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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Okay I’m definitely glad I gave it a miss now. I’m sick of these games that make you devote hours to them and leave you just as clueless at the end as you were at the beginning.
  2. The only Zelda game I'd played before Breath of the Wild was a few hours of Majora's Mask that I really didn't enjoy, and I can comfortably say that BotW is one of the best games I've ever played. The scale and sense of freedom considering how perfectly polished everything is; it's in a league of its own really. It's just so comfortable and fun to play, it's easy to pick it up and get lost for hours.
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    seriously tho, it completely changed my consumption of video games for the better
  4. She went and got one gorls
  5. This is basically me!
    Which is why I convinced my parents that my little sister would love one for Christmas, so I’ll check it out and buy one if I like it!!
  6. My brother and I both have never played a Zelda game before but bought the Switch with it and have no regrets. It’s a huge adventure game and I think fans of gaming owe it to themselves to play that game. Whether on the Wii U or Switch. It’s impeccable.
  7. Christmas event on Animal Crossing - YAY!!

    Although I am already panicking about collecting candy canes.
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  8. So I’ve only just finished collecting the 4 shrine orbs but I’m already blown away by the BotW. The amount of detail that’s in this game: the way the day goes by, how the temperature affects you so you have to carefully plan, the way how weapons will break after so much use etc. I’m so glad I got this
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  9. Finished my 8th or 9th play-through of The Last of Us the other week. That game still rules, I really hope they keep the quality up with the sequel.
  10. I'm honestly so done with those artsy ~deep~ games with gameplay that's generally really basic platforming and stories that don't really go anywhere. Having a distinct visual style and ~themes~ isn't really enough to make a good game.
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  11. I was finally able to pick up my Switch today. I got Super Mario Odyssey but based on what y'all have been saying about Zelda, I might pick that up tomorrow.

    I'm so used to a PS4 controller though, that the Joy Cons are taking some time to get used to. Still, Odyssey has been fun so far. I can't wait to play some more!
  12. The Pro Controller is a great addition if you mostly play docked like me
  13. I got it for my bday and it changed Splatoon 2 for me forever.
  14. Xenoblade 2 is out tomorrow, reviews going up today. Apparently it's quite a slow build up and the first 8 hours or so are quite linear which I'll welcome after being completely overwhelmed by Xenoblade X just letting you do your own thing.
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  15. Consensus seems to be that it's good but has its problems--and/or either doesn't take enough risks or takes too many with its combat system. (Which sounds like a "You can't win" situation for the developers.) Gratefully, it seems the story as a whole is worth investing in, which is always a relief for me to read.

    Either way, my copy is coming in the mail and I'm excited for it. I bought I Am Setsuna when it was on sale last week and it's whet my appetite for a really beefy RPG on the go. (I'll offer up some thoughts on Setsuna later since I know a few have expressed interest in it--I'm almost through it.)
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  16. I’m picking up my Switch today gerls! Only took like 3850683&+ shifts at the restaurant, but she finally did it.

    Leaning towards getting Odyssey first before Zelda. Seems like the more accessible of the two but I’ll pick it up both at some point.
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  17. Is anyone a fan of the Zero Escape games? They're probably my favourite visual novels just about edging over Phoenix Wright
  18. Sounds right up my alley to be honest. I found the first Xenoblade to be really overwhelming.
  19. I got the first two a while ago when they were discounted for PS4, haven't got around to starting them yet though. I've actually been meaning to play these games for years. I love the Danganronpa series and a few others by the same dev so I'm sure they must be excellent.
  20. Skyrim has really opened up the Switch as a portable for me.

    There is something magical about diving into such a rich, expansive world while lying in bed.
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