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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Um so the Xenoblade C2 Collectors edition is a thing. Of. Beauty. I squealed while opening it.

    If we could ignore me posting in the a the wrong threads that would be great because i'm sooooo tired...
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  2. Please share what the game is like.

    I'd love to know what y'all think.
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  3. *gasp*

    I've never bought a theme before but I need this.
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  4. Anyone else losing interest in Battlefront 2 already??
  5. About to sink my teeth into Xenoblade, but wanted to first drop some thoughts on I Am Setsuna--which turned out to be the perfect RPG warmup.

    To get to the point up top: Buy the game if it's on sale again. But $40 is a really steep price for what it was.

    The absolute positive here is that I Am Setsuna is very much that knowing nod to old JRPGs, so you'll enjoy--not love, but enjoy--this if that's what you're craving. The ATB system is there and with lots of customizing options for battle; I'd actually say the combat was the best part of the game, and not the story, as some reviews claimed. The narrative was cohesive and acceptable and didn't weigh you down with more than you needed to know, but also didn't do a great job of world-building, or, for that matter, giving any reason to care about the fate of at least half the character cast. And, beyond the main story, there's really not much to do.

    That said, I wouldn't call this game undercooked, per se; it's more like you ordered some pretty decent food but didn't order enough of it. What's there is fine, but I did crave a little more at times. Like, I actually appreciate that the game went for a snow-themed aesthetic and stuck with it--I don't need every RPG to be a Mario game where there are a million themed settings just for the sake of it--but some extra graphical flourish would have been nice. Same goes for the score, which was excellent but one-note.

    It's a really short game--there's no clock, but I imagine I put 12-15 hours into it at most. And I easily could have finished it at 10 hours, making this game a little shorter than what the online commentary suggests. I'd cite the length as a positive, overall; I wish more games respected my time the way this one did. It just needed a little more padding to make it feel worth full price.

    I also unintentionally played the whole thing in handheld mode and Lord oh Lord has it ever whet my appetite for Xenoblade. This system rocks for JRPGs, I've realized, and I'm stoked that Square-Enix has two more coming early next year.

    Anyway, if anyone cares, that's my take on I Am Setsuna. Only writing because I remember a few folks asking about it way back when Switch launched.
  6. I liked I Am Setsuna a lot too, but one thing is it definitely took me longer than that to beat it, and even looking at the How Long to Beat site the averages are around 20-25h, so maybe you rushed it a bit hehe. There's a fair share of side content to do, I think I probably spent like 35h on it... I like to take my time and explore stuff.
  7. Very early thoughts on Xenoblade 2 is that I love it. If you liked the first one you will love this one. It has that charm and story but with vibrant and detailed graphics and locations. Some of the voice acting is a bit ‘hmmm’, I don’t think certain characters fit their voices. Also as ever, there is a lot to do in this game. If you tried the others and found them overwhelming I don’t think this will be any different.
  8. Dddd yeah the main character of Xenoblade 2 has a broad Yorkshire accent in an anime teen body it's bizarre
  9. Are you able to change the audio to Japanese?
  10. The real kii is seeing the 10 year old girl with a deep (bad) welsh accent. They’re lowkey growing on me for its ridiculousness, I’m loving the game so far though, got to my first proper town and it seems way more streamlined than XCX. They still pile on the mechanics but I find just going with the flow helps it sink in eventually.
  11. It's a free download on the eshop yes!
  12. Some of the accents, plus the dialogue for those intentionally cutesy creatures (sorry, haven't seen a name used for them yet), is definitely jarring. I legit have to reread some of what's written just to make sense of it when they take words out of sentences and whatnot.
  13. I wish I could play Breath of the Wild from the beginning without having ever played it.

    It is such an immaculate game. I'm really hoping the new expansion will bring back all those feels of venturing out in Hyrule without knowing a thing again.
  14. I'm sure I would have enjoyed the ridiculousness of the first Xenoblade's voice acting as well but I watched Parks and Rec the whole time playing it so, shame I missed out on the soundtrack but also, Parks and Rec. I wish they would just port it over to Switch because 3DS is not big enough tbh.
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  15. I haven’t been sinking hours of time into it but it’s still enjoyable for me when I do play for a while.
  16. The president of Monolith Soft wants to bring Xenoblade Chronicles X to the Switch. I really hope that happens as I'd love to play that too.
  17. Bye at me spending 30 mins trying to do the shrine in Zora
  18. This will be me when I play Breath of the Wild - I've never played a Zelda game before. I Am Setsuna is on my watch list, and I'm thinking about getting Portal Knights at some point. My home screen is looking bare with only Super Mario Odyssey there.
  19. Trying to be slick on 'Overcooked' after the first three levels

  20. ...lousy invisibility hat.

    I've still got the rest of the moons to collect.

    My backlog of games is embarrassingly large. Two weeks off at Christmas is not going to help. LA Noire, Pokemon Moon and Ultra Sun. Layton's Murder Mystery. Mario+Rabbids. Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Dragon Quest VII and VIII. Fire Emblem Warriors. Sonic Forces.

    Yooka Laylee is coming out soon too which I think I'll have to buy.
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