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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Tekken is really the only fighting game I'm into. If they improved the presentation, it would be perfect.

    It seems like it takes forever to level up in The Witcher 3. I seriously don't see how somebody could beat this game without engaging in a ton of sidequests (luckily, the sidequests are quite good). Fighting enemies doesn't give you shit as far as experienced is concerned.

    I'm really digging the sidequest narratives and the mini-narratives embedded within the main quest. I like how these stories get more fucked up the further you progress them.
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  2. More so from the fact that it's been scaled back considerably from the offerings of Tekken 6 and Tag 2, in terms of size + scope, and half of what's there leans more on the joke, shit-end of the stick.
  3. So I finished The Quarry and managed to save all of the main characters. It definitely wasn’t as changing as Until Dawn and suffers from having too many main characters.

    Like, where the hell did Nick go?!
  4. Yeah, it was a bit of a mess in hindsight. I was bit surprised at how none of the reviews seemed to mention how messily the end did/did not come together. Even the epilogues for the characters felt like an incomplete finale in comparison to other Supermassive games.

    Overall, they're always a good time but this one felt a bit 'light' after having been billed as a more substantive offering than the Dark Pictures Anthology.
  5. I wouldn’t be mad if Tekken 8 was a soft reboot like Soul Calibur 6 was. The roster is bloated and most of the new characters introduced in T7 were so generic. They’ve also been reusing assets and animations as far back as Tekken 5… it’s really time they freshened things up.

    From a pure aesthetic, atmosphere and story perspective, Tekken 4 is the pinnacle of the series. I would give anything for Namco to return the series to that style.
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  6. BTG


    Everything about Tekken 4 worked. The small roster wouldn’t fly today (and didn’t really back then either) but everything else was Namco at their best. I hate that they felt the need to course correct with T5 and it’s only regressed further since.

    Nina’s hot pink catsuit? A serve.
  7. I'm a bit surprised to see all this love for T4, I thought it was a bit of a flop entry in the series, especially coming after the cultural reset that was 3. It's been a long time, but I remember enjoying 5 way more, and spending a lot more time on it. I feel like it easily surpassed 4 in pretty much every level - gameplay, characters, stages, visuals, etc.
  8. BTG


    SF6 is shaping up to be great. Even the characters’ animations in the versus screen are so charming.

    Kimberly backflipping out of frame and hurriedly trying to get in front of the camera again killed me.
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  9. I've always been a solidly Nintendo console household while also venturing into having an Xbox 360/One, but I'm leaning towards getting a PS4/5 as my next system since my One is approaching the 8 year. Is the 5 worth it, or should I hold off for a bit / get a 4? I would mostly be playing Minecraft, but at the moment I also want to play Until Dawn, Dead By Daylight, and some other games (possibly Spiderman/Jedi Fallen Order too)
  10. BTG


    If you can afford the 5, and can find one in stock, get the 5. This gen has definitely been a bit of a late starter with Covid delaying game production and causing stock issues but by 2023, things will really start kicking off with true next gen titles and the PS4 versions will have concessions made in terms of graphics/gameplay for performance.
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  11. While it doesn't sound like you'll be playing the most demanding games, the PS5 is such a huge improvement over the PS4 in terms of controller and most of all loading times. Loading times being cut into nearly nothing, especially for games with big maps like Spider-Man and Jedi: Fallen Order, will change your gaming experience.

    The improved graphics and overall performance is just a bonus. I also highly recommend trying out PS Plus Extra (the mid tier), which will give you access to Until Dawn, Spider-Man (and the Miles Morales semi-sequel) and Dead By Daylight among many more games.
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  12. I’m not convinced buying a PS5 sounds worth it for you. I’d suggest a PS4 Pro, or even an Xbox Series S via Xbox All Access (you’d miss out on Until Dawn and Spider-Man, but the rest are all on Game Pass).
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  13. The final Thronebreaker boss is some bs. Unlike every encounter up to that point, it has a (nearly) infinite deck that keeps endlessy drawing cards, replacing and buffing its creatures. It is beatable, but in a game where building your army/deck is a main focus, having to basically throw away what you'd been using up until that point and build a different deck from scratch specifically for that boss just sucks. I tried several times with my regular deck, an aggressive deck focused on causing havoc (fire, traps, the works) and swiftly destroying the enemy's creatures, which worked fantastically through the rest of the game, but with the way this boss works, it's just genuinely unbeatable that way. Still, I'm looking forward to being done with this game and tackling The Witcher 3 once again. The last time I abandoned the game was because I couldn't get into Gwent, but safe to say that won't happen again dd
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  14. It was still fun, and I enjoyed the story. However, it suffers from very similar story beats to Until Dawn, mainly the werewolf being the exact same as a wendigo in many ways.

    The characters were better than Until Dawn though. I actually cared about these ones, and actively wanted to save them. Kaitlynn was MVP but Laura was a close second. Ariel Winter’s character was a huge letdown.
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  15. I can't decide if The Witcher 3 is easy or challenging. The combat is not hard unless you are trapped in a tight space with a lot of enemies but it feels like there's so many things you have to manage. I do think the sheer detail is a strength but I find the menus a bit cumbersome and I feel like you occasionally have to jump through too many hoops to do simple things.

    The dungeon-based quests are quite good though. There's a surprising amount of variety in terms of the objectives within the dungeons.
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  16. I love how detailed all of mystery-styled side quests are that start by following footsteps or investigating a crashed cart on the side of the road. You never know where they are going to lead.
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  17. I've gone through The Witcher 3 opening sequence so many times over the years it's absolutely engraved in my memory. "I see you gather before me, hungry, terrified", Yennefer's escape, "you know I don't find that amusing", training Ciri, the Wild Hunt, fighting the ghouls, and then the stress of being faced with a massive open world... Let's see if I actually make it further this time dd
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  18. Now announce a sequel to The Third Age!
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  19. My advice is to stick the main quests, only do the side quests that look interesting, and gwent, and you'll have a much better time, ignore a lot of the little question mark stuff on the open world map otherwise.
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  20. I'm someone who always enjoys doing sidequests in games, and with the praise I always see for the Witcher ones, I definitely don't want to miss out on them, so at first at least I'll be trying to tackle as many as I can. But I suppose I'll tone it down if it starts getting overwhelming.
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