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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Playing Risen since it was dirt cheap. It's good so far for a Skyrim rip off, but the controller is too sensitive, makes combat a real bugger.
  2. Three new Star Wars games were just announced, including a sequel to Jedi Fallen Order (which is supposed to be set for a late 2022 release)

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  3. Lost Odyssey is slowly getting me gripped. The story feels interesting and i am invested in the characters, even the kids. I adore the ring system in battles.
    Plus, a King Nobuo soundtrack? The quality.
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  4. The new IGN preview of Horizon is jaw-dropping

    It's funny because before they said it in the video I was thinking that this looked to be a jump equivalent to the one from Assassin's Creed to ACII.
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  5. The faces look SO much better
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  6. I’m intrigued but I hated the hour or so I played of Zero Dawn. I’ll wait on reviews and gameplay videos.
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  7. nn isn't one hour of the game basically just the prologue when Aloy is a child and a bit of the tutorial?
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  8. Horizon feels a little bit clunky given it was Guerilla’s first open world but I reckon the sequel will be all the better for those growing pains
  9. BTG


    I raced through the first two acts of Ghost of Tsushima and since then have spent my time collecting flowers to dye gear, feeling my slam poet oats by writing some haiku and getting naked at the hot springs. Saving Tsushima can wait.
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  10. I played maybe 3 or 4 hours and gave up because I was kinda bored.

    At the very least, glad they’ve fixed the facial animations. I skipped pretty much every cutscene and interaction I could in what I played of Zero Dawn because the animation was terrible and the story was dull.
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    Most games first hours are terrible, maybe try giving it another chance before rushing into the sequel?
  12. I’ve started ‘A Plague Tale’ and kind of shook at how good it is. The stealth is a bit iffy but the atmosphere and setting is so haunting
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  13. Honestly I thought the animation and dialogue were both kinda shit. And the dialogue was so bad that I had zero faith in the story.

    Then I hit some machines and couldn’t be bothered with stealthing about.
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  14. I recall also finding the dialogue kinda bad, but the plot got a lot more interesting by the second half and I'm eager to see where they're ultimately going with it. I do, in general, think it's a game that takes a bit of time to win you over. I remember really not liking it at first because of how much I felt forced into stealth and the traps, until I realized later on I could focus my playstyle basically however I wanted to.
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  15. Hopefully another Battlefront style game someday too. The second one was pretty great and still has a decent community but, there's room for improvement in a future reincarnation of the series.

    I'm excited for more Jedi Fallen Order though... Though I still need to beat the first game.
  16. The first Horizon takes a bit to get going, but once it does, boy oh boy, it never lets up. Honestly the traps and stuff are so fun.
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  17. I just bought Planet Coaster on sale a few weeks ago... Damn it.
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  18. I finally finished Ghost of Tsushima this week after starting it back in 2020. The game is fun but not really much of a challenge, even after getting the platinum trophy. This became apparent when I would come back to it after taking breaks for months at a time (most recently around 8 months), and easily pick it up without needing much time to reacquaint myself.

    The controls had a large part to do with this, which I thought were simple but effective. Great for being able to pick up and play, but not so good for combat variety and complexity. Some of the aids that the game gives you (time slowing down for standoffs, blue glints for parries) are a little too generous and the more powerful variations of the Mongol soldiers weren't powered up enough to make them any more threatening. Even the final boss fights weren't much of a challenge.

    In terms of game design, it's designed perfectly for how content is consumed today. Side quests (fox dens, shrines etc) can be navigated and completed in around 5 minutes. Missions (liberating towns, side and main missions) can be completed in about 20-30 minutes, but are broken up into 5-10 minute sections. It's all easy to consume in bite-sized pieces. I know this isn't something that's exclusive to Ghost of Tsushima but I think the combination of the relatively easy difficulty, simple controls and straight-forward objectives really highlighted this part of the game's design.

    Overall I'd give it an 8/10. Visually it's a beautiful game. The main story was good, but I wasn't really satisfied with the end of Jin's story. I found myself more invested in the stories of Jin's allies like Lady Masako and Norio.
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  19. After playing all these AAA titles, I think I’m willing to say Red Dead Redemption 2 is a technical masterpiece. The graphics, but also the world (animals, plants, NPCs, weather).
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  20. It is coming out on PlayStation 4 though, so that helps.

    Maybe in four years when Kaz adds half the promised features, PS5s will be available.
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