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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. The time wasting in AC: Odyssey was astounding. I gave up on it fairy early and decided not to bother with Valhalla. I have loved the series but I feel I need a loooong break.
  2. If you can get past the fact that it's a Ubisoft game, it's quite fun. There is some variation in the missions, other than "go here, do the kills".

    The setting is quite interesting, if you can suspend your disbelief that all the famous people from ancient Greece just happen to be around for your character to meet, at the same time.

    I found it quite interesting just to sail / walk around, looking at the landscapes, climbing up things and exploring locations.

    Of course, with any modern open world game, especially one that's been around for a few years, once you reach a certain point in the story, it will bombard you with a huge number of side quests, and you will feel a little overwhelmed, and that you're completing so many tasks with no real progression, but if you can get past that and focus on a specific quest line, you can pull through it.
    I can't really say much on the difficulty, unfortunately.

    There's also the exploration mode, which just allows you to travel through the setting, with a little explanation on everything you see, but I never really looked much into that so I can't say any more.
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  3. OK, so what are we playing during the holiday break/quarantine, ladies?

    I’ve had a smattering of games keeping me occupied lately. Started It Takes Two with the boyfriend, which so far is good fun and charming, if a bit “clever by half” with the writing sometimes. I continue to be awful at Age of Empires IV, but it really is an underrated gem from this year, I think. Total throwback while also being polished (though missing some content). And I’ve, surprisingly, been going back to Demon’s Souls on PS5 to scratch my action-RPG itch. It’s maddening to play sometimes, of course, but provides a nice sense of accomplishment while I isolate and otherwise have nothing meaningful to do. Slaying demons while my T cells slay Rona, etc.

    Also got Shin Megani Tensei V for Christmas, so I’ll surely be adding that to the mix soon.
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  4. You're going to hear a lot about how long the game is, how big the map is, how much there is to do (with varying comments on how bloated the game is with extra content). It's true, the game has a lot in it, but it's really up to you as far as how much you want to tackle. My last save game was well over 200 hours, but that's only because I'm one of those 'weirdos' ddd that has to do every little thing and it's never exhausting to me. It's just how my mind works, I suppose. So the map is very large. It only has a fraction of the number of islands that Greece actually has, but if you know anything about Greek geography, that's still a lot of islands to explore! There is a "story mode" difficulty option, so enemies are not as difficult. Combat is basically hack with swords/axes/spears/hammers or bow & arrow. There's not really any extensive crafting or alchemy or anything like that, basically pick up better weapons and use them, sell/breakdown the crappy stuff, rinse and repeat style looting. The map will have tons of little 'question marks' scattered about and most of them are just bandit hideouts and other non-important diversions. None of this is required for the main storyline. So try not to feel overwhelmed by it all, only try out all the different kinds of 'points of interest' early on and find out what you enjoy doing. Otherwise, stick to the main stories, which is extraordinary. Kassandra is a treasure, one of the best video game characters you will ever get the honor to play as. The 'assassination tree' is huge and extremely fun to find clues and hunt down the targets, sneaking up on them when they least expect you. I love this part of the game a lot. The abilities tree is easy to follow and the abilities themselves are fun to use. Shield Breaker and Second Wind are your friends early on! Use your hawk to scout all the time, it's going to help you more than you'll ever know. Mercenaries give you great gear, prioritize killing some as early as possible. Make sure you don't try to fight an enemy with a red level number above their head, you will lose and get frustrated if you keep trying to attack them. That goes for the map too, stay away from the map areas with a suggested level well above your own. Use that as an indication of what order you should explore areas of the map, lower level areas first and so forth. Enjoy the view, the art is breath-taking.
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  5. Trying to finish Control on Playstation 4.
    It's been a long, long time since I played it, so I was very surprised that within ~5 minutes I had remembered all the controls and mechanics.
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  6. That's always my issue with games. I put them down for months and then come back and have no idea what I did last, what I was going to do next, or what buttons do what.
  7. I recently got hooked on both Link's Awakening, which is likely going to be the first Zelda game I actually beat, and Dungeon Encounters, the SE dungeon exploration RPG, which is surprisingly excellent. Aside from those two, I think I'm going to try wrapping up a few games I've almost beaten but not quite in the next few days, like the Mass Effect 3 remaster (literally only the last mission left, but I've been putting it off for ages) and Psychonauts 2.
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  8. Yeah, they all should have a little box that says "Hey, you haven't played for a while. Do you want to run through the tutorial again?" or a "Previously on..." TV style quick recap.
  9. Video game ish but I swapped out the hard drive from my PS4 to a new 1TB one instead… super easy and apart from the total 4 hours of backing up and restoring from back up I’ve noticed a marked improvement in loading times
  10. Enjoy! I was just thinking the other day about whether there are any recent games I’d add to my Ultimate Gamejustice lineup since it finished, and I think Control (and maybe Ghost of Tsushima) would find a home.

    I wish I could experience the last level in Control for the first time again.
  11. He


    I also picked up Control again after finishing the main campaign and loving it. I had left the Foundation DLC halfway, and I got my ass handed to me many times trying to remember how to play, ddd.
    Now I am onto the Alan Wake DLC.

    I also just finished the main story of God of War but can't be bothered with stuff like killing all the Valkyries.

    Next I am doing Outer Worlds, and then I will see what come from my list. Maybe an RPG or an indie. Definitely getting Kena in January.
  12. I’m so intrigued to see what Obsidian do with ‘Avowed’, to see them do a Skyrim like in their own universe is hype af
  13. Checking out Death’s Door on the Switch. Nice Zelda-esque experience so far.
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  14. In a bit worried about it - it lost a bunch of key staff recently, and it feels like it might end up in development hell… or just an out-and-out mess.
  15. I’d be more worried but I’m suspecting it will be a smaller scale experience than the likes of Elder Scrolls, closer to how The Outer Worlds was relatively pretty small fry content wise
  16. Without perusing spoilers, what general hour mark would you girls project you get a full party in Arise? While I'm enjoying the early game I always struggle with getting into Tales games prior to that point, so giving myself a mile marker of sorts would be a nice incentive.
  17. I'm not sure if by "full party" you mean having four characters (the max you can have in battle) or all of them, but either way

    you get the third character at the end of the first realm, the fourth character sometime in the second realm, and then the fifth and sixth in the third realm.

    I don't remember how long it took me, but I don't think it takes very long to have four characters at least.
  18. Might fuck about and play the Tomb Raider trilogy because nothing else is really appealing atm and feels like potentially cute way to game through the rest of the holidays?
  19. They’re all pretty solid! I think Rise is my favourite but they all are shades of great even if not everyone likes the shift in tone
  20. I’ve just got 4 and I’m at around 20 hours but I may be slower/quicker than most
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