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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. My only issue is still....where is our Nintendo direct for all online services and future UI changes? They must seriously be rethinking the whole thing for them to be so mum on this. I would imagine the insane backlash they've been getting for all of the info we know about it might have actually convinced them to change things at the very last moment, or maybe fine tune the ideas they have to be more palletable.

    I'm hoping for a full direct dedicated to a UI update/VC/online services before E3 and then that's all we will hear except mini directs for specific games until the big E3 direct.
  2. I don't understand the backlash against lack of online services for Nintendo because the longer it takes, the longer we pay nothing.
  3. RJF


    Guess I should fully complete Mario now before there's more to do.
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  4. I sunk so much time into Hyrule Warriors before I sold my Wii U, excited we get a port. I wish it was a second installment but I'll take it.
  5. I very nearly picked it up on sale over the holidays, but glad I waited now. (Even if I would rather they port the Trails series over to Switch ...)

    I'm honestly not excited by much of this. I owned a Wii U and half of the things they're porting are games I've already played or didn't want then and don't want now. (Sorry, Donkey Kong.) And The World Ends With You is something I'd rather just play on my 3DS for what I'm sure will be a fraction of the price.

    Kirby for $60? C'mon, Nintendo. You know that'd be $40 if you ran that game on 3DS.

    The Mario DLC being free is nice, but it doesn't seem like it's for me.

    Where's that Tales of game that got announced a year ago? What's going on with Octopath Traveler? How about the online stuff?

    I'm probably just bothered there's still no word on Animal Crossing, because ultimately I have so much to play I could skip an entire year of new releases, but I'm not into a half-year of ports and DLC.
  6. Well, all three versions of the game (PS4, Switch and PC) will end up the same due to patches, it's not like the Switch version will be superior. Trails coming to the Switch is probably just a matter of time also. It hasn't been announced yet but I don't see it not happening.

    There hasn't been any new Tales of game announced since Berseria, save for a couple of mobile phone ones. It's about time too, but at least the long wait makes me think/hope they're working on something big.
  7. Hoping a Mini N64 will happen and be released this year.
  8. Really excited for The World Ends With You. I've been wanting to play that for a long-long time and a HD port is exactly what I need.
  9. The Dark Souls Trilogy Box looks gorgeous.

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  10. I was playing SkullGirls 2nd Encore yesterday (cool game by the way, has anyone else played it or an earlier version?) and while watching the credits after beating the story mode, I came across this:

  11. Honesly, fuck Nintendo for probably making me pay full price for The World Ends With You for a 3rd time.

    They're going to charge £40 and I'm going to pay every penny and love it.
  12. I’ll take an extended port I guess.
  13. Being portable makes it superior, to me. And not like anyone's playing that game for its graphics, so I don't have much reason to play it on PS4.

    And they included Tales in that collection of logos way back when they did the Switch intro presentation. That doesn't mean it's a new game, of course, but I've been waiting to see if it's a port of one of the games I haven't played yet. (Like Graces or Xillia 2.)
  14. Oh. I'd say a Zestiria/Berseria port is more likely but we'll see. Then again if it was that, there's no reason for them not to have announced it yet, so it might be something bigger. There's a Tales of festival in June so we'll probably get some information then.
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  15. I might double dip on Hyrule Warriors and I’ll definitely get the Kirby game but that’s about it.

    I wish it was SNK VS Capcom heroines.
  16. There's also all of the Indies still coming to Switch. I think it'll be a less interesting Switch year than the first (obviously) but still a really good one.

    I'm already excited to see what BIG games Nintendo is bringing to E3.
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  17. I’m really excited for Fe.
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  18. Yeah honestly after both giant Zelda and Mario games, everything is going to be a bit less massive I think, but I'm excited for what Nintendo is going to do when they have to prove themselves without the big guns.
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  19. I think that's what this first half of 2017 will be for me on Switch; I haven't really bothered with many of the indies to this point.

    Lost Sphear also has my eye, and that's out pretty soon.
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  20. Dark Souls Remastered...wig evaporated
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