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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Ok I say this but then this bit is kind of weird and makes me question why

  2. Well, Bungie isn't exactly Bethesda/Activision, is it? But good for Sony I guess.
  3. It’s just a bit of a weird one given Bungie just come with Destiny (which has had a rocky road the past 7 years) and no other IPs. They’re a team with great talent for FPS games but seems…a lot to drop on them.

    I hope it goes better than when they were with Activision
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  4. It’s probably to stop Microsoft from buying them. Apparently they were eying them up before the Activision acquisition was announced.

    Also Bungie has a lot of staff (800+ I think) which could help speed up development with other Sony first party studios games if they were to help. And Sony will make a lot of money from all the micro transactions that will come from Destiny 2.
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  5. Double post but I think Bungie being allowed to remain independent was part of the deal especially after their dealings with Activision so this is probably a win win for everyone
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  6. This inundation of huge gaming acquisitions every week is just... not it. I don't know what needs to happen to make this trend die but I just can't think this is good for any side of the equation longterm besides C-level execs.
  7. In all honesty with Tencent hellbent on buying up half the industry I’d rather studios/publishers be with ‘the big 3’. Even more so when the likes of Facebook and Amazon were looking at Activision Blizzard.

    it’s not ideal but they’re the lesser of MANY other evils
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  8. An entire State of Play devoted to Gran Turismo... the homophobia.
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  9. Ddd what’s the point.
  10. Further sources are saying that Sony want to build some multi platform live service games and Bungie have the experience that their other teams don’t.

    MLB The Show had a huge Game Pass launch and is coming out on Switch so I can see how Sony might want to broaden their horizons while still maintaining an exclusives stable
  11. The Elephant scene in It Takes Two…

    Why was that lowkey one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever done in a game
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  12. The way I haven't played it since then...

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  13. Nn I think they were going for a dark humour but it overstayed its welcome far too long for it to be actually funny rather than… downright gruesome and uncomfortable.
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  14. Nintendo just sat there minding their business while the acquisition war rages on! I wonder if they’ll buy any smaller studios or partner up with someone?
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  15. Rob


    Nintendo barely makes the most of the studios they actually have.
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  16. Nintendo is just unbothered and I am here for it.
  17. Dddd so many developers who’ve associated with Team17 are coming out and dragging them for making NFTs
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  18. I played this with my boyfriend and we just put the controllers down and sat in the room in silence for a solid hour after that scene.

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