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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Ah, damn. I still haven't beaten the previous game. I should throw it on the lowest difficulty setting and fly through it.
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  2. I finally played the original last year, and I'm so hyped for a more accessible version. It's a pipe-dream, but I'd love if we got some small new scenario or level as part of the remake.

    They've already flagged that the music licensing is going to cause the soundtrack to change, and I'm fine with that but would love if they could keep at LEAST "Hey Mickey."
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  3. Took a break from AAA games, and decided to play Outer Wilds as my indie pick. I absolutely love it. I go to bed thinking about it and wake up the next morning eager to play. Breath of the Wild is the only game in recent memory that I’ve felt this obsessive over.

    And while I’m absolutely in love, I’m equally terrified of the thing. Nearly every planet has some sort of element of a real or perceived danger that nearly triggers some sort of unfounded phobia. It’s hard to go into detail without spoiling, but I’ve never been this dumbfounded and scared from a game in equal measures.
  4. If you've slept on Haven, never heard of it, or have it in your backlog, you need to get on it because it's brilliant.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Definitely one of my favourite gaming experiences of the last few years.
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  6. I’m not at all excited for it. “more realistic graphics”? And new original music? The OG’s soundtrack is amazing. They can keep it.
  7. I feel like the realistic graphics quote was a very literal translation. Things like ray tracing would probably fall into that category and wouldn't change the overall art style. The original soundtrack is definitely a loss, although I'm sure a PC Mod would be created by fans within a day to replace it.

    The issue to me right now is that it's a largely inaccessible game. The PS3 version is overpriced on the secondhand market and the Xbox 360 version isn't backwards compatible.
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  8. Good points. Yeah, I really regret selling mine off for peanuts, I didn’t realize how important of a game it was for me back then. It was just pure CAMP!
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  9. The game is iconic! It's got very obvious gameplay flaws, and there are definitely elements that are a bit... antiquated socially. But I will say, I've never played anything quite like it before and after and it's stuck with me ever since.
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  10. Nevermind, all my hope and hype went out the window:

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Not even her voice actor was aware:

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  12. Oh yeah, I thought you knew this already, nn. It’s only got the original producer involved.

    I feel like the licensed music is a strong part of James Gunn’s work so for them to be like “nah” is fucked. Go remake Shadows of the Damned instead.
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  13. Neon White bangs
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  14. I finally started playing crash 4 thanks to ps plus monthly games, and a friend would like to know if losing 32 lives in stage 3 is a bad thing fff
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  15. And then there’s me, who’s played through the story three times…

    Just starting my third play through of Ghost of Tsushima too.
  16. Kind of yeah, considering the first few worlds are relatively easy and the game gets much harder in later ones. But maybe it was just bad luck dd. I tried collecting all the costumes as I went through the game, but I just ended up giving up in the last three worlds because it's just too hard (both because the levels themselves are hard and because the gem requirements keep increasing). But just beating the game is definitely doable, but stuff like trying to get all the crates or three lives or less runs in later levels, well...
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  17. Still a fun game. I won some more crowns.
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  18. I just picked it up again this week and it is pure evil at times.
    To get to some of those flashback tapes: masochism!
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  19. Steam Deck finally arrived yesterday! It feels way more comfortable than the original layout would've seemed.

    The SteamOS itself is very nice, and what's probably its best feature is that it's as easy to use as you want it to be. I downloaded a bunch of smaller games from my Steam library and they're all fairly standard to just start playing, but there's so much flexibility in different compatibility options and Desktop mode hackery you can do to get older stuff running that may not be naturally compatible.

    It's incredible to have such a powerful device in your hands... even though I'm only playing Tomb Raider 3 on it.
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  20. I NEED to play this. I think it'll be on Switch as well which is perfect.
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