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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Rob


    What the hell is this

  2. This is a terrible line-up, at least for PS4. A sports game and a standalone version of a DLC of a 2013 game...
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  3. This is very...
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  4. I started playing Until Dawn and I absolutely love it already. I don't know if there's a dating sim mechanic or if it's possible to make characters gay, but I'm going to make sure Matt and Josh get close and nothing will not stop me.
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  5. So we are getting a sequel this summer and I'm so happy that the first game was such a success so we are getting another one so fast...
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  6. I'm loving Tokyo Mirage Sessions so far. The story and characters are kind of bland but the battle system is ace. I'm finding that I want to get in as many battles as possible. There's a certain crispness and elegance to it all. I also just love the overall atmosphere and vibe of the game. While I love all the social links and what not in Persona, there's something to be said for Tokyo Mirage Session's stripped back approach as well.
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  7. Playing Just Cause 4 and I am terrible at it but I am loving it. Rico gives me Adan Canto vibes and I am here for it.

  8. Cortana looks... Interesting. I wonder if this series will be any good.
  9. Maybe it’s just me watching on my phone, but… the CGI looks amazing?

    Honey the budget. You can tell this is Paramount+’s tentpole gamble.
  10. Halo’s lore and universe is actually really rich and full of awesome ideas so I hope some of those are done justice. I’d love to see them go full on horror with The Flood
  11. Took and edible and played It Takes Two with a friend for like 4 hours

    I haven’t had this much fun playing a video game in ages
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  12. I know I am super late but just finished Miles Morales.

    What an amazing game. It would also be such a good movie.
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  13. I didn't take to it as much as the first Spider-Man game but it was still a solid game. It might be down to me not knowing anything about Miles though. I'm more up to date on Peter Parker (and Miguel O'Hara)

    Okay now I want a Spider-Man 2099 game. Voiced by Oscar Isaac.

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  14. Has anyone here played Alan Wake? The new remaster has me tempted to buy it since I'm a fan of Resi / Silent Hill, and I'm reading this game has those kind of horror vibes?
  15. I've played half of it, it's quite good if you can get over the dated controls
  16. Thanks, I'm leading towards buying it as it's pretty cheap, I'm hoping the controls won't be an issue since I used to clunky control from the early Resident Evil games. Is it scary?
  17. Too bad that Pokemon game is just Nintendo, it looks super fun from what I've seen of streamers playing it and I don't even know a damn thing about Pokemon dd.
  18. It’s made me jump a few times but I wouldn’t say it’s scary, more thriller-y
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  19. They were literally the next two to die. My heart broke.
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  20. The girls are continuing to be fighting
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