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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Ddd so when Phil Spencer said Microsoft would reevaluate their relationship to Activision/Bobby Kotick he meant that they were going to give them billions of dollars
  2. I imagine Kotick is in till the deal closes and not a moment longer. His days are numbered
  3. Well that took a turn for the negative then.
  4. What a mess.
  5. Can someone please explain what this means for Overwatch so I don't have to wade through the hellstorm of reddit nn.
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  6. Microsoft just deciding to buy every big game developer is bad for the industry. It won’t be long before either them or Sony try and snap up another one. EA will be the next one mark my words.

    For the current Overwatch probably nothing except it will probably be on Games pass very soon, the new one will probably be exclusive to Xbox/PC/Xbox Games pass
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  7. I think Overwatch 2 will likely still launch on PlayStation given they honoured existing announcements with Bethesda.
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  8. Microsofts own press release has a paragraph specifically saying he's staying and will report to Spencer after the deal closes. That could (and inevitably should) change, but if they were already planning to pull the trigger anytime soon, they likely wouldn't have included that.
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  9. Rob


    The only good thing is at least this means Bobby surely has to be leaving.

    Getting a Series X is becoming a better proposition by the day.
  10. Isn't that World of Warcraft?

    And then everyone gets bought by Disney.
  11. I think the grander problem with Kotick is his contract is ironclad to the point he will always walk away stupidly well off. Activision Blizzard will report to Microsoft post acquisition so then it’s a case of getting him out with the least amount of money going to him

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  12. This is depressing as hell.
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  13. Guess this explains it then. Hopefully they find a way to get rid of him after the deal goes through.
  14. The entire thing is lose/lose but I’m hoping at least a pretty titanic buyout might be more effective at sweeping across the board change than Kotick getting a massive payout and then one of his lackeys just taking over with some surface level changes.

    Kotick always had the board backing him up to a degree (due to it largely being very close knit/loyal) it was becoming clear he wasn’t going to leave of his own accord
  15. I am so happy with my choices tbh especially in light of none of the new big Playstation releases being PS5 exclusives.
  16. Rob


    How the hell did Activison ever agree to such a contract? It literally defies any sort of logic.
  17. ^this. There's no way that one arsehole is worth that much money. He doesn't even make pictures of monkeys.
  18. The board is literally full of close friends/family of his, he’d created an ivory tower no one could touch.

    You see it in the way Ubisoft is a massive global company yet execs often insist on speaking French (despite the universal company language being English) to ice out new blood
  19. Hate how while Sony's and Nintendo's approach to have a rich exclusive line-up is to actually develop quality games/IPs from the ground up, Microsoft's is to just buy a bunch of big companies and turn games originally intended as multiplatform into Xbox exclusives.
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