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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I feel like we've reached this weird point where massive gaming companies (EA, Microsoft, etc) absorbed the entire market / acquired an excessive amount of titles while game creation has become such a colossal effort that complete strangulates said companies development departments resulting in overall production grinding to a halt. I'm sure this has been talked about more eloquently / in-depth, but it's extremely frustrating.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Ddddddd I do the same thing despite owning like all of these PS+ games on disc. You're not alone hunny.
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  3. He


    Guardians of the Galaxy has surprisingly deep character moments. I quite like it so far.

    Them not using the actors’ likeness is great as I don’t have to deal with Chris Pratt. This StarLord is much more likeable.
  4. Like I want the physical! In general! But also...I'm baby.
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  5. This was my exact same thinking when I played it. I really hated both Guardians movies but enjoyed some of their pre-MCU era comics and the game thankfully feels more like the comics.
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    I like the movies but Chris Pratt has become increasingly terrible. I like the rest of the cast but I like these comic book versions better, as they make more sense.

    I want more Mantis! She was there briefly. I have been playing the last few days until 2-3 am haha. My face shows it at work.
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  7. I think my issue was that I am more used to the older Guardians from the 70's and 80's? Chris is a major part of my hatred honestly. I ought to maybe revisit them to be reacquainted since they are going to be in Love and Thunder.

    That addiction when you bite into a game and play until the wee hours is so good but so dangerous. I had it with Jedi Fallen Order. Playing at like 1am while dealing with those spiders and zombies in Dathomir....tense.
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  8. He


    I actually wanted to play Fallen Order, but I’m sticking to Plus extra games, and the Star Wars one isn’t part of it sadly, nor is it on sale at the moment.
  9. I hope it appears soon because it is such a great game. I'm itching to go back and play again.
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  10. I feel like the biggest loss in the past 15ish years in gaming is the lack of risky mid-budget games from larger studios/publishers.

    AAA games are still AAA games, and the barrier to creating coming down has made indie/self-released games much more prevalent and possible. But those sorts of off-the-wall Square PS1/2 games with a certain amount of production values of the late 90s and early 2000s are essentially gone, because the resources required to build game increasing and the risk-averse C-Suite executives at most public gaming companies.
  11. When I think of this issue, I think of games like Scarlet Nexus that are so few and far between these days. It clearly didn't have an enormous budget but was so stylish and fun that I didn't care. It's the type of stop-gap game we rarely get anymore between major releases from Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, etc. (I'll exclude Nintendo from this narrative because they at least fill their release schedule with things like Mario sports games.)
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  12. BTG


    Justice for Parasite Eve!
  13. Yeah I am still looking forward to the game, but especially the animation style that comes with the art just screams CHEAP to me, so right now it's an aspect of the game I don't foresee enjoying too much.
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    Except that third game. Aya was done so dirty.
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  15. Dove into the Overwatch 2 Beta and I'm having a fuck ton of fun. The game plays so much better as 5v5 and I don't miss the 2 CP maps one bit. Everything flows more succinctly and it never feels unfair in the way Overwatch 1 could. Queue times are a bit annoying for tank/DPS so guess I'll stay one tricking with Mercy!
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    I refuse to acknowledge that awful, awful mess. An actual franchise killer.
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  17. I think this actually doesn't have big budget, that is why we have this. It would have been great if the style was the same from remasters but I will tolerate this if the story is interesting, no one became a fan of MI because of graphics after all. What I am most curious about is whether this will be treated as MI3 or MI6. Like, will Elaine be treated as Guybrush's wife or just a girl who is annoyed by him, the one Guybrush has 0% chance to be with? Actually, there is not much of a difference in behavior as Elaine is always annoyed haha but I thought their relationship was pretty sweet in MI5, she didn't treat him as a doormat. Guybrush may be a lot of things but he is clever and deserves some respect.
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  18. Turns out it was just the multiplayer mode or whatever, even though there was literally no way to tell until actually starting the game, because the icon/description made it seem like it was the whole thing. What a waste of time nn
  19. Lollipop Chainsaw remake confirmed, coming next year

  20. Rob


    God of War confirmed for November 9th HYPE
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