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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Seems to be an open secret at this point until the legalities of the deal are sorted out
  2. This a very good thread which echos your points even more!
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  3. I hate the whole exclusives war but to be fair, this is just as bad as Sony ring fencing off so many good titles from XBox and Microsoft needed to act aggressively this gen after sitting back for years and letting all the hot games end up on PS4 (since Microsoft were acting like they were poor paupers).

    Xbox One was utterly hammered by the lack of exclusives, it needed to change.

    This will certainly have thrown Sony for quite the loop. Being cut off from Bethseda and now also Activision is something they will feel - unless they can strike out an agreement with Microsoft, which will come at some kind of price without question.
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  4. Microsoft will pick and choose what to make exclusive. They do not give a flying fuck about Xbox hardware long term, and I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point Game Pass comes to PlayStation in some limited form.

    Microsoft genuinely has the *most* pro-consumer stance of all the big gaming companies. Nintendo and Sony have great exclusives but treat their customers like shit.

    I have no doubt that market dominance would change that, but then I don’t expect them to ever achieve market dominance.
  5. From what I've gathered thus far today this means more resources are going to be available for the Overwatch team so that 2 actually comes out before this dying rock is pulverized by the sun, so selfishly I'm focusing on the positives here.
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  6. This is precisely the end game - getting Sony to buckle and surrendering to the Games Pass. They won't let them have the games any other way. That then is where the Series S also comes in. They know many PS5 owners will jump ship for the budget option once the games are ripped away by 2023.
  7. What titles did Sony ring fence off from Xbox?
  8. Just off the top of my head alone, Street Fighter V, Bloodbourne, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Death Stranding were all PS4 only and 3rd party.

    The fact the PS4 was dripping in plenty of amazing 3rd party exclusives was part of how they utterly kicked the shit out of Xbox last gen and their feeble number of Xbox only offerings.

    Sony were really on it with their own studios and locking down the likes of SquareEnix and Capcom with tentpole releases. Fair play to them, it was business and they were in it to win it.
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  9. Negotiating exclusivity for individual titles is different to just outright buying a giant development and publishing company like Activision Blizzard. Microsoft could theoretically just buy Nintendo next (at approx. $60B USD) since the Activision Blizzard deal is reportedly worth $68.7B USD.

    I agree with @soratami's sentiment about Sony and Nintendo developing their own quality IPs from scratch. Good thing too because this probably won't be the last of the acquisitions if Microsoft want Game Pass to be the Netflix of gaming. They will have seen how video streaming services have splintered since each Hollywood studio and TV network has realised they could have their own streaming service.
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  10. My take is largely that I while I don’t like massive buying up of other companies (although it is worth noting that the really dodgy player on that front is Tencent as they REALLY came from nowhere) there is a lot of positives with Game Pass as the norm for distribution for a developer.

    like Activision had their teams stuck in yearly cycles making games to absolutely bananas sales targets that more or less killed games like Crash 4 and their developers. Game Pass kind of takes away that aspect as the emphasis is on variety for the service itself without hardline sales figures being the be all and end all. Xbox mentioned somewhere about being interested in Activision-Blizzard partly because they wanted to expand their more family friendly content amongst other things. If it saves Toys For Bob from being a Warzone support team then that would be nice.

    TL;DR; dick waving money contests bad. Potential greater creative freedom good?
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  11. Of course its different and one is worse than the other but both are designed to take games off the table for other players, something I don't like to see period and have been stung with myself. The policy of locking off games, either title by title or outright a whole studio's production, is a tactic that only hurts gamers.

    I know, I know... "its business" but it just alienates people from having fun.
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  12. Sony will buy Capcom & SquareEnix, Microsoft will then buy EA, and then Tencent will buy/merge Nintendo. After we'll have Ubisoft and Take Two being absorbed by one of these three mastodons.

    In the next 5 to 10 years we'll finish with 3 big players that will split the entire industry between them.
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  13. At that point you just get a Steam Deck and play indie games.
  14. I can see that coming next. Sony will start, understandably, gobbling up some more studios in the wake of this Microsoft news and Capcom / SquareEnix would be excellent candidates they already have good relationships with.
  15. Sony had a role in developing or publishing all those titles except for FFVII though. In fact the Bloodborne IP is theirs (just like Demon's Souls).
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  16. Dddd so it turns out Activision Blizzard were actively looking for a buyer and their initial hope was Facebook so…I guess that’s one more horrific timeline dodged
  17. Someone should just buy EA and burn it to the ground.
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  18. Sorry, didn't know about Bloodbourne. Ultimately though, Sony have been using cash to keep some titles in their camp only be it by putting in some development money (SFV) or just golden handcuff deals (FF7 Remake) and locking off other consoles and their players out as a result.

    Again, I understand their reasons but Microsoft have just taken it to a far greater extreme. Its shit but still just an evolution of this irritating exclusivity strategy they all seem keen on.
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  19. I've seen speculation that Microsoft were concerned Amazon or someone like Facebook was going to buy up Activision so they could aggressively push their way into the gaming market. Who knows if true but I think it was inevitable someone was going to scoop up the company.

    If this goes a certain way and Games Pass does move onto PS5, it'll at least keep Sony and Microsoft in a better position than your Amazon's or Facebook's ripping everything away from the console market entirely in a bid for dominance.
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  20. At the very least both Sony and Microsoft are pushing titles to PC alongside consoles which is a good sign. God of War being such a huge success with its PC launch was a good sign for Sony having a faster turnaround on PC launches
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