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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Greedfall is pure brilliance. Reducing it to "colonists against natives" really strips the game of it's really deep and well thought out lore and story.
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  2. Glad to hear this game's story has nuance. That definitely makes me more confident about my purchase.
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  3. Still loving World of Final Fantasy. The cuteness never stops being infectious and the mechanics are really solid.

    That being said, the story needs a huge kick up the ass. I love all the banter, the awkward jokes, the tone, seeing chibi Final Fantasy characters, etc. But it's taking too long for truly interesting events to take place and I'm pretty far in.

    Question: if I evolve my mirages, will I still keep all the abilities of the first form?
  4. Ok so The Quarry is visually incredible. The characters look absolutely amazing.

    The story is incredibly slow at the moment though.
  5. The story is quite lighthearted for the most part, but it really picks up towards the end. And I don't remember if you keep abilities after evolving, it's been a while since I played the game, but I think you do.
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  6. I decided to give Thronebreaker a try the other day and I've been enjoying it so far. I really like the fantasy comic book art style, and the story seems promising, but I have to say the Gwent-based battles take some getting used to. As someone who used to play Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon cards, as well as enjoys a bunch of card-based videogames, it feels a bit awkward how battles are decided after a few short turns by who has the strongest team, rather than one side actually having to defeat the other. Kinda feels like they're over when they should just be getting started.
  7. Fall Guys having a Sonic-themed event


    Hope @joe_alouder is ok
  8. Eggman finally living up to his name
  9. I clocked 165 hours on Dead By Daylight.

  10. aux


    I'm about to get to 1.3k hours in that godforsaken game.

  11. Is it worth it? I’ve been eying it for months nn. But scared of the straights.
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  12. Do you mean DBD? The game actually has a huge LGBTQ+ following. It also features some iconic queens on both Survivor and Killer side. There is no way to directly chat or talk to each other during the game to so it doesn’t really bother me nn.
  13. aux


    If you’re talking about Dead By Daylight, the game is coming to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium on August 16th and is already on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox, if you want to try out the game before buying it! To be quite honest, I really enjoy Dead By Daylight, it’s one of my go-to’s when I don’t really know what to play by myself or with friends. I mostly play survivor, so if you want or need any help on learning the ropes of the game from that side, let me know! It can be quite overwhelming due to the amount of perks, mechanics and killers, but you get the gist of it fairly quickly once you start playing. I’d definitely recommend using one of the “free” options like the Game Pass or PSN+ before taking the plunge though, because the game is best understood while in matches.

  14. Delayed and missing out on holiday season.
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  15. Ah okay. Yeah I’ve watched some Twitch streams casually and have basically been scared of being bullied nn. Because I will suck at first too.
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  16. Sort of expected this to happen since we've heard NOTHING since it was shown off in that Nintendo Direct. It was game I'd check for every few weeks for updates, and finally this morning at least there was some sign of life from the dev.

    I'm weirdly hyped for it? I think I always loved the absurdity of Metal Slug games but they're not something I'd play a lot. A tactics version set in that world seems pretty awesome and very up my alley.
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  17. I guess thats a good decision since it will give them more time. I feel like the whole controversies around HP and JKR gave them more pressure to deliver a solid product.
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  18. Dead By Daylight has a very large LGBT following & the devs also seem very inclusive. You can barely go a match without someone with a Pride flag charm. Highly recommend you check it out! They try to do a matchmaking system that teams you up with people of your skill level but it doesn’t always work nn.

  19. This looks good! I love a decent RE-clone.
  20. Is this why this happened?:
    I was confused af at getting this ad because I don’t even play the game!
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