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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. My copies of Final Fantasy XV and Tales of Berseria arrived. I'm not sure how much I'll like the former---all male party and pure action-based battle system doesn't really excite me---but I'm still interested to see what it's like since I've played every game in the series except for it, the first three, the XIII sequels, and the MMOs.

    I'm also excited to return to the Tales universe with that looks like a more interesting story than Vesperia's, but I wish it was a little bit nicer to look at graphically. It's not a big deal though.

    Unrelated, but have any of you ever been expecting a game to be hard as hell and then it just kind of flopped on the difficulty front? This happened to me back when I played Phantasy Star II. I thought I was in for a nightmare, but I beat it pretty easily and without any kind of guide or map. I didn't find the combat that difficult and I found that just by wandering around, I eventually found my way through the labyrinthian dungeons.
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  2. I’d definitely recommend Final Fantasy XIII-2, it’s a much more fun play than the main entry!
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  3. Rob


    I know it's not a popular opinion but Forbidden West bored me to tears. I enjoyed the convoluted story but the gameplay was just do dull. I had the same issue with the first game but got caught up in the hype and fell for it again.
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  4. I will not be buying the Horizon games for my PS4. They're pretty but they do look boring. And, with some exceptions (like Breath of the Wild), I prefer linear games. Also, Guerilla Games are responsible for Killzone and those games were as generic as it gets.

    Yeah, I plan to play it at some point. It does look quite cool, especially the time hopping mechanic. Not sure about Lightning Returns though.
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  5. Im currently playing Tales of Zestiria (the game for which Berseria is the sequel) and once I stopped trying to fathom the needlessly complex fusing systems and all the Union board shit- I’ve found I’m enjoying it.

    The game would really benefit from a remaster with an overhaul of all those systems that are utterly impenetrable. It’ll never happen, of course.

    Also… give us a Xillia / Xillia 2 remaster!
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  6. Lightning Returns is definitely worth playing I think. It feels like the last time SE tried doing something different with a mainline FF instead of just following trends like in FF: Borderlands (XV) and FF: Dark Souls (XVI). It's not perfect, but it's a very unique and memorable (and underrated) game.

    Berseria isn't quite a Zestiria sequel, they're set in the same world but Berseria takes place like one thousand years before. And it's also miles better than Zestiria, thankfully. Zestiria is easily the worst Tales games I've played, and those absolutely incomprehensible systems are a big reason why.

    I agree re Xillia/Xillia 2, I'd love for them to be remastered, or at least brought to modern consoles in some way. Same goes for Graces f, and a bunch of the other older Tales games.
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  7. I knew Bersy was a prequel so why did I put sequel? My mind!

    I’ve played a little bit of Bersy and I did like it but I find Velvet’s costume to be really gross. It’s so obvious she was designed by crusty old men.
  8. The Velvet character designer is actually a woman though nn, it's the same person who designed Shionne from Arise and a bunch of other characters from the more recent games. I like her design, the clothes being a bit tattered does make sense storywise, and she looks suitably badass.
  9. Youre kidding ddd!!!
  10. I finished Ruined King today, it's a really great game which I definitely recommend to anyone who like turn-based RPGs. I have to say that between this and Arcane, I'm getting pretty interested in the League of Legends universe, even if I have no desire to ever actually play the game itself. It kinda reminds me of Magic: The Gathering, a rich and colourful world with interesting lore/stories and lots of cool characters and great artwork. Love that there's a whole website just dedicated to it, with tons of content. It's a bit of a rabbit hole nn
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  11. You calling FFXV Borderlands is scaring the shit out of me haha.
  12. I want a Xillia/Xillia 2 remaster as well. For Switch. So I can play it handheld. But if that doesn't happen, I always have my PS3!
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  13. I platinumed both games and thought the sequel was a big step down. The climbing was somehow worse than the first one, the world was mostly empty space, the combat felt like a series of QTEs, and the number of bugs...far too much. Will probably give the inevitable third one a pass.
  14. This is garish and tasteless and I will be buying it
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  15. No one cared about the new Sonic game?

    Its getting dragged for looking like a tech demo or fan game but I’m waiting to see a bit more to judge.
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  16. He


    Hmm a new Sonic should be a bit more bold and colorful. I also cackled at the speed sound effects activating and Sonic just slowly climbing…

    Maybe he should just stick to acting, ddd.
  17. It's pretty but it looks terrible gameplay-wise. From what I can see, it violates all the principles of what makes Sonic fun.
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  18. I am on the last chapter of Tokyo Mirage Sessions and the story has reached peak dumbness. It's annoying that this a pop RPG, yet the final boss or one of the final bosses is probably going to be...

    ...a fucking dragon? Really? That's the best they could come up with?

    The game's inability to decide on if it wants to be in the pop world or the stock JRPG world is probably its biggest weakness.

    The gameplay and overall gameplay loop is oh so delicious though.

    Beating Dark Yashiro was so satisfying. He was a little annoying, but the bosses in this game are so well balanced and fun.
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  19. Bringing all my best clown gifs for the State of Play tonight.
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  20. Summer Games Fest
    State of Play today
    Xbox Showcase next week.

    Guess we got SOMETHING to make up for E3 being dead
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