere for $40. I’ll probably just wait until it comes out on PC for better graphics and performance.
  12. There's no chance Chrono Cross is coming to Switch, right?
  13. Playstation, Windows and Switch has been the template for their PS1-remasters so far, so... there's a chance.
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  14. Finally returned Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Odyssy, Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Zelda Breath of Wild to my colleague after I think about one and half years... I finished the first two and couldn't be bothered with Pokemon... And never opened Zelda BoW sorry, I will someday borrow it again. Saves me a lot of coins to just borrow the games and return them to him, he's an avid physical collector and I'll treat him to game soon!
  15. Oh crap it’s on Thursday not today
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  16. Nn what? How unfinished is this game
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  17. For Halo to be like the Xbox title, really, it's amazing how much they are floundering with this new one.
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  18. Did you bother to read reviews or?
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  19. Well that's certainly one way to not live up to your title.
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  20. I’ve never really understood the Microsoft hate in this thread. Maybe the lack of camp because Japan never got behind the console? Anyway, I too am glad to see Halo Infinite getting great reviews. If nothing else it’s healthy for the industry to have more big players.

    In other news, fuck off Ubisoft.
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