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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Tokyo Mirage Sessions is absolutely ridiculous and all the better for it, and with how many mechanics it shares with Persona, it's got some of the most satisfying, modern-feeling turn based combat I've played in a while.
  2. Yes! It's a perfect fit specifically for anyone looking for a Persona game minus the daily social sim aspect and 100+ hour runtime. Just a very streamlined experience from the start to finish.

    It also speaks to its quality in that they lifted so much of Shin Megami Tensei 5's UI/UX from it. The battles just feel so clean and modern.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions is FLAWLESS. I legitimately love every single thing about that game and honestly it's one of my favorite games I've EVER played. You're in for a treat @Raichu!
  4. Glad to hear. I'm excited. Turn-based systems are my favorite. What is the difficulty like?
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  5. Tokyo Mirage Sessions being discussed simultaneously in both in the Video Games and Nintendo threads, despite having been released years ago? The impact!
  6. Game's not terribly difficult if I recall correctly, but some of the chapter bosses can require a decent bit of on the fly tactical planning during them. They have a lot of HP and you'll want to use some of your special gauge (It's been a while, I can't remember what the in-game name of it was).
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  7. Playing Ghosts of Tsushima and forcing Jin to bathe a hundred times so I can “regain health.”

  8. BTG


    The way I was not ready for baring Jin’s ass 18 times to be necessary in order to get 100% in Ghosts of Tsushima.

    I got it as a gift at Christmas and I’m actually enjoying it? It is overrated (it’s a standard third person, open world game) but it’s stunning to look at, I like the setting and Jin is daddy.

    My biggest problem is that the story is so slight and there’s not a lot of variation in the side quests. There’s moments where the game veers into the supernatural/Japanese mythology and I’d love them to lean further into that for a sequel.
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  9. Yeah, it’s good but not great. The story is standard cishet male honor, justice, war, whatever, and I don’t know why they decided to split every cut scene into like four parts with two meter walks in between. Fortunately I love swordplay (kii). And it’s pretty (despite being a bit clunky and cheap looking at times).
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  10. Games making me slowly walk while it tells story at me rather than just letting me sit back and watch a cut scene. Electric chair
  11. Another really annoying thing is important dialogue happening in the middle of a fast-paced battle. Bit hard to focus on both things at the same time ff
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  12. Agreed that Ghost of Tsushima is stunning but has extremely repetitive gameplay. Once you've learnt the four stances for the different enemies there's literally not a lot else to challenge you. It needed something new for every stage of the island.

    I do love the second area though where every step you take a frog goes flying kii
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  13. Games where you inexplicably have to listen to a character monologuing before they press a button or a switch or something and so you end up running around in circles on the spot or jumping on boxes.

  14. I know it's very old man yelling at cloud but regular active participation in cutscenes/exposition is reason enough to uninstall a game for me.
  15. RJF


    In-game voiced dialogue not being levelled with music and sound effects is a problem I’ve found across the board in nearly every game I’ve played. Like, the music in certain cutscenes of Xenoblade just swallows lines of dialogue.

    It can produce a scream or twelve though. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle anyone?
  16. Speaking of old men, am I the only one having problems reading all the text in menus these days because it's so small? I have placed the TV pretty far from the sofa (2,5 meters, 55" screen) to avoid exhausting my eyes and brain too much, but I fear it's almost having the opposite effect because I keep squinting and have to actively focus to read smaller text.

    When I play older games on my TV it's rarely an issue, so I wonder if this has to do with HUDs growing smaller to enhance the cinematic experience or... if it's literally just my eyes becoming farsighted nñn.
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  17. I also got Ghost of Tsushima for Christmas and was finally able to start it this weekend. I fully agree with everyone here, while the game is stunning and it's been a good deal of fun, the amount of praise it receive did not prepare me for how clunky the game is: riding the horse, moving around, enemies getting stuck behind trees, generally being really suspicious how they landed a hit on you, and how repetitive the combat is.

    I plan on finishing the game and think I'll have fun with it, but a bit overhyped.
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  18. I think this is how I feel. I suppose I am not a fan of "open world" exploration but I just couldn't finish the game. Visually stunning but slightly clunky and I just got bored. I am so confused where I am at the story because there are so many random side quests and the overall objective got lost.
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  19. Just beat Returnal and wow, what a game. Probably my favorite game on the PS5 so far.

    Fantastic gameplay and a very intriguing story. Highly recommended!
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  20. Fff Red Dead Redemption 2
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