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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. This news for me (as a long time blizzard fan who wants to see the company come back from the dead) is certainly a 'the lesser of two huge evils situation' We will have to wait and see with what this means for both companies.

    Another reason they might have pulled the trigger on this is that I know Blizzard has long been looking to make the huge move to port WoW to consoles, and it looks like that might be more in the pipelines then we think. The xbox make logical sense as the target console for the port. (at first)

    As long as Microsoft doesn't stop publishing all these great franchises to PC and truly gives actiblizz the leadership changes it needs, we should be safe from xbox exclusives and fuckery. I genuinely don't consider a game exclusive it also pops up on PC, and blizzart/activision have about the same relationship with Nintendo as Microsoft has (they have the D2, D3, and Overwatch, Crash Bandicoot on the system) so if there was another console they could port too, it would be Switch.
  2. Looking great as expected
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  3. I feel like part of the reason to put God of War on PC is because the sequel is coming and people will want to play that... And if they don't want to wait a few years for maybe a PC port... They will have to get a PS5. It's all part of the scheme. Which, I don't mind.
  4. I'm eagerly awaiting this one. I adored the last one, I still need to do the DLC though. Just hope it looks good enough on the PS4. I'm sure it will since the first was a visual treat.
  5. Jumped back into Genshin Impact while I wait for Horizon, Elden Ring, and Triangle Strategy and whew my poor wallet with them bringing back Ganyu right before the patch with gay icon Yae Miko.
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  6. Literally all I do is play Knockout City with 12 year olds at this point.
  7. After beating ME3, I thought I'd go for some more sci-fi, so I've been playing Jedi Fallen Order these last few days. I thought it'd be a typical action/adventure game, but it's actually more like a 3D metroidvania? The exploration/world design is just really fantastic, exploring the various worlds, getting new abilities and looking for all the secrets and whatnot is a blast. Great combat too, and the story/characters are good as well. It's just a great game overall, a lot better than I was expecting.
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  8. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel game come out today. Anyone checking it out? It's free to play, and rose to #5 on Steam most played for today which is a pretty good sign of a nice launch for the game. It's also on console. And it's cross-platform.

  9. I had no intention of getting Ganyu when she came out but randomly got her in a pull then, and she is just an absolute beast. If you do even some light Artifact building for her (main stat only, really), she'll just melt anything. And with her being ranged you can sometimes end up just ignoring so much of boss mechanics. It's pretty nuts.
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  10. Greedfall is becoming dangerously addictive for me (although I will say some quests have a bit too much backtracking to other parts of the map) so I am giving it a rest and diving into something else. Maybe Lost Odyssey as it gives me Final Fantasy vibes.

  11. Phew maybe the delays were worth it. This looks... kinda incredible.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Fucking FINALLY! I just completed DC Super Villains and it was excellent, so I can't wait for this!
  13. Some extra reassurance re Overwatch etc
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  14. Damn this looks like it has content upon content.
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  16. I love Lego games so super excited for it.

    A bit surprised they didn‘t go for May the 4th but maybe thats for Obi-Wan show?
  17. It's definitely a very ... courageous project.

    This is sadly unsurprising. The first games were received better than anyone could have expected, so you can understand them trying to make the most before the bubble burst, then for that being common practice.

    Still, 100 hours / week, six days a week?
    1) Join a union
    2) What is the European Working Time Directive
    3) "Let's build our own game engine so we can award our executives even larger bonuses, and as a side, we can chain our staff to us, as they don't have the relevant skills for the open market!"
    4) What an utter dogshit industry where they can lower people's self worth so much that they put up with this nonsense.
  18. I have a few fairly strong beliefs in what gaming’s future should be (accessibility options as default, proper preservation of older games, and a move away from the AAA standard retail model being my other major ones) HOWEVER nothing is as important as game developers moving to unionise.

    the AAA industry is rotted and what in the 90s was small teams of passionate people working overtime for love of the craft has been warped into a culture of normalised abuse and burnout across many of the industry’s biggest developers. No game is worth meeting a release date if it requires crunch from those making it
  19. I was surprised how good it was and the story was also solid with really memorable characters as well. I'd recommend it to anyone that likes Metroid for sure.
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  20. I'm thinking of dropping £70 for Gran Turismo 7 when I don't even have a PS5.


    The want is strong.
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