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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I finally got around to finishing the ME3 remaster... What a game. What a trilogy. Mass Effect 2 and 3 are truly two of the very best games ever made, and going through the whole trilogy, the journey from the first mission in ME1 to the last in ME3 really is a gaming experience unlike any other, it's just on another level.
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  2. Looking forward to playing some Tokyo Mirage Sessions this weekend. I'm excited about what you all have said about the battle system. Love me some good strategic turn-based combat.
  3. I’ve never played the series before and have the Legendary Edition installed on my Xbox. This is making me want to fire up the first game this weekend!
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  4. For maximum enjoyment I recommend that you don't recruit Liara until the very last possible moment.
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  5. You definitely should! Just keep in mind that the gameplay in the first game isn't that special. Like, it's not bad, but it's nowhere near as good as its sequels'. Every other aspect of the game is fantastic though. (Also, recruiting Liara at the very last possible moment can lead to amusing results, but it's definitely not recommended on a first playthrough, as you'd be missing out on important bits of the story).
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  6. Replaying ‘The Outer Worlds’ and while it’s more modest budget does show it’s a really nice example of keeping a modern western RPG at a manageable length. 25-30 hours and you’re done
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  7. Anyone got some recommendations for games like Divinity Original Sin? I’m in the mood for those top down fantasy RPG party based games.
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  8. I've heard really good things about Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.
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  9. It's not quite the same, but I think you'd probably like the Banner Saga trilogy. They're story/choice-driven party-based tactical RPGs based on Norse mythology. I've only played the first one so far, but I thought it was really good.
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  10. There’s Pillars of Eternity as well, though I haven’t played either
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  11. Thanks guys. Will check into them.
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  12. Pillars is on Game Pass btw!
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  13. Plumped for Pillars of Eternity but likely will invest in some of the others here.
    I also banned Lost Odyssey, looks good. I wanted a JRPG.
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  14. How does Gershwin Impact work? Is it turn based? And you play with other people online?
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  15. "Gershwin" i'm dead.

    It's not turn based, It's part Breath of the Wild clone, part Gacha game, part JRPG. It's fun.
  16. You can play online with others once you get to Level ~16, just so you're prepared! It can be fun but there's also heavy emphasis on the collect-a-thon elements, at least as deep as I got (around Level 19).
  17. Microsoft have bought Activison Blizzard…
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  18. Well if that means they go in and make whole-sale changes, this can only be a good thing.

    And if that's the case, Go Microsoft/Xbox!
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  19. Well…
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  20. They’re also already talking about how this will help build their “metaverse”…

    Suddenly I’m not so excited anymore.
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