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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Nn I also got Ghost of Tsushima for Christmas and agree with the above. I was... expecting more. It's fun but very repetitive, slightly sterile, has a lot of stuff but not much content. The AI is mind-boggling bad; the enemies are so dumb that they're dull. You can tell where the quests are going 99% of the time. I'm about halfway through the second island I guess, it's a cute January romp but definitely a let down.
  2. BTG


    The way Jin raked in those Christmas sales.

    I’m intrigued to see what direction they go in for a sequel. Given the setting, there’s only so much landscape variation you can have. I do think they’ll have to go full mythology or it will literally look like the same game.

    As long as the hot springs and Yuna return. And Tomoe and her Kunimitsu drag if she doesn’t end up dead by the end of this first game.
  3. The PlayStation Now/+ overhaul looks to be getting announced like sooner rather than later.
  4. The most fun I had playing Ghost of Tsushima was stealthing my way through all the Mongol camps, this was the closest to playing Tenchu I've got since Fatal Shadows years ago.
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  5. Ah, Fatal Shadows… one of my favorite PS2 games.

    I wish they’d bring Tenchu back somehow.
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  6. Managed to finally get an Xbox Series S today. Pretty stoked actually. Got Quantum Break, Ryse Son of Rome and Greedfall Gold Edition.

    is there a list of Xbox users here for friends etc?
    also taking suggestions for Xbox exclusives and the like.
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  7. My Xbox Live user is JoeAlouder if you wanna add :)
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  8. There's a spreadsheet with people's various gaming usernames/codes/etc in the first post of this thread!
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  9. Some of my friends are getting back into Genshin Impact... I haven't played it in months but damn i'm thinking about it.
  10. Ddd playing a vocal track while characters muffled voices try and compete with it. Only an icon.
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  11. If anyone wants to add me I'm Grantygoogoo.
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  12. I’m seriously tempted to get a Series S because apparently it came emulate PS2 games
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  13. We're also close to a PSVR2 reveal do Sony is going to eat this year up
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  14. Ddd, if only we could just play our discs on the PS5. Sad that we have to go to Xbox in order to play PS2 games.

    On that note, I’ve been playing through Ninja Gaiden 2 on my Series X and the 4K 60fps is glorious.
  15. The fact I still need my ps2, 3 and 4 in order to play older games is part of the reason why I switched to Xbox for next gen gaming.
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  16. DJ HA2E on Xbox Live.
  17. Hitman 3 (plus 1 and 2 as part of the ‘Hitman Trilogy’) coming to Game Pass next week.

    And here was me about to buy it!
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  18. Do you think it’s worth stockpiling cheap plus codes?
  19. Knowing Sony this generation I’d…probably not. Stuff like the next gen upgrade charges etc don’t have me hopeful they’ll be super generous
  20. The Xbox Series S is so sleek and sexy. I've already named her Xena. Cannot wait to get diving with some games.
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