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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. The Cuphead DLC is finally out and for something that has taken years and years to make I can't believe they're only charging £6.50!

    I didn't have too much time to play it last night but it looks fantastic and is still very challenging.
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  2. The monster collecting is one of the best things about the game though, it's a lot of fun.
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  3. I'm so ready for a Cities Skylines 2, I hope it gets announced soon
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  4. @Raichu - I suggest Mass Effect Legendary Edition hands down and you will not regret it. It arguably has some of the deepest character development and story in RPG history and lauded by basically everyone with reason.
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  5. I will keep an open mind about it. Even if I don't end up loving the monster collecting, at least the designs are cute.

    I will pick it up. Mass Effect is the one WPRG that looks appealing to me without any caveats.
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  6. Just ordered my Steam Deck!!!
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  7. Is it in progress?
  8. I got myself DOOM 2016, Jedi Fallen Order and visual novel called Plainscreek Killings from the summer sale, while playing Sekiro and Heavy Rain at the moment. This habit of picking up games and not finishing them is gonna kill me.
  9. I snatched XCOM collection. The way I continue to have no life!!!
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  10. Rumoured
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  11. This year I decided to buy less games and actually go through my backlog instead, year's halfway through and these are the games I've beaten so far:

    80 Days
    A Short Hike
    Dungeon Encounters
    Lost Judgment - The Kaito Files (DLC)
    Mass Effect 3 (Legendary Edition)
    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
    New Pokémon Snap
    Nowhere Prophet
    Octopath Traveler
    PaRappa The Rapper: Remastered
    Pokémon Legends Arceus
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX
    Ruined King: A League of Legends Story
    Sonic Colours: Ultimate
    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
    The Council
    Triangle Strategy
    Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars

    Granted, some of these, like Dungeon Encounters and ME3, I played like 90% last year and just wrapped them up this year. I saw a 1 year, 52 games thread on Resetera the other day and kinda wanted to try going for that, but might be a bit too much to ask, maybe next year. Still, it is fun to keep track. PaRappa The Rapper aside, I enjoyed all of these games a lot.
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  12. I have not watched many Let's Plays, but when I do, I have one rule: I don't ever watch Let's Plays of games I plan to play. I use Let's Plays mainly as a way to experience games that I don't want to play myself. And I have to like the Let's Player. That is a must.

    So I'm watching this Let's Play of Arc Rise Fantasia by davidvinc: Mainly I'm watching it because I like davidvinc's channel and he swears by Arc Rise Fantasia. It didn't look like a particularly good game to me but davidvinc has played so many JRPGs that I couldn't help but wonder what he sees in it.

    Now that I've seen a good chunk of the Let's Play, I actually think the game is surprisingly enjoyable to watch. Visuals are a bit weak but have some charm, battle system looks pretty great but the customization systems are painfully convoluted and tedious, the voice acting is atrocious but fun (so bad it's good for sure), and the quest is meaty, if a bit repetitive in structure (it feels like it very strictly follows a overworld, town, dungeon rinse and repeat structure). But it's the story that makes this game a blast to watch. It is so batshit insane, the kind of batshit insanity that only a JRPG can provide. It feels like everything in this game's story is ratcheted up to 11. Just crazy revelation after another. And the characters are pretty charming and funny.

    I heard the bosses are extremely hard, but davidvinc is such an expert on the game that he makes them look easy. Still, it seems like a huge flaw that the trash mobs are so ridiculously easy and the bosses are super punishing. That seems like a huge game balance issue.

    This game is definitely pretty cute despite its tons of obvious flaws but davidvinc is still smoking crack for thinking that it's superior to Chrono Cross.
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  13. Why is Resident Evil 7: Biohazard so disturbing? I watched my brother play this for awhile and it made me feel pretty sick. Resident Evil is usually so tame, so I find how over the top terrifying and gross this one is strange.
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  14. I hope this wasn't posted, I just saw this:

    Now that I see more of it, I am not crazy about the art direction but its what Gilbert wanted so that's that.
  15. Question about Elden Ring - when I break a poise of the boss, I noticed I take little damage after I use that special move. I noticed this while fighting Black Kindred and Bell Bearing Hunter in Caelid. Is taking small amount normal in these fights or did I mess something up with lv up - what causes that damage to increase?
  16. Weird thing happened, I was looking at my PS4 library, and Ghost of Tsushima is there despite me never buying it. It's not listed as a PS+ game, it's not a demo, and no-one else has access to my account either so I wonder what the deal is.
  17. Rob


    Are you subscribed to PS Plus Extra or Premium? It's now part of the service.
  18. Nah I literally cancelled my PS+ subscription a few days ago. It doesn't have the PS+ icon next to it and I can download it just fine. I read that the game was accidentally available for free in some countries' PS stores a couple months ago, so maybe it has to do with that? Though still, I wasn't aware of that until today so obviously I didn't get it then. It's downloading right now, curious if it's some sort of mistake or if I actually just randomly got the game for free dd
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  19. Where is fuck is my free game?
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  20. The way I grabbed God of War on PS+ purely just because I wanted to be lazy and not have to put the disc in to play it.
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