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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. BTG


    Minger killed me.
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  2. I am about 90 hours in Elden Ring and I stumbled upon a short Youtube clip that shows you can use a weapon with both hands... I wish I knew that earlier considering I rarely use my shield haha! I was at the Raya Lucraria Academy yesterday, I hate those school nerds and their blue zapping magic. I have to see if I beat all the invaders before finishing the boss, I didn't know they aren't spawning if you do when I was in Limgrave.
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  3. I know there was some hope for the Classics portion of the new Sony PS+ lineup, but that portion at least is a pretty giant flop besides Ape Escape:

    "PS1 and PSP games" mentioned and there being one (1) PSP game in the list. I have to laugh!
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  4. It's honestly hilarious.
  5. Truly! I mean realistically I knew not to expect some treasure trove of lost JRPG classics, but some of the inclusions are even more baffling than the exclusions.

    Tekken 2 but not Tekken 3? (???)
  6. The full game line-up. Seems pretty good to me, especially as they'll be adding more games every month. There's a bunch of games there I've been wanting to play, especially Ghost of Tsushima and Guardians of the Galaxy. And it's great to see some forgotten PS3 gems like Enslaved too.
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  7. I need a new, great Silent Hill to rival the trilogy. Please Konami!
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  8. seeing an Annapurna interactive one is intriguing! I hope it comes to fruition because I have many Silent Hill fans in my life.
  9. Big news for me is that, once/if they are put on the service, people who bought digital PS1 and PSP games during the PS3/PSP/Vita era will be able to access them on PS4 and PS5 without needing PS Plus subscription.
  10. WAIT, I think this means I'll have Tomb Raider III on my PS5?
  11. As far as PS Classics go, it’s nice to see some Syphon Filter love. I don’t know many people who have actually played the series but it’s great!
  12. I was obsessed with Syphon Filter 2 on the PS1. What an incredible game.

    In other news: Fall Guys will be free to play, with Switch and Xbox support, starting June 21st
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  13. If it gets added to the subscription service's list at some point, I think then you'll have TR 3 on your PS5.
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  14. Did some digging as I was baffled why there’d been no Switch port of Portal but apparently one is coming ‘this year’
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  15. I'm definitely going to play Haven, but also was looking at Dreamfall Chapters, which is on sale on Xbox at only $2.99 right now with 5-star reviews from players as another relaxing type game to play.
  16. Sony and Nintendo actively competing over who has the shittiest retro services

  17. I get they’ll be adding more games down the line but it’s definitely not worth the money right now.
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  18. Not sure if it's been mentioned before but a friend introduced me to Ultimate Chicken Horse yesterday and despite having maybe the worst title of a video game ever, it is an absolute blast to play. It's a multiplayer platforming party game where everyone tries to get to the end of the stage and after each round, players place platforms, hazards, coins, etc wherever they want on the stage. It's like a goofy competitive Super Mario Maker and it's only 15 bucks.
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  19. The set of launch games for these tiers is really lacking...
    At least could've got more good indies in there to pad it a bit.
    Half the good stuff in the mid tier is already available in the Playstation Collection or whatever it was called like God Of War.
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