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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I’m really not sure what the demographic of the spin off game is nn.
  2. I guess the positive is there is actually a date this time. That's a first.
  3. “The Nintendo Switch release date will be revealed later”….ddd why? It’s going to be a cloud version anyway.
  4. Ok so I bought an Alienware Aurora R13 with an AW monitor and mouse. I've never been into PC gaming, other than Tomb Raider, and I'm not a huge gamer in general, but I'm wondering what y'all recommend I get on Steam?

    I like games like Tomb Raider or anything adjacent like Indiana Jones or Prince of Persia. Preferably nothing too difficult as I'm not super great at video games!

    I downloaded Stray and played some of it, and finally met some robots, but it's pretty slow and straightforward. Does it get more exciting?
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  5. I finally played Dead by Daylight last night and it’s VERY intense. As someone who’s been playing Friday the 13th for years, I thought it would compare but it’s far more involved. I’m enjoying it but there’s a steep learning curve.
  6. If you’re a fan of solo adventure a la Tomb Raider, I can’t recommend Death Stranding enough! One of my favorite games ever.

    I watched a playthrough of Stray and it’s so cute!
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  7. Fortnite is adding Dragonball Z characters and things... And i'm kind of excited? Vegeta with a gun? I live. Ever since they made a Zero Build game mode.. it's actually quite fun. And the usual lot of Fortnite players are awful at the zero building so I mow through people on that game while the 12 year olds in my squad are spectating me yelling "HOW is he DOING THIS!?". Quite satisfying, I do recommend.
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  8. About to give Tales of Arise another go after giving up on it ages ago. Just need my wifi to not be so shoddy.
    Guess it's another listen or two of Renaissance.
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  9. I might have to play one of those Final Fantasy XV character episodes in the coming days because I miss the game so much. I am enjoying the Witcher 3 and it will probably end up being the stronger game, but it just doesn't have anywhere close to the same amount of heart. It has very good writing but it doesn't make me feel all that much whereas FFXV had me on the verge of tears several times during Chapter 14. And the characters in FFXV are so damn convincing in their facial expressions where I still detect a bit of uncanny valley in The Witcher 3.
  10. Alot of the early to mid game is The Witcher on his own trying to find Ciri and slowly adding the core characters back into his life as he goes along on this journey, so it's alot of re-connecting with people close to him and if you (like me) didn't play the previous games then this won't have nearly the same impact, but once well I won't spoil anything, but yeah things change and the emotional moments will come as the core unit spends more time together.

    Geralt is great, of course, but Ciri and Yennefer are two the my favorite characters I've ever had the pleasure to play as and with in any video game.
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  11. BTG


    I didn’t even realise that they (sort of) announced Tekken 8 last week?


    I hope Namco get their shit together. After MK11 and SF6 looking amazing, Tekken needs to up its game. By having a Tekken 3/4 esque complete revamp.
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  12. Apparently we'll get more information at The Video Game Awards (there was cross-posting between the two accounts on twitter at the same time suggesting it). It's probably all for the best, honestly, since the SF6 marketing push is going to be entering full-speed.

    I've seen some read this as being a "Tekken 1 remake" (due to the reference the image is making) which really doesn't make sense commercially. But honestly I'd be all for a reset of sorts for the roster bloat.

    I think the only new things Tekken 8 really needs are 1) vastly improved netcode for online play, 2) a full-fledged tutorial mode that goes in-depth for a lot of the legacy systems and mechanics (it's the most technical fighting game series currently active and it's insane that Tekken 7 didn't have one), and 3) some sort of graphical overhaul (compare the regression from Tag 2 to Tekken 7, it's bizarre).

    The Tekken series remains in a really lucky position where it's the only extremely successful 3D fighting series on the market currently (despite Soul Calibur 6 being very fun), and the core gameplay is extremely solid, so they don't need to make many adjustments to the foundations. They just need to add on some of the bells and whistles that a lot of smaller games tend to include.
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  13. If Tekken 8 finally canonizes Unknown and adds her to the roster I’m 100% in.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I completed AI The Somnium Files: Nirvana Initiative, and it was fantastic if anyone was wondering. So many twists I didn't see coming, and Ryuki is a fantastic new character full of personality and I'm really hoping there will be a 3rd game now as there were a lot of unresolved questions.

    Last night I FINALLY started the Zero Escape series, and cleared 3 routes in 999 and I'm shook this game is so good.
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  15. BTG


    I get that Tekken 7 was made on a low budget because TT2 flopped, but considering how successful it’s been, I really hope they invest heavily in T8.

    The models currently look like upscaled versions from the previous gen (and a downgrade from TT2), and the amount of asset reuse is insane. There’s a handful of generic body type assets with heads pasted on and some of the animations are literally 20 years old at this point.

    I’d love them to strip the cast back and rework everyone from the ground up. As well as commit to an aesthetic/better art direction. T7 is just… ugly. I’d love something as sleek as T4.
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  16. The parts with Ciri and Yennefer were the best story segments so far. Ciri's sweetness is a good contrast to Geralt's stoicism.
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  17. Completely. Tekken 7 really feels like an Unreal Engine 4 sample asset showcase at times. A more intentional approach to art direction would be the most important foundation of the next game. A stripped back roster of maybe 20 or less would also be helpful for that. Is it too much to ask for less trash customization options next time?

    Additionally, I think a more streamlined roster would also do a lot to help onboard less experienced players without draining Tekken of its complexity. When there are 40+ characters, it's pretty impenetrable as a newer player to learn the matchups against each character, and Tekken 7 has no shortage of 'knowledge check' characters that will stomp you unless you know the specific counter to their specific gimmick. It's not realistic, nor the intention of the devs IMO, to have players memorize that many match-ups and the frame data. Stripping that back lets your players focus on the fundamentals, which goes a lot more in player retention.
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  18. BTG


    Yes. They need to get rid of all the terrible customisation. Compare the lovingly detailed accessories for the MK11 characters to… a giant pizza the Tekken characters can wear on their back. I don’t think.

    Reducing the roster would also give them the opportunity to actually rework the characters and update their animations. At the minute, because here’s just so many, it’s no wonder they’re reusing assets to save time and money.

    And fix Nina’s hair! It’s giving PS2.

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  19. First time seeing praise given to MK11’s customization system which is funny because it’s a bit undeserved as it was a step down from Injustice 2’s customization system. Hell, MK11 didn’t even rectify I2’s issue of bloating because some of the options were still just retextured/recolored versions.

    But if Tekken’s is worse then yikes!
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  20. The Tekken 7 customisation isn't bad at all, you can make some nice costumes for all the characters. Of course it has nowhere near the depth as something like Soul Calibur 6, but it's fun and I hope it's something they improve rather than abandon in Tekken 8.

    In terms of roster, I wouldn't mind if they cut some of the nonsense they've added in the T7 season passes, but hope all the main characters appear in T8. I'd much rather a solid roster from the get-go than something barebones to be completed with years worth of DLC.

    Also, the game better have proper story mode for all the characters. The story mode endings for each character are one of the best things about the series, and a big part of what gives the series its personality, and they completely dropped the ball there in T7.
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